Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Keltec Sub2000 - easy bolt handle cushion

Keltec Sub2000 - easy bolt handle cushion modification.

2 - 7/16" inner diameter grommets
1 - 3/8" inner diameter grommet
From lowes

Slip them on and your charging bolt handle is much more comfy to cycle.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fast Targeting Levang Aperture & KNS Crosshair Front sights

Fast Targeting Levang Aperture & KNS Crosshair Front sights

Ever since someone fired the first rock from bamboo with black powder, man has been on a constant quest for a better more accurate sight. Today's electronic sights use holographic imaging to push a target aperture into the shooter's field of view. The US military just announced the X25 laser and; smart ammunition weapon system which represents the pinnacle of hand held weaponry sighting...providing in essence a hand help guidance missile system for troops. For us mere civilians that don't have $35K for a brand new X25 (ammo not included), we have to resort to swapping sights.

Swapping out sights can be simple enough. Picking a rear sight style is pretty easy today as the venerable AR style peep sight has been adapted and adopted as the to preeminent high accuracy fast targeting design. The eye naturally centers things in circles, so mentally it makes sense that for speed and accuracy peering through a rear peep will up your accuracy more than looking over a notch.

My focus of this experiment was to test a couple theories. First off was to swap my rear semi-buckhorn sight on my Henry 357 Magnum Big Boy Leverage action for a peep sight and second was to then try out KNS Crosshair front sights on the same rifle.

The second test was to swap out my stock front sight post on my DPMS AP4 with a KNS Crosshair Front Sight. Front peep sights paired with rear peep sights have long been the choice of long distance iron sight competitors for a simple reason... they work and provide stunning open sight accuracy. These have been adapted in many ways in the form of front tunnel aperture/peep sights for hunting guns, to AR focused Levang style front peep sights designed for fast combat multiple target shooting. Due to a slew of poor ratings I nixed my test of the Levang AR sight in favor of the KNS crosshair sight.

KNS sights are very unique in an industry of post and bead sights, and feature a aperture/peep front sight design with cross hairs for dovetail mounted and screw in AR style sights. They also offer a few other options for other rifle mounts. The KNS sights are available in a regular or thicker heavier duty hood/ring that offers additional protection to the very durable beryllium formed wire reticle and extra light control. The cross hairs are available in either regular or a graduated duplex style reticle. All models are made of solid brass with beryllium formed wire reticle and are approximately 1/4" in diameter and provide a great open field of view.

I equipped both my Henry and AP4 with KNS Hooded Duplex reticle front sights and my Henry with a Skinner rear peep sight. Installation was straight forward on both rifles with the more challenging driving out and mounting the new KNS sight in the dovetail mount on my Henry.  At first I though Oh God what have I done, this thing just slips in, then I remembered to read the directions which addresses this issue and recommends a shim and/or dab of loctite.  I did both and made my shim from a trimmed .22LR casing and loctited everything in.... easier than I initially thought.  The rear Skinner sight slide in without an issue, however I do wish they would sell a longer version to cover the scope mount screws.  Overall the Skinner rear and KNS front sight matched the period of the Henry and definitely looks better than many sights I have seen people add.   Skinner offers thier rear sight in brass as well which now I wish I would have opted for and then polished to match the Henry accessories.  The KNS could also be polished to a brass luster as it is a blackened brass sight.

Accuracy improvements were amazing with groups tightening by 50% overall... the buckhorn sights were aggravating me.  I think if I spend a little more time getting used to them I can improve that even more.  As shown in the picture below I purchased an extra Skinner rear screw in aperture.  Skinner's smallest fine rear aperture was un-usable on the Henry, so I drilled it out to the exact sight through width of the KNS sight.  The Stock standard aperture was perfect for super precision shooting duties.  The rear aperture can be removed completely for a very fast large sighting ghost ring style for field game hunting.  Just point it at the object and line up the circles and forget about the cross hairs.   This is a huge step up in sighting for the Henry in my opinion.

When moving on to the KNS AR sight, the only concern was that you don't have 1/4 turn tuning, only 1/2 turn at a time, but testing proved that was not as big an issue as I thought.  On both the AR and the Henry the double peep setup provided me with 1X scope feel and a ton more accuracy.

This is roughly my combat sight picture through my Magpul rear sight with the larger combat aperture.  Very fast handling and I might add a lot faster on target.

This is my very poor picture of my precision sight picture with the fine rear aperture flipped up on my Magpul rear sight.

After installing the sights I was impressed with them immediately. As it turns out your eye also lines up a circles inside each other faster than a pin and a circle for me. These seems like the next best thing to having a red dot on your rifle without having to worry about batteries.  The duplex reticles also provide ranging and Kentucy windage options and index points that post sights do not.  Overall the sight picture is like looking though a small 1X power scope.

