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Seekins Precision AR15 Little Billet Parts (LBP) Review

Seekins Precision AR15 Little Billet Parts (LBP) Review

Now that we all own at least a couple basic AR15s, we start to glance over at our friends tricked out ARs with all that billet goodness and then stare blankly at our basic plain battle rifle and wonder what we could do to dress it up a bit. Seekins was manufacturing billet and custom AR15 receivers under their own brand and also for other companies early on before many of the me too manufacturers even knew what an AR15 was. Today Seekins Precision offers loads of custom billet AR15 parts as well as complete tricked out rifles with all those beautiful receivers and parts included.

One of the biggest booming markets around our fun little AR15s are all those great Little Billet Parts - LBPs.  These LBPs are designed to add those little custom touches here and there to your rifles. Initially just ten or so years ago the extent of those parts was an extended trigger guard, ambi-selector and maybe an extended latch charging handle, however times are changing. Why have an functional but ugly selector or plastic extended trigger guard when you could have some gleaming cool looking billet part for the price of a couple sub sandwiches. The AR15 market has definitely matured beyond the look of chest thumping all black mil-spec battle rifles. Now the average shooter is actually excited about addition parts that get noticed and are not just basic black. 

Seekins Precision has been producing premium level LBPs with a price that is down right inexpensive… I would say appallingly inexpensive. The Seekins parts are available in a huge array of anodized colors as well - currently there are seven colors, but more are being added all the time. Admittedly, there is a lot of imported LBP trash coming in now, however all Seekins parts are 100% made right here in the USA. Despite all the crazy custom AR15 builds that I do, I still had a few AR rifles that needed some updates to send them over the top.  I looked to Seekins for a few selectors, trigger guards, mag releases, and bolt catch to show off what they offer.

Even for the AR15 owner without build experience, most of these little aftermarket upgraded bits are easy upgrades tool-lessly or with nothing more than a set of punches and a small hammer and maybe a screwdriver or hex wrench to remove the grip.

The first rifle that needed some bling was my custom laser logo’ed DoubleStar receiver’ed AR15 which hosts a stunningly accurate JP Rifles match grade competition barreled upper. With the bright red JP Rifle Barrel heat sinks peeking through the handguard and a fair amount of white lasered lettering and logoing, this rifle needed some blue for a fun red, white and blue themed rifle. I added a Seekins Blue magazine release, extended trigger guard and ambi-selector. It added just the right touch.  

The other AR15 ready for some gleaming billet was a GTVC billet lower receiver. The company made handfulls of cash during the boom but has since dropped manufacturing AR15 receivers and moved back into aerospace manufacturing business. Its one of those AR15s that I still shoot a lot and decided that among a few other upgrades like a CMC Flat Blade trigger that I would add some highlights to an otherwise rather straight forward build. This build received a silver anodized Seekins mag release, extended trigger guard, and ambi-selector, but I also added Seekins new extended bolt release. This is unique MIM - Metal Injection Molding produced part which uses a proprietary metal which is stronger than the steel mil-spec release. The result of the Seekins design is a larger bolt release paddle and an extended bolt hold open latch. At $12.99 its another competition killing price point.

The mag release button delivers a better styled looking release without the typical hole all the way through and adds a classy diamond pattern. I use a lot of these 6061 billet aluminum mag releases because they are only freaking $5.99 where most other comparable parts are nearly three times the price. Its amazing to me Seekins can offer little part like this at only $2 more than a standard mil-spec release, but they do. Installation only requires the stock release to be depressed enough for the magazine catch to clear the bolt release and to start unscrewing it.

The “upgrade” to a extended trigger guard is an upgrade very few shooters will ever actual use, however it looks cool, so people do it. In this case it looks extremely cool and Seekins has added a lot of style into an otherwise fairly understated part.  How Seekins offers this part for $19.99 is beyond me however I am glad they do.  Like most other extended guards the spring loaded detent on the front of the guard is released and the factory roll-pin is driven out with a punch and the new guard reinstalled with the roll pin.  The front of the guard is secured with machine screws.

The Seekins selector is a bit unique in that it can be installed to be a standard 90-degree throw lever or as a 60-degree short throw lever as I did on the GTVC receiver with the silver anodized selector. Install the selector “barrel” one way and you have a 90-degree throw, flip it around and you have a 60-degree throw. Pretty cool and innovative LPB - Little Billet Part for only $39.99.

I know the guy next to you might have spent the equivalent price of a good used luxury car on all his upgrades, however Seekins excellent precision quality parts can help add a lot of class and style to your AR15 for not a lot of money at all. As we speed I have a box of mag releases and trigger guards coming my way to upgrade a few extra rifles that need some style. Even if you are one of these rough and tough chest thumping all black battle rifles folks, Seeks even makes all these parts in black as well.


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