Saturday, September 21, 2013

Which caliber for the Prototype Build 7.62x39 or 5.56 Nato

Which caliber for the Prototype Build 7.62x39 or 5.56 Nato?

OK Pandemians, I want to hear from you on which caliber you would like to see a build I have nicknamed the "Prototype" chambered in.  At this point I have a hand selected pre-anodized set of a la naturale receivers from American Spirit Arms, an Ace Ultralight stock, Barnes Precision Machine parts kit, and a 15" Apex Machine free float forend.

Let's hear what you think between 7.62x39 or 5.56 Nato.

This build has been swapped and changed around considerably since I first embarked on this build.  Origainlly I planned the Apex 15" forend, however I loved that forend on my ASA SIde charger.  Then I attached a Mark IV Geissele forend with a liquidation 5.45x39 Russian surplus ammo chambered barrel seen below. The barrel and handguard were moved to another build and a Carbon FIber AP Industries forend was installed along with a Ballistic Advantage Match Grade 5.45x39 Russian surplus ammo chambered barrel.  Look for the review here


burkefett said...

7.62x39, of course. 5.56 is boring.

Fermi91 said...

I would go with 5.56/.223 I just think that the 7.62x39 ar mags are a bit of a joke.

This looks like the beginning of an interesting article

Anonymous said...

7,62 any day buddy...

I guess it's cheaper and puts a lot of punch on whatever you hit with it.

also, it should be cool to have a ak-47 crosbred with a ar-15... LOL

Unknown said...

5.56 it is mor common im wetern countries.

Acidexfoliate said...

300 Blackout.


Christ was OURS First said...

Great looking build. I did my first one in 5.56. I am starting a 7.62 now. Parts are in, just have to get started.