Many people might say that they don't want to take the chance that the wire will break... why, you would still have a super fast shooting double peep sight even it you accidentally took a screwdriver to the beryllium wires.  To me the KNS sights offer very rugged construction that should they fail they will still perform as well or better than post style front sights.

Overall I really like the KNS sights and would recommend them to anyone wanting to increase the precision of their rifles.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Keltec Sub2000 Sling & Case options

Keltec Sub2000 Sling & Case options

Now that I am about done with major surgery modifications on my Keltec Sub2000 I thought it would be a good idea to be able to carry it and store it safely.

First off was a sling and because the Sub2000 folds and has a reciprocating bolt charge handle that can get caught on hanging things mounted forward, I thought it best to opt for a single point sling.

My option was a free and very inconspicuous option of converting a stout camera sling with a NiteIze keyfob clip which looks and works like an Hk tactical sling clip. A couple stitches later and I have functional and adjustable sling that works perfect for this light gun. Ambidextrous Mounting was as sumple as drilling a hole into the rear stock that allowed through clipping.

The other option of course is a good old fashioned brief case.  Pretty nice little package if I don't say so myself.

Next was a case and since I had an multiple-use Plano Gun Guard case handy that fit a Thompson Contender, I am jut using that. As I recall it's only a $10 case and has one external pocket that hold up to 4 Glock magazines. I think it's just a tad smaller than Keltec's own case.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Keltec Sub2000 SIght and Top Picatinny Rail Modification

More pictures of my Keltec Sub2000

Tonight I modified the rear sight to fold down and also widened the hold in the handguard where it lays down so that you can easily stand it back up.

The other mod was making a thin picatinny rail to mount a scope on.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Keltec Sub2000 In Handguard Mounted Laser Modifications - Glock 17/19 format

I am having a ton of fun playing around and aggressively modifying my Keltec Sub2000.

Some folks would shutter at the thought of taking a Dremel to the stock, but it's a $14 replacement part, so I figured why not.

The first major modification was of course the in-handguard G19 magazine holder and now I hand mounted a huge high power green laser in the handguard as well and the basic footprint of the gun is still the same.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cheek rest & Brass Catcher modifications for Kel-Tec Sub2000

Cheek rest and Brass Catcher modifications for Kel-Tec Sub2000

Adding a leather cheek rest and engineered a brass catcher.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Keltec Sub2000 Modifications - Glock 17/19 format

Keltec Sub2000 Modifications - Glock 17/19 format
The Keltec Sub2000 is a great little carbine/rifle available in 9mm or .40 calibers with version that accept the same magazines are your high capacity pistols.
The version I had on order for over a year was the Glock 19 format, however these are simply impossible to find... at least in my part of the country.

What I did find was a Glock 17 format Kel-Tec Sub2000 which only required trimming about 1/4"-1/2" from the grip to easily accept the shorter Glock 19 magazines.

There are a lot of things to love about the gun:
  • Only 16" folded - a great size to slip in your truck or for camping.
  • Can accept the same magazines as your pistol - if you buy the right model
  • Super simple design - Old Grease Gun style rifle
  • Safe - Can be locked in folded position
  • Fires cheap 9mm or 40 caliber rounds vs. more costly 223 or 7.62 rounds.
  • Still powerful enough to hunt up to deer sided game with.
  • Low recoil
  • Keltec Factory direct parts and accessories are cheap/inexpensive

There is also a some things that are.. shall we say, "suck"

  • The sights are complete crap in their original state simply due to how they adjust and lock in the point of aim
  • Availability - Keltec must make 3.5 per year, though they did help me locate one after realizing I had been waiting for over a year for one.
  • Fit and Finish - The molding on the Keltec is 100% functional, but Pakistan like quality.  There are burrs everywhere on this thing.  100% of the plastic parts need a once over with fine sandpaper.  Mine had a giant, and painful, burr right in the webbing on the grip.
  • Break in - Yeah so most firearms require a little break in to start hitting their optimal reliability stride, but the Keltec's seem to require 1000 rounds before they can start humming.  I sped that up a bit by polishing the feed ramp and chamber.

A cool modification I made was to cut a Glock 19 magazine holder into the handguard.  Easy mod with a Dremel tool.

I recreated the factory "hi visibility" orange POS front sight in billet aluminum with a steel sight pin.  Better accuracy and the sight doesn't move around any more.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Modifying the Keltec Sub2000 Glock 17 to fit Glock 19 Mags

The Keltec Sub2000 is hard to find to begin, harder in a Glock 17 magazine format and totally impossible to find in a Glock 19 magazine format. Fortunately, the Sub2000 Glock 17 format is easily modified to accept the shorter Glock 19 magazines.

Mark a line just under the screw in the handle. Remember it's far easier to take off more of the
stock than to add some back.

Then make the cut and file it down.