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The Tragedy in AZ should not Target our Gun, Glocks, Magazines, and Ammunition, but it will

The Tragedy in AZ should not Target our Gun, Glocks, Magazines, and Ammunition, but It Will.

[Before I start, I will note more information becomes available and I have tried to keep this updated]

As I read, read and read some more on the incident down in AZ, I would like to share my observations and research. It was a horrible tragedy in AZ, however let's not let the hollow minded and lightly educated politicians and others spin this to become the new 2011 Brady Bill and potential reinstatement of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.  This was not some Joe Gun Owner who suddenly decided to start shooting, no he is a sick individual who was a hard core socialist, hated George Bush and thought we was responsible for 9/11, had numerous encounters with law enforcement, but didn't listen to the "evils" (Glen Beck & Rush) of political radio. He did have a history of threating the AZ politician and had a criminal record.

The individual broke over 20 laws including questions during the event. He also was not channeling gun tooting Sarah Palin either, this guy was so far left on the socialist side of Sarah that I doubt he knew she existed.  Sarah, nor any other sane person would advocate running a muck and shooting defenseless un-armed people.

The shooter targeted the AZ Republican turned Democrat politician, not because she was a Democrat, but because he believed she was not Socialistic-ally extreme left enough.  It was politically motivated, but not in the way people think it was.  Nope he was a pure and simple psycho that planned and committed pre-meditated and attempted murder of six and wounded more.  Yes is was wrong and sick to shoot defenseless adults, but a whole different level of sick is the nine year old he targeted.  I hold my head down and pray for strength of the families affected.

My first thought was how the heck did he legally purchase a gun, however although he did have an arrest record and and exhibited strange behavior, he was not considered a danger to himself or society.  We can't start limiting people's rights just because they act are not normal he was obviously someone who slipped through the system and was never recorded as nuts or as criminal and it seems passed the Federal (Brady Bill) Background checks.  Of course as we all know, it wouldn't matter, illegal firearms purchases are easily acquired.

Rohm RG 14 S .22 LR bellyThe unfortunate reality and fact is that "they" will target the firearm, firearm capacity, and ammunition as the villain and use it at a political football.  When John Hinckley Jr. shot James Brady in an assassination attempt on Reagon it was with a  politically correct.22LR Rohm RG 14  6 shot revolver, one of the lightest power cartridge available and with only six shots, but yet somehow the politicians spun this into the Brady Bill and Brady backed Federal Assault Weapons ban which banned some semi-auto guns all together, limited magazine capacity and added additional nationwide gun restrictions. If the Gun Control could spin a shooting with a 6-shot 22 revolver into a ban of high capacity magazines, certain assault type weapons, what the heck do you think is going to happen when a Glock with a 30-round clip is involved.

Additionally, regardless of the incident violent or otherwise, politicians only seem to act if they become personally affected and it almost always results in more limitations of our rights, not less.

Politicians are already asking the questions that could end up limiting our right to bear arms:
  • Why do we need any more than 5 rounds in a magazine? - I smell another magazine limit
  • He bought 200 rounds on a "Shopping Spree", why would anyone need 200 rounds of ammunition? - How do you feel about only being able to buy 50 rounds at a time?
  • Glocks and other defense related guns have no practicle use other than to kill people, why do we need them? - They have banned guns before, remember the Keltec Tech 9 it was a 9mm with a 30 round magazine as well?
  • Can we make it a law that you cannot have a firearm within 300 feet of an elected official? - Sadly yes they are considering this as a law and yes that means even local politicians as well.  Imagine that... it would effectively eliminate concealed carry.
The gun is not the fault, the weapon is not the fault, it was the individual. Sadly this sicko could have silently killed and injured a higher number of people with a 8" chef knife before anyone could have stopped him.  There is little that can be done to prevent a psycho hell bent on killing people so it seems easier to look to the firearm and make that the focal point for the next political agenda.

Before a bill is drafted and begins to gain momentum, this is your opportunity now to take just 10 minutes to contact your Senator and Representative and tell them you do not want them to support any further restrictions to our right to bear arms .  A simple email from thousands will let your politicians, know he has the support of the people to say no to further gun restrictions.  State that you understand the loss and pray for victims, however you do not want this horrible incident to become about gun legislation and restrictions.

Look up and send your Senator and Email

Look up and send your Congressman and Email

Sample Letter

Dear X,

I am writing to you because I am saddened by the shooting in AZ, but am concerned that this incident perpetrated by a mentally deranged individual will be used by some to limit our right to bear arms.

I understand the loss and pray for victims, however I do not want this horrible incident to become about gun legislation and restrictions.  As a voter and a supporter, I am asking you not to support any proposed legislation which includes further regulation of firearms and amends our constitutional rights.



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