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Swab Its Bore Cleaning Products Review

Swab Its Bore Cleaning Products Review

I first saw the Swab Its at the 2015 SHOT Show and simply didn’t get the concept of them - hmm disposable foam bore cleaners. Yeah the concept was cool, however I wondered why anyone would buy such an expensive single use product.  Like many times in life I was wrong. The reality I figured out a full year later is that Swab-Its are a well made non-damaging bore cleaner which can be cleaned and continually reused many...many times.

Despite my inability to understand the product, the Swab Its concept it pretty cool and simple and I am lucky they kept hounding me to try them. What I thought were foam tips are actually a highly durable plastic foam which can be washed and cleaned with simple soap and water or most commercially available solvents over and over again.  One of the Bore-Whips I have tortured has a little over seventy or so cleans and it is still holding up fine. If I was packing out on a hunting trip, I would not worry about anything more than one of the extremely lightweight Swab Its Bore-Whips.

The secret to the durable cleaning swabs is a patented lint-free plastic foam which is far more durable than “regular” foam. The appropriate bore sized tips also have a hard plastic sub-tip under the plastic foam which allow the tips to have a tight fit down the bore. Unlike linty cotton swabs the Swab Its can clean a bore in one pass in most cases due to the tight 360 degree bore cleaning coverage. Usually one pass was all I needed to get a nice clean bore down my very dirty .22LR match 10/22 rifle barrels and AR15 barrels. Cleaning various handguns and rifles with the other caliber specific Bore-Tips proved to deliver single pass cleaning with nothing more than WD40 on the Bore-Tip. I even use these on my airguns.

Swab Its was nice enough to send me a sample of their entire line of products to feature in the article. The Swab-Its line includes a number of products incorporating the bore tip technology available in various forms including screw in Bore-Tips which fit any standard 8/32 and 5/16-27 threaded cleaning rods on the market. I love my comprehensive Otis cleaning kits and they accept any 8/32 threaded cleaning tool such as the Bore-Tips. I was able to just screw in a tip matching the caliber of the gun getting cleaning and pull it through normally. Yes, now my little Otis kits have Swab-Its Bore Tips tucked in them as well. If you like the pull through Bore-Whips concept, Swab-Its even has a Bore-Whip with a threaded end to accept their Bore-Tips or any other cleaning tools that will fit the standard threading.
Cleaning my often dirty Aero Precision
Custom AR15 pistol build.

Another simple and easy cleaning product from Swap-Its are the caliber specific Swab Its Bore-Whips which have a long flexible nylon tail permanently attached - slip it down and pull it through the bore and your are done. This is basically an inexpensive flexible Otis style breech to muzzle cleaning device which also serves as an Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) with its bright florescent color. Another useful set of cleaning tools are the Cleaning Tip and Foam Swabs which make detailed cleaning a breeze and allow you to get into all those nooks and crannies of a gun. Clean the and use them again and again.

Swab-Its in all their Bore-Whips, Bore-Tip, Cleaning Tips, and Foam Swabs formats are a freaking awesome idea. They hold up extremely well, deliver a pristine lint-free bore with only one or two passes, can be used with your favorite cleaning fluids, and most importantly can be used over and over again.

Made in USA

Swab-Its Bore-Tips & Bore-Whips
Sizes: .22cal, .243cal, .30cal, .357cal, .40cal, .45cal, 12gauge, 20gauge and 410 gauge
Easier, faster and simpler than traditional patches and jags.
Replaces patches and jags in traditional firearms cleaning.
Provides superior barrel cleaning.
Provides 360 degree bore coverage.
Provides uniform application of oil for storage.
Lint free Bore-tips® are plastic foam over a plastic core.
Economical, washable and reusable.
Stands up to most commercially available solvents.
Color coded for easy caliber identification.
Threaded to fit on standard 8/32 and 5/16-27 cleaning rods

