Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Wrath of Mrs Pandemic - My Body My Choice

The Wrath of Mrs Pandemic

I often refer to and mention my beautiful and talented wife in my articles and videos who I so un-elegantly reference simply as Mrs Pandemic.  At this moment we are at the range and she yelled "loading" and just executed an elegantly smooth magazine change of her AR-15 and then proceeded to pop out a "shooting" comment before hammering away on 25, 50, and 75 yard steel targets from behind a barricade. Her AR runs dry and she transitions to her Glock 19 from behind cover... let's just say the girl knows how to handle a firearm but never is satisfied with good enough.

She is definitively the rock of our relationship and has had much to do with molding the lump of clay called my personality to focused my powers on "doing good". That said, that same sweet, charming, loving, friendly, and silent person who is quietly involved in the background of this endeavor has been enraged to the point of putting finger to keyboard to speak out on the suppression and attack by the media and politicians on female gun owner rights, opinions, and rights to self defense.  

Mrs Pandemic is now sauntering back to the truck with a grin on her face so I grab my custom Holding Precision AR-15, yell "moving" as I give her a loving hip check and toss the keyboard to her.

Dear Colorado representatives and college administrators (or anyone else insane enough to think you and the government give me my human rights): 

If I am being threatened or in danger of being raped I will NOT; whistle, urinate, vomit, yell, use passive resistance, hang out in "safe zones" similar to when I was a kid and we played tag and yelled "I'm on base you can't get me", I will not use a stapler, or a ball point pen, or use any other useless or inane tactic you suggest. 

Your insulting comments that perhaps women should begin using the "buddy system" smacks of being one step away from the claim to keep women safe, they should not be "allowed" in public without a man.  When that fails perhaps we could decree that women should not be seen in public without full head to toe coverage, because obviously they are wearing things that "ask them to be raped"! 

Biden your ridiculous claim that a double barrel shotgun used to fire "warning shots into the air" or “through your front door” because a double barrel is "easier" and more effective, is as idiotic as most things that come out of your mouth. You never fire a warning shot in fact you never fire a gun unless you intend to shoot something - period - and if you are worried about innocent bystanders being shot this is the best way to ensure they are, especially from a shotgun! Plus me firing a double barreled shotgun makes sure I end up sprawled on my back with no further ammo in my gun to defend myself against the inevitable attack because I am now outside, unarmed and defenseless. 

Other idiots from this administration were out the same day spouting that whenever you are under attack you should wait for the attacker to run out of ammo and pause to reload and then attack with whatever you have, but I only need two shots to protect myself, so following that "logic" thru means those intending to do me harm just need to wait until I waste my two bullets by firing warning shots. Genius! No thanks, my RIGHT (and it is a right, not a privilege) to a gun is an "inalienable right" meaning it cannot be taken away by you or anyone else, ensures I will pull out my AR-15, Glock or any other gun I desire and use as many bullets as I feel is necessary to keep me and my loved ones safe. 

Don't like the 2nd amendment then change the constitution or stay the hell out of my business and life!  

I will not, as a woman, be lectured by a man (and obviously ones that are so dumb I would not want them to have access to a firearm anytime I am near) attempting to score political points or further an agenda on how to protect myself - It is My Body, My Choice!

Mrs. Pandemic
(A very pissed off female voter)

FINAL THOUGHTSIf someone attempts to carjack, or break in, or mug us as guys, the first two things that run through our heads are they either want our stuff or they want our life. As I have been in a few bad situations, the last thing that I think an attacker wants, is to wrestle me to the ground and corn hole me for three hours, however considering that a woman is raped every 2 minutes here in the US, it is more than rational that rape is the first concern that goes through a woman’s head when she is threatened. One in five women have been raped and that number continues to rise. In fact over 30% of the time most crimes against women result in rape versus less than 1% for men. How dare the chucklehead in Colorado tell a woman how she should protect themselves regarding a fear we have never experienced... call boxes and safe zones, give me a break.

Like many woman, Mrs Pandemic has been faced with challenges where she has had to defend herself, however she has been lucky thus far to triumphantly emerge unscathed from those altercations. Several years ago, she ran off two rather nefarious looking gentleman who were attempting to crowbar their way into our home, she did not do that with a safe zone, ink pen, or and recently emptied double barrel shotgun... it was with an AR15 with a 30-round magazine and a Glock 19 with 15-rounds on tap.

As I write these final thoughts, the barrage of thirty .223 Hornday Steel Match rounds streaming from Mrs Pandemic’s BPM-15 lets me know she is blowing off steam and preparing for battle. A battle for her rights, her opinions, and her inalienable right to defend herself... judging from the Glock 17 - 17-round magazine with the 2+ round extension she just slapped into her Glock 19, she is about to let that steel target downrange know that "it is her body and her choice".

Barnes Precision Machine BPM-15/AR-15
Bushnell First Strike Reflex Sight
Troy Industries 30-Round Magazine
Mako Group AR-15 Magaine Pouch
Hornady - TAP .223 and 9mm Ammo
Glock - Glock 19
Glock 17 Magazine + Glock 2+ round Magazine Expention
Crossbreed Holster SuperTuck
Blackhawk Pistol Magazine Pouch
Surefire GX2 Tactical Light

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