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Extrema Ratio Psycho 24 Kitchen Knife Review

Extrema Ratio Psycho 24 Kitchen Knife Review

Although I love firearms and tactical knives, I also love to cook and have accumulated an extremely comprehensive and notably quite expensive kitchen knife collection which spans from ceramic to laminated Shun to custom one-off handmade Japanese knives. As a self professed knife snob, when I saw the Extrema Ratio Psycho 24 Kitchen Knife that combined both tactical and culinary worlds, I had to have it.

From my perspective Extrema Ratio knives are some of the finest and highest quality tactical production knives available. With an Italian knife design that is the equivalent of its Italian Ducati motorcycle brethren, the Extrema Ratio delivers beautiful functional design paired with performance. The look is unique, ergonomics are excellent, edge geometry is perfect and the N690 Cobalt Steel is considered one of the best cutlery steels in the industry … although extremely expensive.

What I love about Extrema Ratio is they have a great sense of humor about their designs beyond their very serious tactical designs. The Extrema Ratio Psycho 24 Kitchen Knife is one of those incredible fun designs that includes a complete drop leg tactical level belt sheath which delivers superb safe transport for this exquisite kitchen knife. French and most Asian kitchen knives are designed around a very thin blade to improve fine slicing. Conversely, heavy thick German style kitchen knife blades designs like this 3/16-inch thick Extrema Ratio Psycho 24 Kitchen Knife always feel like they have enough heft could chop up a chicken and fell a tree all in the same day. The Extrema Ratio Psycho 24 Kitchen Knife is not a tactical knife though and it would be a shame to use this very fine edged for anything other than food-craft.

There is a tongue in cheek fun factor with a full MOLLE equipped belt sheath, desert camo finish and Psycho name (someone is a Hitchcock movie fan), but the knife performance itself rivals the best kitchen knives I have ever used. The N690 Cobalt Steel blade can take a edge rivaling my best Japanese knives, but the edge seems to last for months of meals. The balance is the perfect placement 1” forward of the handle and the top spine edges of the blade has been properly softened to deliver a comfortable blister-free “kitchen knife blade grip” where the thumb and index finger are gripping the top spine of the blade.  

Despite the novelty, the laser etched desert camo on the blade actually helps to reduce food from sticking to the blade though a more aggressive pattern would have helped even more.  The blade is plenty sturdy and wide for all the typical food-craft chores from thick skinned melons scooping up and transferring food. I will note that the removeable Forprene handle on the Psycho 24 has got to be the most comfortable kitchen knife handle anywhere and when wet, it still delivers an excellent controlled grip surface.

The Extrema Ratio Psycho 24 Kitchen Knife is available in either the Desert Camo or with a standard black handle and plain un-etched blade for those that want a knife does not clash with all their other blade knives. In the kitchen I prefer a larger knife in the 9”-11” range, so the Extrema Ratio Psycho 24 Kitchen Knife is perfect from my perspective. Extrema Ratio does offer smaller 6-inch utility knifes which match both the Psycho (chef style) and Kato (santoku style) blade styles. can special order either of these for buyers in the US.

The Extrema Ratio Psycho 24 Kitchen Knife delivers pure performance in the kitchen, it is a delight to use, and provides a wow factor every time we have a dinner party. With a very limited number of these coming into the US, you can almost guarantee that you will have the coolest and best performing food-craft equipment in the kitchen. Love it!


Heavy-duty Cordura sheath w/ removable belt strap
Made in Italy
Length of Knife (excluding extended tang): mm 419.10 (16.50 inches)
Blade Length (from handle to tip): mm 250.95 (9.88 inches)
Blade Length (sharpened area only): mm 241.30 (9.50 inches)
Total Length of Knife and Sheath (including extended tang): mm 488.95 (19.25 inches)
Handle Length (excluding extended tang): mm 116.33 (4.85 inches)
Weight of Knife: g 354.37 (12.50 ounces)
Weight of Knife and Sheath: g 521.63 (14.40 ounces)
Blade Thickness (widest part): mm 4.00 (0.16 inches)
Blade Width (widest section): mm 54.10 (2.13 inches)
Blade Steel: Bohler N690 cobalt stainless steel*
Blade Hardness: Rockwell 58 HRC
Grinding: Flat grind
Handle Material: Forprene**
MSRP $255.00


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Extrema Ratio Knives

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