Swab-It Swabs and Tips
Sizes: 3" mini tip swab, 3" precision tip swab, 5" large surface swab, 6" extended reach swab and 9-piece kit
Workhorse Double-ended swab, Double-ended Tear Drop Chamber Swab

.45ACP Bore Tips
.357/9mm Bore Tips
.30/7.62mm Bore Tips
.40/10mm/.410 Bore Tips
.22/5.56 Bore Tips
Detail Cleaning Tips
Multi-Surface Cleaning Foam Swabs
Bore-Whips .22/5.56mm


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American Precision Arms - Precision Rifle Scope Rings

American Precision Arms - Precision Rifle Scope Rings
10% off through Nov 30th 2016 for Readers

While searching the world wide interweb for precision rifle rings American Precision Arms was a name that kept coming up being noted by top and competitive shooters as the best scope rings available. 

Over the last year I have featured them in many builds including some stock and tricked out Remington 700 builds with Timney Triggers and XLR billet chassis, but I thought this critical component needed some extra attention. The American Precision Arms rings are $195… gulp, yeah. If you want to play in the league of the elite precision shooters, you might as well pull out the checkbook.

Jered (CEO APA - Right) & Nate Staskiewicz (Left)
When I say big league accuracy, I mean stunning un-freaking-believable accuracy. On really good days I can manage some solid .25” 100-yard groups, but top and shooters can do that at 500-yards. For example - Until the 2016 Shooting 3Gun season I sponsored an up and coming youth 3Gun competitor named Nate Staskiewicz who had now turned pro and likely will and on on the competitive Army Marksmanship team. 

American Precision Arms .308 rifle 3-shot 969-yard .764” group shot by Nate Staskiewicz
The kid is phenomenal behind a gun and currently is one of the top five competitors nationally - yes, he has even been featured on 3Gun Nation. I simply could not afford to sponsor him on a part time writers salary now that he is “that good”.  In the picture below with Jered (CEO of American Precision Arms) you can see Nate proudly with his custom American Precision Arms .308 rifle with his 3-shot 969-yard .764” group. His Leopold optic was mounted with the APA Rings. Let’s think about that for a moment ¾” at nearly 1000-yards. 

That my friends is precision. When I am talking about elite precision shooters, I am talking about this level of talent behind a super custom premium gun, so spending $195 on a critical component like “rings” does not sound so crazy and even spending $3000 on full custom rifle does not sound crazy.

I am by no means that “quality” of shooter, however I have been impressed with what these all 7075 T651 Aluminum American Precision Arms Scope Rings have delivered. I must admit most rings are junk that lack precision from one ring to the next. This produces a variety of bad issues including misaligned optics, unusual torsion on the optic tube, unrepeatable zero after removal and re-installation, rings coming loose, and overall durability issues.  Most people would be surprised to find out that most competitive shooters remove their optics from the gun each time and case it separately in another hard case to avoid bumps from damaging very expensive optics. It makes sense to have a set of rings which deliver repeatable accuracy after re-installation.

Jered at APA asked me to test this at 300-yards. With his rings, removal and re-installation of an optic will not change the zero on any of my rifle at 300-yards. This is handy to know if you have a favorite custom AR15, AR10 with a quick release Red Dot mount that you swap out for a nice optic for longer range shooting. If you happen to have a custom $3000 American Precision Arms rifle, then you should have a set of their rings as well.

The quality of these 7075 T651 Aluminum rings is exceptional and I would say likely the highest quality of any rings available. The company offers them in both 30mm and 34mm sizes in various heights to fit any need.

After talking to Jered recently about the incredible groups Nate shot with his custom American Precision Arms .308, he offered readers 10% off just by mentioning this article.  The only catch is that the offer will expire November 2016. If you have a precision rifle, you owe it to yourself to invest in a set of these rings.


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American Precision Arms -

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Caliber Conversion Package

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Caliber Conversion Package

The Desert Eagle is the quintessential diva of the firearms industry with its sasquatch sized proportions, limited runs of the premium finishes, $1200+ price tags, tough to use ergonomics, it requires extremely hot premium ammo for reliable operation, and of course the $50 magazines. 

