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Galco Leather Concealable Belt Holster Review

Galco Leather Concealable Belt Holster Review

In my SAI - Salient International Glock 17 review, I featured this Galco holster and I received so many emails and questions that I decided a review was called for. The main question was "is that holster as gorgeous as it is in the photos?" Definitely yes. I my experience Galco holsters represent the finest production holster money can buy.

Like so many companies in the firearms industry, Galco International has a very storied past. The company was founded by Richard N. Gallagher in 1969 in Chicago, Illinois then know as "The Famous Jackass Leather Company,” specializing in horsehide holsters which many still consider the best gun leather available.

In 1980 the name was changed to Galco International and later was moved to Phoenix, Arizona where Galco resides today. Chances are you have already seen and drooled over the stunning quality of the Jackass shoulder holster system when it became a “recurring character” on the popular 1980’s TV series Miami Vice. Galco continues to be a favorite choice of Hollywood, appearing in more films and TV shows than any other holster maker... If you see a stunning looking leather holster prominently portrayed, chances are extremely high that it is a Galco.

Despite Galco's celebrity premium brand image, gun owners, law enforcement, and federal agencies continue to choose Galco holsters. Now with nearly every state offering concealed carry, people are looking to Galco to continue leading the market in both style and comfort. Galco's mission statement of  "For those who demand the best... and know the difference" rings true once you put one in your hand.

The quality is gorgeous. For the woman shooters out there, think of Dooney & Bourke quality with stitching and a finish that is equal to any premium bag company available. In fact Galco makes a selection of handbags designed for concealed carry use which are all gorgeous. Each holster is hand tooled to conform to a specific gun model. The result is that friction is more than enough to provide the secure retention needed for concealed carry.

Oddly enough this Galco Concealable holster design is one of Galco’s most recognizable designs due to it being a mainstay in police dramas over the last 20+ years. It is also one of the most comfortable pancake style holsters available due to an innovative design. Unlike most pancake holsters which simply sandwich a gun between two layers of leather, the Galco Concealable Holster is contoured to the natural curve of the hip which makes this so incredibly comfortable to carry after the break in period. This contouring also sucks the gun into the body more for a narrower profile and aids in concealment.

Other refinements are a combat grip for accessibility to increase draw speed, double stitched seams, and a covered trigger guard for safety. Unlike some premium holsters, Galco recognizes that everyone does not walk around with a 2" duty belt on their waist and designed its holsters to fit normal dress belts widths up to 1-1/2". The Concealable is available in right or left hand designs in black or havana brown finish; I of course chose the right handed stunning Havana chocolate color.

An inside the waistband holster is where most people lean when looking for a concealed carry holster, however if you are the type of person who wears a cover garment, such as a sweater, jacket, or loose shirt untucked, then I would recommend adding the Galco Concealable to your weapon accessory mix. It provides a more comfortable option when an inside the waistband is not an option due to fit of your pants. I have found that an untucked "tall size" shirt delivers me a perfect cover garnet for all seasons wear while being able to enjoy a more comfortable carry option.

Pictured are stock Glock 17 magazines with +2 round Genuine Glock extensions. Yes they are rare as hens teeth right now, however they provide two extra rounds when the cover garment will allow it.

Break-in does take a while. For me the break in period on the holster was around fourteen days of actual wear. Like a new pair of shoes, once it conforms to your body shape and position of carry, it becomes the most comfortable holster you will ever own.

Although I do not always carry a spare standard or extended Glock 17 magazine, I wanted do occasionally and the equally beautiful matching magazine pouch was a must for me. Together the set offers excellent weapon and magazine retention without extra gadget trickery.

There are less expensive holsters however none have the fit and finish of the Galco Concealable belt holster. It is a shame that this holster is designed to be concealed as it is a stunning work of leathercraft. It makes me wish we had an open carry law in the state just to show off the gorgeous SAI Glock 17 slide into this beautiful holster.

Beyond doing impressionist poses of Maimi Vice or your more recent police drama hero in the mirror, the comfort and concealment of the Galco Concealable holster is as good as it gets with a refinement that is unmatched in any other holster I own.

Galco CON 224H Concealable Belt Holster
MSRP $107 ... and worth every penny.

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