Friday, May 29, 2015

A Different Side of Glock

A Different Side of Glock

When we think of Glock, we think of less than charming polymer pistols that are so popular that their outlines are used to represent the image of firearms everywhere from TSA lines to news channels.  I love my G29 10mm and the other herd of Glocks I own as much as the next guy, but the image of what a Glock looks like is burnt into our brains as a handgun used by both good and bad, however there is a different side of Glock.

Glock has built a substantial business around a Glock brand of accessories. Although not revolutionary, I believe Glock's $29 Range Kit including both ear and eye protection is probably one of the best values in the market. Not bad considering manufacturer branded products usually have a heavy upcharge.  In this case, their kit that is now on sale for around $25 on their site is a bargain for a set of earmuffs, earplugs, and a set of safety glasses. Its the perfect option for any shooter wanting a training/range eye & ear pro kit.

Glock has extended that pricing philosophy to their clothing line as well. All top quality products at or below what you would spend for a comparable item. Generally I am not a logo wearing kinda guy, however I do on occassion wear my Glock ballcap and t-shirts to show my "Glock Perfection".  For the most part these are just great products donning a Glock logo which any other company may have, however Glock also developed some other products itself.

First and foremost we must mention the un-intentionally designed Glock lunchpail that every new Glock comes packed in. If you have not ripped out the foam and used this to pack your sandwich and juice box for lunch at work you really are missing an opportunity to have interesting conversations at work. I call it the super awesome Scooby Doo lunch box for gun people and it is nearly totally indestructible.  

While I am on the topic, I have begged Glock to start making pistol boxes double deep for several reasons. First as a pistol case, post purchase, it is useless as it barely has enough room for the larger guns and is void of enough space for even a box of ammo. 

Come on Glock, make it a deeper lunch pail size that I can use... and add a couple locking tabs while you are at it. Its ridiculous I need to use a Ruger case to fly with my Glock.

The Glock Field Knife & Entrenching E-Tool are both Glock original designs.  As a certified knife nut, I have to admit that the Glock Field knife is probably one of the best values going. The Glock knife was co-developed with input from the Austrian Army Rangers and features a simple but effective 6.5" carbon steel clip point blade design. The blade is available in either a plain or saw tooth back design and either model is available in black, drab green, or tan. Glock retained a very streamlined design with full tang design with molded polymer handle and sheath.  

The sheath's locking belt loop is MOLLE compatible as well as can be used on any belt. I have a very old Glock knife I use for landscaping and yard work which I have used for everything from cutting light wire, to digging up rocks... it has not been treated well. Much of the durability is thanks to the slim but fat 3/16" wide blade. At nearly a 1/4" thick, it's not a dainty knife and up to torturous abuse and prying. I am satisfied that the Glock Knife can take a beating but it's not the sharpest knife on the planet out of the box. I do think that Glock needs to change the edge geometry and drop the grind angle a bit to afford a sharper initial edge, however over time I have the edge on my old Glock Knife where I want it.  The knife features high carbon steel that does hold an edge well and re sharpens easily. For the record, I do not care for the saw back and would rather just batten the knife through a tree branch with another piece of wood. I also would have liked to see a lanyard hole all the way through the butt of the knife, however at a price of $25 on sale at the Glock Store, it is still a must have knife that should be stashed in your trunk or truck should you have a need.

The Glock E-Tool is also another Glock design which took the old folding entrenching shovel concept and made it from high strength polymer and steel. The result is an exceptionally light folding shovel which can be locked out in a variety of positions and features an innovative saw blade which can be locked either inside the handle or exposed for use. This is a pretty cool design which nets out at about half the weight of a similar design all for just under $40 retail. Again leveraging the E-Tool for various landscaping duties, I put the beat down on the shovel pushing it hard our our hard clay soil. I would definately not hesitate packing this for camping or survival. The E-Tool actually performed better than a lot of folding shovels I have used and the saw actually worked for trimming up and cutting down various cottonwoods around the property.

I doubt the next time you are heading to the range with Glock on your mind that an e-Tool or Field Knife will come to mind, but if they do, I have done my job. There is more to Glock than just pistols.


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Thursday, May 28, 2015

MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader Review

MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader Review

So... you hate loading AR15 magazines? The question is how much do you hate it. One of the most innovative products I saw at SHOT Show this year was the MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 magazine loader which can load rounds into the magazine almost as fast as you can fire your AR.

