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Do The Pro Gun Blitz

Do The Pro Gun Blitz
Recently, Marine, Tony Simon, friended me on Facebook an asked that I motivate people to start sending letters to Congress.  This is my response to that call to action. 

We must take action against those who have been slowly stripping away our 2nd Amendment gun rights and I am going to make this super easy for you with templates and databases ready to use before a January vote is rushed through.


In an overwhelming show of force, we must Blitz every political representative around the country with letters as virtual picket line demanding that they oppose, without compromise, any legislation which limits our freedom to purchase, carry, and own firearms, ammunition, and accessories. It is not enough to just let the NRA handle it or send an email or letter to your district reps, we must do this at the state and federal level to every rep in Congress.

In fact we should further demand that not only should new gun legislation be opposed, but that the Gun Control Acts of 1934, 1968, and 1986 be repealed and that the 2nd Amendment Right to Bear Arms shall not be controlled by tax or Federal registration.  According to BATF statistics available, no homicides have been recorded with any legally registered Class III firearms or suppressors since 1934, so why are law abiding citizens still being crushed by these unreasonable gun restrictions? Isn't it time these laws are repealed?


I am proposing, that at the very least, you both call and send an email to all your state representatives. Most importantly I would like you to send a real old fashioned letter (yes with a stamp and everything) to not only your representatives, but to as many representatives around the country as you can. Physical US Postal mailed letters are considered by political officials to hold over ten times the political clout as an email.

Emails can be deleted, are easily organized in a email box, and become statistical numbers, however letters have weight, dimension, fill desks, offices, and command attention by the sheer volume they take up in an office.  If your representatives receive 1000-2000 emails that is manageable, if they receive a 1000-2000 mailed letters, you will bet that will get attention and end up being carried into Congress in a giant bag.  Letters demand more attention and show that you are so passionate about the issue that you took the time to send a real letter. 

Generally the email systems of representatives prevent you from sending emails to reps outside of your district, however as it turns out you can send a letter to anyone; your district representatives, every representative in your state, any other state's representatives, and even the president. Let's also not forget to send letters to your Governor, State government and city government officials as well.


My goal would be that each of the 100 Senators and 435 Representatives, plus all your state and local officials receive a written letter from every gun owner in the country.

Think of the impact when senators and representatives from NY, California, and every other state are inundated with 125 Million letters at every office of every rep in congress all demanding they not support firearm ownership legislation from people all around the United States. I want them to know we have had enough and will not stand for anyone trampling our 2nd amendment rights.

My hope is that you can at least send letters to every representative in your state. I know some of you will not be able to spend the money for postage to all 535 representatives, however every dollar you spend will net huge dividends and will be the best money you have spent to retain our right to bear arms. Please do what you can.


To make this task as easy as possible I have created a full contact database with all the addresses and phone numbers of all 535 representatives and a Microsoft Word letter template to print your very own free Pro Gun Blitz Kit. Just fill in our you name and address and hit print, to print off preformated and worded  letters for all 535 reps or just print the page numbers of the reps you want to send to. The template allows you to also customize the letter to make it your own.  Just make sure it conforms to contact rules which include no more than one page in length, is worded in a respectfully professional manner, and follows the addressing and formating I have provided in the template. Letters not conforming to that are usually discarded. 

Also included in the free Pro Gun Blitz Kit is complete Congressional contact list in Excel format to make your own mailing labels. I am providing these templates sorted in a state by state basis, so you can work through those states you want to target.

As we have heard, Dianne Feinstein and our VP has noted, they want to push for a vote by the end of January. Over the next few weeks, work through your state and your surrounding states, and continue with as many states as you can. Imagine 125M letters, emails, and phone calls from us gun owners flooding each and every representative's office. 

Want to deliver the maximum show of force impact? Modify the letter template and send it again and again. This show of force will push beyond the media frenzy, beyond the politics, and beyond the emotional witch hunt to secure our right to bear arms once and for all.

I have also self-compiled from public government sources, a complete Excel spreadsheet database of the 113 congressional representatives, thier addresses, and phone numbers.  Fee free to use this list to contact all the representatives so they get the point.

Step 1 - Share this link with your friends, on Facebook, and Twitter

Step 2 - Email your representatives

Step 3 - Call your representatives here. Excel Spreadsheet of the entire 113th Congress Contact info Here
then CTLS+S to download and open in MS Excel.

Step 4 - Send a printed pre-formated letter to your representatives and state and local officials. Just print the page numbers of the letters you want to send and edit the letter to reflect your address. Download the MS Word Template Here then CTLS+S to download and open in MS Word. The formatting will be off in Google Docs.

Step 5 - Send letters to as many other state representatives as you can.

Step 6 - Repeat steps 1-4 until they get the message.


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