Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ladies Time to Gear Up with Tactical Corsets

Honestly I was searching for Tac Vests and this came up...really I was!

So I suppose most female form loving folks have noticed that a woman's figure is not as tubular shaped as a man's and obviously special clothes are made to fit the beautiful curvaceous female. So why would we expect our gals to feel comfortable in one of our male tac vests when it's time to load up for zombie style urban assault?

The answer is the first ever production Tactical Corset. Corsets used to be the thing back in the day for both women and men alike; women used them to accentuate their curves, provide slimming looks, and men used them primarily for back support during horseback riding. There are a number of corsets out there for motorcycle riders now for back support. TacticalCorsets uses all Mil-Spec materials for a full MOLLE assault compatible vest. Want to clip up all your favorite MOLLE compatible BlackHawk and Maxpedition accessories? Yep you can now be the Zena Warrier Princess from hell carrying more accessories than Batman... and you won't even need to carry your purse.

The company is also working on a Combat Corset which will combine non-newtonian gel and ballistic aramid fibers to provide anti-stab and Level IIIA pistol resistance plus a Level IV rifle resistant plate carrier pocket.also... yeah this product is not joke ladies.

The primary need for the combat corset comes from female military and law enforcement officers who are not well served by the fit of existing body armor designs.

The Combat model will be designed with an emphasis on functional flexibility over fashion form with an over-the-shoulder vest component to provide maximum armor coverage.

In reality this idea makes a lot of sense, via those curves load bearing weight can be dispersed better than what shoulder straps alone could do, and with steel horning/ribbing available on the regular versions right now, your babe will also be integrating impact armor as well. Another advantage of the corset is that it hugs the body a lot closer than a regular tac vest (2nd skin style) and I think this feature could actually be really be useful for concealed carry situations. Imagine having a Tac Vest under you suit coat, you could easily wear a jacket over the Tactical Corset and still load up pretty heavily.

They owner is a gun nut and wanted something for the ladies to feel womanly and more comfortable in, all in all girls, you would look hot and be bad ass as hell.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Work on Building Your Life Skills

What are "Life Skills"? - Life skills are Physical & Mental skills you develop and can use over your lifetime. Some obvious Life Skills are non-competitive physical skills such as walking, running, tree climbing, & bicycle riding that don't require a lot of mental thought. More advanced Life Skills include more competitive skills like martial arts, stalking, & marksmanship which require a combination of physical & mental skills. Other Life skills like welding, how to wire basic circuitry, and physics are of course mental skill based.

The point of developing Life Skills is to challange yourself to learn skills which could save your life. Sure you may be a good accountant, cook, or you are a grand champion Guitar Hero competitor but do you really have any skills that could help save your or someone else's. When was the last time you were CPR certified? Can you tie a Truckers Hitch Knot or Bowline Knot (the handiest knot you could ever know)? Are you dive certified? Do you know how to fabricate tools or create simple electric circuits? How about breach a door that a loved one may be behind to rescue them in a fire or natural disaster.

My goal is to share some of the goofy info that has made it's way into my head that I have found handy, but I am sure you can come up with some interesting ideas just looking through your community Non-credit course lists. We even need to a little entertainment here and there in survival situations, so maybe it's time you even considered taking a few singing lessons.

Absurd as it sounds, we all get stuck in our own little world and forget the knowledge and life skills that helped our ancestors survive way before Iphones and the internet were considered.

Build up your Life Skills and you will help yourself survive another day.

Modifying the Ruger LCP w/ fiber optic sights and keltec pocket clip

How to add a Keltec Pocket Clip and Fiber Optic Sights to your Ruger LCP.

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Zombie Survival Guide - Max Brooks

Yes of course zombies are real... Take a trip to your local mega-mart at 5:30pm and you will see herds of them zoned out blank stared with feet shuffling buying cheese and beer before retreating to their ghoulish hideouts.

This book was recommended to me by a friend just when I was in the mode for a laugh and of course I am a zombie nut. I think zombieland was THE movie of the last year and this is just the book for zombie nuts.

Also I am a owner of several US Army Survival Guides which the look and feel of this book were modeled after so I had to buy it.

The reading adventure started as I proudly carried this onto the plane on my last trip. Besides the intrigued looks at boarding and attempting to screw with the guy seated next to me and convincing him that I sincerely believed zombie were actually real, it is was hilarious to read.

So here is the really funny part... You will lead some tactical ops stuff in the process. Clearly Max has read The Art of War and a lot of military strategy books ... or at least get his fill of first person video games.

The survival kits recommended are pretty spot on for most survival situations, along with even some good general observations on firearms and weapons. Tactical survival tips overall really make you stop and think that if the end o the world did happen, such as in the book called The Road, this hilarious book makes some really great points on how to survive and go stealth-fully un-noticed.

Defiantly a great read that will help keep you alive regardless of whether the zombie hordes attack.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How to build a rain barrel

Building a rain barrel is easy.

I purchased four 55 Gallon Reconditioned Poly Drums. They told me these were used pickle barrels. New these drums were $50 each, reconditioned and no longer usable for food, they were still like new and only $17 each.

I added a 90 degree elbow and about 2' of 2" pipe as an overflow, drilled drain/intake holes in the lid, and hot glued window screen to the lid and inside the drum to assure no bug made thier way into the barrels. I also drilled a hole and added a threaded faucet.

I "wanted" to use plastic specific paint, but my wife insisted on using regular spray paint and as you can see it flaked off.

Draining the barrels provides a nice steady stream flow of water for plants as long as the hose end is below the waterline.

I have also used a submersible pump for some high pressure yard sprinkler-ing.

I collect 200 gallons of purify-able drinking water every time it rains enough for my family to live comfortably with water for 2-3 months at a time... what's you plan if you don't have power or there is a natural disaster?

Also as a non-tree hugging plus, having these water barrels also prevents all my landscaping mulch from washing away during heavy rains. The initial water stream shock is captured in the rain barrels.