I started with my Stainless Desert Eagle in .50AE, and swapped to
.44 Magnum in under five seconds including swapping mags.
The gun is not cheap to purchase, own or operate by any stretch of the imagination, but we all want one. Those folks who are owners kinda want another one or at the very least the ability to shoot something other than the .357 magnum, .44 magnum, and 50AE caliber they purchased the gun in. This is where the Desert Eagle is one of the most awesome caliber swapping guns in existence.

Are you surprised to learn that the Desert Eagle XIX features the fastest barrel changing system on the market? The Desert Eagle XIX are designed to allow the shooter to swap optional barrels nearly instantly from a 6" to an 8" to a 10' and back again.

Magnum Research sells the caliber conversion
kits which include two magazines and a barrel.
Have a gun fashion crisis which requires that all gold pistol be toned down with a black barrel or that deer just trotted out of your 6" barrel's effective iron sight range and need your 10" barrel with the scope? No problem. Hit the takedown button on the left side of the frame and flip down the barrel release switch and lift off the barrel and drop in the other barrel, flip the switch, charge and shoot. Of all the non-ergonomic attributes of this pistol aside, this barrel swap feature is slick as hell and crazy fast.  If you need a bit more power or something softer shoot, the calibers swap just as easily.

The 50AE cartridge features the same rim dimensions as the .44 Magnum model so it can be converted to shoot .44 Magnum with just a barrel and magazine swap. If you have a .357 Magnum model and want to go up to the .44 Magnum/50 AE interchangeability, it requires a few extra minutes to swap out the bolt swap in addition to the the magazine and barrel. Buy one Desert Eagle XIX and you have the ability to convert and shoot any of the three offered calibers. Barrel and magazine conversion kits run around $550-$650 depending on barrel options and an extra bolt for the .357 to .44 Mag rim size swap is $275. The compensated .44 Magnum 6” barrel I used here was right at around $625 MSRP.

 Seconds later, my .44 Magnum Desert Eagle
is ready to shoot.
The incredible thing about the Desert Eagle is the accuracy which is far better than what anyone expects considering you can swap from .44 Magnum to .50AE and back again in under a few seconds. Most people really think of the Desert Eagles as single caliber guns, however with a few barrel and caliber swaps, you can really have some impressive versatility to take advantage of the accuracy the gun can deliver. If you have a Desert Eagle in .50AE then a tamer and less expensive caliber is just a barrel swap away.

MSRP is around $625 for this .44 Magnum Kit


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Chris Reeve Knives Insingo Sebenza Review

Chris Reeve Knives Insingo Sebenza Review

When we start talking about the best pocket knives on earth we have to talk about the Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza. From my perspective the Reeve Sebenza is without question the finest hard use folding knife on earth. Sure there are more expensive folders out there in the custom market and high end sharpened pry bars marketed as knives, however if you want and honest to goodness cutting tool, I have yet to find another production folding knife of its equal. After picking up a standard 3.6-inch Sebenza last year, I was lusting over the adapted Wharncliffe style Insingo Sebenza blade. A few months later, my wait was over and I opened my Chris Reeve Knives shipment bounding with excitement. This style of blade has become a favorite of mine for all purpose utility cutting chores.

If I could take one folding knife anywhere or even into space it would be a large Sebenza. The starting price for a large 3.6” bladed Sebenza 21 is $410. It is far from the $40 clam packed Buck knives at bulk retailers and is for the person who wants or needs the absolute best heavy duty folding knife money can buy. Chris Reeve Knives offers the basic/plain model all the way to specialty, computer generated anodized designs, to your own custom CNC graphics with prices that quickly jump to $800 or more depending on blade steels and the level of handle customization. If you can imagine a design on a Sebenza handle, they can likely make it. Whether you choose the Plain or the Custom Sebenza this classic knife delivers a stronger and more secure locking mechanism & handle, top tier crucible steel blade and quality, fit & finish which is only equaled on meticulously custom knives. The Sebenza pretty much defined the term "custom-production knives".