As a high volume shooter, I will say that toward the end of the shooting day my thumbs begin to hurt from all the reloading. Also when I have a fresh batch of mags to load up before range day, I have come down with numb thumb.  Don’t be a victim of numb thumb, buy the MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader. This $389 loader easily loads your magazines with just a flick of a lever all without worrying about the orientation of the rounds in the hopper.

The MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader is not cheap at $389, however it does deliver top quality fit and finish. It is actually superbly made from steel, billet aluminum and Delrin components.  The entire unit can be fully disassembled via two quick release pins and slipped into a standard 50 caliber ammo can. The unit can break down flat, however the main three components are the hopper, the loader and the base plate.

For use, all you need to do is insert a magazine into the side of the loader, fill the hopper and start actuating the loading lever. The MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader does like rounds to be lined up “in-line” inside the hopper however it does not matter the orientation as the loader correctly positions each round for loading regardless of which way you put the round in the hopper. I found it really easy to just slide the contents of boxes of ammo into the hopper and start loading.  One round is loaded per quick and short stroke lever cycle. The MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader is smart enough to know when the magazine is full and stops attempting to load rounds into the magazine. The user “feels” a difference in the cycling and can then just swap out to the next magazine.

This is really quite an ingenious and beautifully executed magazine loading contraption that does not feel like a “contraption”. I have seen gadgets that “speed up loading” however this is the only one I have tried that actually loads rounds fast. This is mainly because the MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader is not just helping to stick rounds into a magazine, but is handling all the ammo auto feeding and orienting the rounds with its patent pending design. This part does not make your hand hurt but it is typically the most time consuming part of the reloading process.

A mechanical interlock prevents damage to the ammo by pausing actuation until the ammunition is in place, aligned with the magazine. When the magazine is full, the MagPump will not attempt to load another round. The MagPump can be attached to a surface mounted GearTrac or Picatinny rail.

Where I see the MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader being a huge success is at 3Gun matches, NFA shoot offs, and for high volume shooters. Just like my McFadden Ultimate Cliploader for single stack .22LR pistol magazines and Butler Creek 10/22 Magazine reloader, this is the answer to shooting more at the range and spending less time reloading.

From an operational perspective it works great and even my 15 year old son figured it out in a matter of seconds without any instruction. I will note that you cannot just throw rounds into the hopper to save time, the rounds need to be at least lined up - orientation tip front or tip back does not matter. Sometimes that works however usually you will find that it prevents the rounds from loading smoothly. I have found that the fastest way to load the hopper is just slide in a full box of ammo into the hopper or quickly line up rounds in my hand.

The loader will feed any .223, 5.56 cased ammo which includes .300 Blackout and is compatible with all AR15 spec magazines.

This is one of those awesome products that you hope takes off and becomes a high volume production inexpensive injection molded products that everyone can afford. Right now it may not be sitting on the shelves of your local sporting goods store, however it is available direct from MITUSA. As is this is not for everyone at $389, however there will still be a lot of folks who will buy one. I can see these being sold to every indoor range in the US as well as potentially in the military. Not only does the MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader prevent Numb Thumb, it delivers a speedy and reliable option for keeping your AR15 fed.

Designed and manufactured in small town, USA.
MSRP $389.00


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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Magpul AK47 Furniture Review

Magpul AK47 Furniture Review

If you are an AK-47 or AK-74 fan, one of the coolest AK related products for 2015 will surely be the new line of Magpul AK accessories. Last year, Magpul dipped its toes in the water with the release of rather awesome pistol grip and 30-round AK-47 7.62x39 Mags which you might have seen featured in a number of my previous AK-47 reviews. This year at the 2015 SHOT show, they introduced a completed picture of accessories which include both their MOE and premium ZHUKOV brand forends and stocks. Although AK-47 specs vary greatly, Magpul has really made an effort to offer a set of products which deliver the most fitment flexibility with the least amount of "hand fitting" on most milled and stamped AK-47/AK-74 format rifles. As can be expected with any AK-47 part, some AK's may require fitting.

I hate to overuse the word transformative, however in this case Magpul has not done a hell of a lot to improve the ergonomics of the AK-47 and AK74 platforms with more comfortable buttstock options and handguards all while not going too far and turning the AK into an AR. Its a delicate balance. Magpul has their "standard" MOE line and the premium ZHUKOV models which are appropriately named after General Georgy Zhukov who was the most successful and celebrated Russian General of WWII. You might remember that Russia was on our side at that point.

