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Rogers Shooting Gloves Review

Rogers Shooting Gloves Review

For the most part, we all consider shooting gloves just another pair of Mechanics gloves that we use exclusively at the range, however Bill Rogers believed there could be something better. Bill stuck with the durable man made material that we all like on lightweight range gloves but added a patent pending interlocking textured pad design which Rogers notes as being superior to any other shooting gloved.

Rogers has gone to great lengths in the design process to assure ergonomics of the glove with lycra panels stitched into areas which need more range of motion to maintain high levels of dexterity, like in between the fingers and the back of the knuckles. The lycra also allows more air flow and ultimately a cooler glove. Gloves are secured in place vai adjustable velcro straps.

For $39.99, I have to say that these are the best shooting gloves I have ever used. There are certainly more expensive shooting gloves out there and those designed for hard/extreme use, however I have not tested any which have the grip and dexterity of the Rogers Shooting Gloves. The interlocking rubbery bars on all surfaces provide an extreme amount of grip which when the support hand with the support hand’s grips interlock with the shooting hand.  Its a pretty neat idea that seems simply but works incredibly well. The dexterity of the gloves allows for mag reloading and even picking up tiny little .22LR rounds.

Bill Rogers is the the chief instructor at the Rogers Shooting School, is a former FBI Agent, police instructor, successful inventor, is well known in the shooting industry as an inventor and product engineer. He has been a world ranked IPSC shooter, a state trap champion, and has over 40 years of shooting competition experience. Bill has invented many of the holsters and equipment used by police and military worldwide, invented the target system and the method of instruction used at the school, and of course invented the Super-Stoc based on his vast experience and feedback from friends in the military, law enforcement, and competition community. I also learned of an awesome single point sling, Shooting Gloves, and gun cleaning Bore Squeeg-E system which DPMS now is also licensing for their kit, but those will be a different reviews.

I am generally a fan of safety equipment especially when it delivers an advantage to the shooter in the process. The Rogers Shooting Gloves deliver light hand protection to abrasions and blisters while delivering a huge amount of grip in a glove that feels like a second skin. A great set of gloves which I recommend for the tactical, military, and competitive shooter.

Sizes - Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Retail - $39.99
Patent Pending glove design of interlocking textured pads that run up both sides of the fingers and palms
Natural form fit
Made of durable material
Stitched in lycra panels allow high dexterity and air flow
Provides better grip, less hand fatigue, and helps prevent blistering
Adjustable velcro straps on back of hand
Available in several sizes


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