Chris Reeve Knives is one of the preeminent legends of the knife industry, however like many of us, Chris had to find his way to becoming one of the most celebrated knife makers in the world.  Chris Reeve was actually a Grand Prix motorcycle racer in the 1970s, however his original background goes all the way back to machining, tool, and die manufacturing. Chris began his knife making business in Southern Africa where he enjoyed quite a bit of attention. When he and his wife Anne moved to the US, they vowed to make the knife business a success and the rest is not just history, but a legacy of cutlery greatness.

Let’s look how well respected he is in the industry:
1987 Knifemaker’s Guild of Southern Africa "Best Folding Knife"
2000-2013, 2015 - 2016 for "Manufacturing Quality Award"
2003 "Collaboration Knife of the Year"
2005 "Collector Knife of the Year"
2006 Grays Sporting Journal "Gray's Best" Award
2007 "American Made Knife of the Year"
2008 "Overall Knife of the Year"
2008 Field and Stream "Best of the Best"
2010 "Overall Knife of the Year"

This is not just another liner lock. The Walker liner lock has proven to be reliable and strong and is used everywhere in the knife industry, however if you want to step up in strength, most do not know that another popular and heavily imitated frame lock design was actually invented by Chris Reeve Knives as the Reeve Integral Lock - RIL. The RIL increases reliability and strength of the Walker lock design mainly because the RIL designs are built around thick high strength metal handles which also form the liner lock versus just a thin liner. Reeves uses .150” thick 6Al4V Titanium for his handles, so the resulting lock is about as strong as you can possibly make a locking mechanism without increases bulk and weight substantially.

Just like my other drop point Sebenza, this Insingo Blade Sebenza shares all the same fit, finish, feel and features but just with a bit different blade. There are really only four materials represented in the final Sebenza which include CPM S35VN stainless steel, 6Al4V titanium, 303 stainless steel, and phosphor bronze.  The CPM S35VN stainless steel is used to form the precision concave precision ground modified Insingo blade which pivots on a phosphor bronze bushing for extremely smooth operation.

Everything from the S35VN steel to the hollow grind has been tuned and optimized over the years to deliver the best folding cutting tool on the market. Use the Sebenza and the is immediately noticeable.

The Chris Reeve knives have an understated level of class that is conveyed in the raw 6Al4V titanium handles assembled with 303 stainless steel screws and 6Al4V titanium fittings. Its an elegant look all wrapped up in a stunning level of precision tolerances that most German sports cars would be envious of.  

Having seen well worn Sebenza's before, I can tell you that the titanium handles wear just like that perfect pair of jeans and develop a patina. I am not sure if it's the titanium being affected by the elements, or the titanium itself wearing, however it's a beautiful effect. It takes years, however the look makes you love the knife even more.

From a handle strength perspective, there really is no equal. I mean come on, the Sebenza features two titanium handles which together add up to over 1/4". There is nothing in my life I would ever use a cutting tool for which would break these handles.  

When you actually start cutting something instead of just parading around with it, the Sebenza design delivers everything you would expect in a design refined for over twenty years. The CPM S35VN stainless steel takes a razor sharp cutting edge and holds it for a very very long time even when cutting very tough materials. There are many great steels available, however S35VN delivers corrosion, toughness, and wear resistance balance at a higher level than other steels.  Part of that performance is due to Reeve's blade design and grind refined over the years and the steel used for the blade.

Reeve modified the original Wharncliffe style blade to have a bit more belly and tune it for his Sebenza Insingo blade design. The result is an amazing cutting blade that provides a more precise straight cut through the draw stroke than drop point blades. What you will find with the Reeve’s knives are that the blades cut extremely aggressively. I have a lot of sharp knives, however the Sebenza’s are hard use knives with a razor edge that stays sharp for an extremely long time.