Magpul has made an effort to not make the AK into and AR as we see from most manufacturers. Instead they have attempted to stay true to the AK minimalist style. Whether shooters choose the AK MOE or ZHUKOV-S stock, the mounting is similar. The MOE trunnion and stock are all polymer, however the ZHUKOV stock uses a melonited steel trunnion. Both stocks use a tightening wedge system to make the stock receiver unition rock solid even on looser spec AKs.

The installation process is simple. Remove the existing stock and tap in the Magpul version. I will say that mounting the ZHUKOV-S stock required a few taps with the rubber hammer to get it seated into position on my Century International Arms C39V2 Billet Receiver AK-47. Since the Century Arms C39V2 is designed to be backward compatible with stamped receiver AK furniture, the process is the same should you have a stamped AK firearm. Secure the stock with the included hardware and you are off to the range.

Magpul's MOE AK Stock (MAG6161) is a simple and inexpensive upgrade for $59 which delivers lighter weight, open skeleton design, integrated QD mounts, and improved ergonomics. The MOE version is compatible with optional .25", .50", and .75" cheek risers to improve fit with optics. I was impressed with what I handled at the Magpul booth.

For shooters wanting more features, they can opt for the top end $99 ZHUKOV-S (MAG585) folding and adjustable length stock I tested here. I will note this stock is rather beautifully executed. The ZHUKOV-S stock delivers side folding stock, QD-mounts, and multi-position length adjustment in an extraordinarily minimalist design with minimal bulk. 

The single side folding function latch button is located on the left hand side and is easily reached. Press the button and the stock folds and then is held in place with a simple detent. Unfolding the stock is as simple and fast as just opening the stock to the locking position where it clicks in place securely.  The right side fold helps during storage considerably, provides a shorter more maneuverable CQB weapon option, and also does not interfere with left side mounted optics. With the stock folded, the shooter can still operate the bolt, however access to the safety is a bit obscured.

Length of pull adjustment is also familiar similar to AR15 stocks. With a simple lift of the latch, length can be adjusted.  For a 10-minutes upgrade part the ZHUKOV AK stock delivered a really nice tight fit and wonderful ergonomics. The AK format and furniture are typically pretty utilitarian which does not equate to comfortable, however with the Magpul offer AK shooters a really great option to customize fit with the same optional .25", .50", and .75" cheek risers cross compatible with the MOE AK stock.

Magpul basically delivered the same level of design form and function up front at the handguard with three different hand guard options for standard gas tube length rifles. Magpul offers the drop in AK MOE Hand Guards in a standard handguard AK version and marginally shorter AKM versions. These MOE AK Hand Guards are designed to just more or less drop as replacements for stock furniture without any modification to the AK. On one of my rather trashy looking stamped Chinese AKs, the stock dropped right in. On my Century Arms C39 billet receiver it took a few sharp raps from the rubber mallet to seat the lower portion of the Magpul MOE Hand Guard into the billet receiver, but it worked and was crazy solid once attached.  The top gas tube handguard simply turns into place and felt solid enough I am a bit shocked that Magpul is not offering a top picatinny rail version for a red dot sight. Both of the MOE versions have internal heat shield which also serve as sprung tensioned handguard retainers which significantly increase the rigidity of the hand guard.

For most people, the MOE versions will be the most popular of the AK hand guards simply because it requires no fitting other than the a few taps from a rubber hammer to seat in place even on milled receivers like this Century International Arms C39V2. The Magpul AK furniture provides a drop in simple replacement. It can also be modified to fit other fitment needs. A bit of Dremeling allowed me to also mount the marginally shorter Magpul AKM Hand Guard on my Centurion 39 billet receiver pistol. Although not a job for the ameuter gunsmith, I was able to fit the AKM handguard into the C39 receiver which had a handguard slot about 1/3 smaller than the standard handguard hole in the receiver. All of the Magpul MOE and ZHUKOV Handguards are fully M-LOK accessory compatible at 3', 6', and 9' o'clock positions.

