Friday, July 3, 2015

July 4th is a Celebration of Guns

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July 4th is a Celebration of Guns

Contrary to most people's beliefs, July 4th was not recognized as a holiday to fawn over hot dogs, brats, and hamburgers cooked at the altar of the grill. We have our independence because of firearms. The pacifist of our country would say that diplomacy helped create our independence, however knowing history a bit better, our independence was won while spitting vulgarities were exchanged and blood was spilt on the battlefield, streets, and homes of our then young nation.

Those that look to peacekeepers to save them today, let's not forget in those times the "peacekeepers" were corrupt colonial governors and british soldiers who were in charge of "keeping you safe", raping your wife, killing you, beating your son, shooting your dog, and taking all your livestock, produce, food and money. Oh, and let's not forget at time also confiscating our weapons, because why would you need firearms with such loving overlords.  No... our independence was won not with kindness and love shown to England, but lead, gunpowder, flint and steel applied directly to the chests of the Englishman ruler in the form of rebellion after rebellion after rebellion.

Without firearms and firepower including artillery level cannons, rifles, pistols, and swords to fight for our freedom, we would not be the great free nation we are today. All the ink and paper in the world cannot replace the power provided with firearms to overcome tyranny when words alone are ignored.

God bless the firearms, men and women who were willing to sacrifice everything including rebel against unjust laws in the face of overwhelming oppression. Long live the Republic and God bless past, present and future love of firearms. Guns were the reason we are free today, so celebrate firearms with our independance on this July 4th Holiday.

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