Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Removing Level II Retention from the Blackhawk Serpa holster

Why the hell would you do that... you ask?

Well, during the three days of Israeli lead Mako Defense training that I went through, I learned many things. You learn by listening, you learn by doing, and then of course your learn by screwing up, which is what I did when I pulled my Glock 19 holster and paddle from my pants in entirety during dry fire drawing drills. The really sad part was that I was not the only one who unsuccessfully attempted to defeat a level II retention holster, one guy nearly threw himself to the ground. The reality made clear by the instructors was that I don't need that level of retention since I nor any other civilians are duty officers and will always be carrying concealed. Stress affects motor skills and the less you have to remember, defeat, flip, click, or wiggle the better.

The fix was easy. There is a single pin that can be slipped out with a thick knife blade that removes the complete retention tab. Once this is complete the tension adjustment screw can still be used to tun your holster to you perfect friction retention liking.

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