The higher end $99 ZHUKOV version is a barrel clamped extended hand guard length which I really like, however the hand guard system does require some compromises during installation. You better really want the Magpul ZHUKOV because you are going to be stuck with it. I don't see this as a problem with its features, however you should be aware that the gas block sling mount loop and factory handguard retainer cover must be ground off your AK. Yep, this means you are not going backward from an upgrade perspective at any point in the future. 

The Magpul ZHUKOV hand guard covers the sling mount point, so even if you do a fairly ugly job, no one will see it. This also means that the ZHUKOV is not a "drop in upgrade", but something easy if you know how to run a hacksaw and file or Dremel well. Once the sling loop and handguard retainer are removed the structural aluminum chassis inset can be removed and securely clamped to the barrel. After the aluminum chassis is in place, the handguard can be slid into place. The main advantage of this barrel clamped configuration is that the handguard is never shifting or moving. The ZHUKOV handguard is UltiMAK optic rail compatible, however Magpul provides a gas tube cover if you are not using a UltiMAK optic rail.

One of the reasons some will opt for the ZHUKOV hand guard over the MOE version is that this version is designed to be "more" compatible with various milled receivers since the hand guard is not reliant on a slot in the receiver and handguard retain for stability and is instead just clamped to the barrel.

Like all Magpul products they are well designed and thought out. I was a little confused that Magpul did not provide an optic mount as an option, however they did specifically recommend and build in compatibility for the UltiMAK optic mounts. All these upgrades were very tight fitting components on my volunteered Century milled AKs. These are definitely not the loose fitting handguards that fall off after you pull the gas block cover off, nor are they items you will likely be pulling on and off during routine cleaning. I love what Magpul has done to overhaul the AK47/AK74 rifles from top to bottom to keep the AK current even after all these years.


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Magpul -

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Magnum Research MLR22BW Barracuda American Black Walnut .22LR Rifle Review

Magnum Research MLR22BW Barracuda American Black Walnut .22LR Rifle Review

As noted in my Ultimate 10/22 Shootout, “..and then the Magnum Research rifle shows up at about half the price of any of the rifles here. Kinda like the guy in the tweaked Nissan 300Z who can keep up and occasionally beat the guys in $1 Million sports cars.”  The Magnum Research lineup of 10/22 compatible rifles is like that.

Well now Magnum research has done it again with a new upgraded version of the graphite barreled MLR model which features the Barracuda American Black Walnut stock. For the price the Magnum Research is one hell of a head turner and now it turns heads with looks as well.  

If you have watched ANY action movie in the last decade you know Magnum Research.  Their giant semi-auto Desert Eagle pistol in powerful .357 Magnum, .44 Magnum, and .50 calibers are often nickel or gold plated and are the kick butt feature firearm of more than a few action heroine and villain.  What you may not know about Magnum Research is that they have a unnoted goal of producing unbelievably accurate firearms.  This accuracy goal is nothing new, I owned a .22LR Mountain Eagle pistol and it was amazingly accurate... kinda sick about selling it.  Today, Magnum Research’s proprietary graphite barrels have become known as tack drivers from this 10/22 line to their new Blueprinted 700 bolt action rifles.

Magnum Research is also famous for their strategic industry relationships focused on making good production products better than ever.  Recently, a relationship with Walther to produce their MR9 pistol has made a Walther influenced design even better than the original design.Their Remington 700 blueprinted action centerfire rifles have transformed a standard 700 into an ultralight stunningly accurate big game rifle.  In a similar strategy, Magnum Research has transformed the stock Ruger 10/22 a price leading custom rifle for just $625 MSRP which should scare the heck out of competitors. This limited edition upgraded MLR22BW model jumps to $824 with the Barracuda American Black Walnut stock.

My build included a stock Magnum Research MLR22BW which comes with CNC billet upper receiver, billet machined match bolt, custom charging handle, walnut stock, and proprietary graphite match barrel with Benz target chamber. I added Bushnell Banner 3.5-10x36MM Rimfire Scope to complete the build; the total build as equipped was only $923 with the optic.  I did add a $200 Timney match trigger as well.

I reviewed the MLR22AT long ago and was pretty blown away at the capabilities of the rifle considering its price and weight.  The graphite barrel itself is stupid crazy lightweight and is pretty amazing. It runs super cool and maintains accuracy even after lots of sustained fire. This is one barrel and bolt combo I would use again and again on any build.  It is also by far the lightest of any 10/22 rifles made at an insanely light 4.5lbs and the Banner scope I used only adds another 15 oz.    

The old MLR22AT with polymer stock was not showy, however the MLR22BW is thanks to the stunningly gorgeous Barracuda American Black Walnut stock. It always amazes me how just a stock change can transform a firearm. This is one of the prettiest 10/22 stocks I have seen based on the a design similar to the MLR polymer stock. The difference on this stock is that it is not ambidextrous and is designed for the right handed shooter. Like the polymer Glacier Ridge stock on the original model, the stock design is lends itself more for offhand unsupported shooting rather than benchrest shooting. For offhand unsupported shots, the stock design delivers the shooter a solid feeling stock, however on the bench the design feels a bit top heavy and wobbly.

The billet machined receiver is every bit as nice as any of the other custom receivers I have tested and contributes overall to a very well made rifle, however the other components do not have the same custom finish and touches of the other custom rifles and components I have tested.

The trigger is a stock Ruger 10/22 unit which means it is far from a premium match trigger, however the “new version” Ruger 10/22 stock trigger is not bad. The fact that the stock MLR22BW could be even better by dropping in a match trigger got me so excited that I installed a Timney trigger before I could even get my photos done. Just note that all the images reflect a Timney Match trigger instead of a stock Ruger trigger unit. Even with a stock trigger, this rig can still get you into the .1xx’s at the 50-yard line.  The stock trigger assembly comes with an extended magazine release.  Much the same as to original MLR22AT, Magnum Research left off sling studs on the stock. These are easy enough to drill for and attach yourself.  The bolt is not showy but is an in house precision billet machined part which has all the extra tuning features such as pinned firing pin and correctly dimensioned face. In reality the only potential show stopper is that that the barrel is still not threaded and suppressor ready.  

The Banner 3.5-10x36mm scope is really a perfect magnification range scope for this .22.  Of course it does not have the optic clarity the high end optic however it gets the job done all for under $100.  The scope has features such as an adjustable objective and bullet drop compensating scope turret with various turrets for different rounds to put shots on target all the way out to 150 yards. Once you find the ammo that shoots well, find it on the turret chart and drop in the corresponding turret for fast and easy shots at extended ranges.

The charging handle is big, however perfect for a working man's rifle.  You can even work the bolt with big heavy mittens in the bitter cold. From a features perspective the Magnum Research MLR22BW backs a lot of great custom 10/22 components into a beautiful ready-to-go rifle.

From an accuracy perspective, this rifle shoots exceptionally well with standard ammo like T-22, Mini-Mags, and CCI Standard Velocity.  In fact the widely available CCI Standard Velocity rounds are my favorite round as they consistently deliver 10-20 shot groups of only .5” at 50-yards.

My other MLR did not particularly like “match” ammo, however I have found that this MLR does and delivered some particularly excellent .154” 50-yard groups with Lapua Center-X. I also saw a number of other Lapua rounds deliver sub-.2” groups at 50-yards as well. This gun is an outstanding shooting rifle. This MLR also continued to deliver the un-finicky reliability that I have come to expect from their rifles. I have yet to have a non-ammo related malfunction with this rifle.  

Top to bottom this is an awesome super accurate and reliable setup and with the top end Barracuda American Black Walnut stock upgrade it also looks the part of a premium custom 10/22 as well. It is clear to me that Magnum Research wanted to produce a competition killer at a very competitive price.  

This model deserves a match trigger and I added one right away as shown, however even with just the “newer” Ruger trigger the rifle is still capable of sub-.5” 50-yards groups. Add in a Timney trigger and the groups get smaller very fast.  With this model, Magnum Research is going for the throat of the custom Volquartsens, Kidds, Tactical Solutions, and Force 10/22 rifles. This rifle has proven its accuracy potential can hang with the big names of 10/22 precision all in a package.

My build included a stock Magnum Research MLR22BW which comes with CNC billet upper receiver, billet machined match bolt, custom charging handle, walnut stock, and proprietary graphite match barrel with Benz target chamber. I added Bushnell Banner 3.5-10x36MM Rimfire Scope to complete the build; the total build as equipped was only $923 with the optic.


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Magnum Research

Monday, May 25, 2015

Century Arms C39V2 AK-47 Rifle Review and it's 100% American Made

Century Arms C39V2 AK-47 Rifle Review and it's 100% American Made

I reviewed the first Century International Arms American made C39 Centurion rifle when it was first introduced and I loved it. That same C39 has been the base for many upgrades and reviews and along the way has been a perfectly reliable AK47. 

That first C39 was well made, however it still did not "look" like a pretty high-end AK47. Century International Arms now is delivering their latest C39V2 model which offer a 100% US made AK47 with all the nice little touches you would expect from a gentleman's AK47.

Most people think of the AK47 as a thug and warlord gun, however with the C39V2, I think Century has added a little class back into the AK. If you think of the regular C39 as field grade then the C39v2 would be a Grade 1 gun with dressed up finish and furniture and features.

At the heart of the C39V2, Century has carried over the 4140 ordnance grade steel receiver used on the C39 models but styled it subtly different with more rounded edges. Of note, the C39V2 also does not feature the second lower stock tang. Century included the extra lower tang and short reinforced stock hole on the C39 originally to add overall strength to the design, however in doing so they also made it almost impossible to change stocks. The C39V2 now features the same tang and stock specs of a stamped receiver so pretty much any stamped receiver stock will fit on the C39V2. A big thank you to Century for this.

The C39V2 not only has a chrome lined barrel, but has been nitride treated as well for significantly improved corrosion resistance. The nitriding also delivers the look of a higher end barrel finish. Other new features are the T-paddle extended magazine release, two included Magpul AK Mags, bolt hold open safety, enhanced dust cover, and lightened bolt carrier assembly for improved performance. Century is also now including their new "enhanced trigger" which is the closest thing to a match trigger for AK47 on the market. 

The trigger is worlds better than the triggers typically found on AK's. On the C39V2, Century delivered very nice high end wood furniture. If I had a Russian grandpa Valdemar, he would be very proud of "dis vonderful and beautiful AK-47". The gun is so pretty and with such a nice finish that I can't help but want to send it off to WMD and have it NiBx coated to really bling it out completely.

The remaining internals and sights on the rifle remain unchanged. The removable Century chevron compensator remains as do the standard adjustable AK front sight pin and rear sight are fully windage and elevation adjustable up to 800 yards. I was a little disappointed that Century dropped the US flag on the side of the receiver. Instead a classy little C39V2 logo is in its place.

When it comes to high end ammo, Hornady has a pretty nice selection. Like the C39, my best groups were from the Hornady Zombie Max ammo which is very close to Hornady’s top grade 7.62x39 steel cased ammo.  

With the regular $6 a box Herters/Tula/Wolf ammo I saw around 4” groups at 100 yards off the rest with iron sights. However with the Hornady rounds my best group was in the 2” range at 100 yards. Add in a magnified 1-4x 3Gun scope and 100-yard groups should easily swing down to the 1.5" range. I think cobbling on an optic mount would take away from the beautiful look of this rifle. From my perspective its just fine with iron sights.

Just as Century International Arms did with the C39, they delivered an extremely well make 100% US AK-47 with the introduction of this C39V2 model. I never thought I would say it but I finally found a sharp looking AK47. 

Never in my wildest dreams would I have ever said an AK was nice looking, however the little touches on this AK actually make you think more in terms of grandpa's AK versus tactical thug. It isn't a Browning Citori from beauty perspective, however its lustrous barrel finish and high grade wood furniture give off the appearance of a hunting rifle. Consider that the 7.62x39 has just a bit more umph than the time proven 30-30 whitetail and hog round and you can easily consider slipping in a 5-round magazine for hunting.

This new model offers AK-47 aficionados a very well appointed and nice looking firearm option with some well thought out refinements and performance upgrades which also add to the cosmetic quality feel of the rifle.

The previous C39 model received a lot of kudos at the range for its looks and quality. That noted the C39V2 grabs even more attention. Everyone has an AK-47, however not everyone has one that looks this nice all while being American made. Century Arms definitely has another winner which may become another great american hunting rifle.

Century Arms International C39v2 RI2245-N
Semi Automatic Rifle
16.25" Barrel
1:10 Twist
Chrome Moly Nitride Treated Barrel
14x1 Metric Left Hand Threaded Muzzle
Milled Receiver 4140 Steel
Magpul Magazine - 30 Round
Premium Wood Furniture - AKM Furniture Compatible
Plastic Pistol Grip
Black Finish
35.25" Overall Length
8.2 Pounds
100% American Made
Street Price:  $739

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Century Arms -