Without placing a Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza in hand, it is literally impossible to convey the beauty, feel, and quality of a Sebenza just through words and pictures.  I loved my first drop point Sebenza so much I ordered a second with the Insingo blade. The next time you have $100 burning a hole in your pocket, I challenge you to save $300 more and buy that "just one great knife"... buy a Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza. The only regret you will have is not doing it sooner.

Tested - Chris Reeve Knives Sebenza 21 Insingo

Large Sebenza 21 MSRP $410
Small Sebenza 21 MSRP $350

Blade Material: CPM S35VN Stainless Steel
Blade Hardness: 58-59 RC
Blade Length:  Large - 3.625" (92 mm), Small - 2.94" (75 mm)
Blade Thickness:  0.125" (3.175 mm)
Overall Length: Large - 8.335" (212 mm), Small - 6.875" (175 mm)
Handle Material: 6Al4V Titanium
Handle Thickness: Large - 0.150" (3.81 mm), Small - 0.125" (3.175 mm)
Weight: Large - 4.7 oz. (133 g), Small - 3.0 oz. (85 g)
Fittings: 303 Stainless Steel
Thumblug: 6Al4V Titanium
Pocket Clip: 6Al4V Titanium

Chris Reeve Knives -

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Burris XTR II Precision Riflescope 5-25x50mm Review

Burris XTR II Precision Riflescope 5-25x50mm Review

One of the trends I am seeing in the market are optics manufacturers really starting to push themselves again to deliver exponential jumps in quality. The Burris’ premier XTR II lineup at this year’s SHOT show was definitely one of those optic lines which are pushing the envelop of higher quality. The XTR II is Burris’ new flagship optic line. Based on my testing of the Burris XTR II 3-15 in a previous article, I will say Burris has jumped from delivering high and rugged optics to a premium tier which many have noted rival the best optics in the industry. The Burris XTR II 5-25x50m was a must for a top end Devil Dog precision rifle build.

First off let me say that I was disappointed with how the demise of Devil Dog Arms unfolded, however they still made one of the best quality AR format rifles in the industry complete with premium Black Hole Weaponry barrels and HiperFire Triggers. This Devil Dog .308 has proved to be an exceptionally accurate gun with the capability to easily deliver groups in the ½ MOA range - the high power crystal clear capabilities of the XTR II 5-25x50m allowed me to take advantage of that accuracy. The SCR Mil Reticle also allowed a lot of data for on the fly windage and elevation compensation adjustments without the need to touch the dial.

The original XTR v1 line of scopes was a huge success for Burris, but customers were asking for even more. Not only did Burris deliver a crystal clear 5-time zoom range on this XTR II 5-25x50mm optic, but they upped the tube thickness by 25% over the original. Burris also configured the optic design as a FFP - First Focal Plane scope. FFP is the hot feature among precision and sniper rifle shooters the last few years which in essence zooms the reticle with the magnification changes. The result is that whatever holdover you have on the BDC or Mil-dot is the same at any magnification; in this case from 5X all the way through 25X. The big thing with FFP reticles is that this design makes elevation and wind holdovers simple and easy without having to think about what magnification you are on. If you have a 5-MPH cross wind on a 300-yard target and that is the second dot down and a quarter mil over based on your zero, then no matter what magnification you are on that same holdover will deliver the same shooting solution. Pretty cool. When comparing this to a standard BDC equipped standard second focal plane scope, the reticle does not zoom, so you hold at the maximum range is not the same at any other magnification level.

I choose the SCR Mil-Dot reticle. The SCR (Special Competition Reticle) is designed to over the faster paced long range shooter a reticle which provides a significant amount of data including ½ Mil-Dot markings, 1/10 Mil-Dot ranging brackets, and an extended illumination reticle. The goal of the reticle design was to provide the shooter with all the data they needed to take the shot quickly and accurately whether they reached for the turrets or used the precision Mil-Dot hold over points in the reticle. 

Once a shooter knows their bullet drop holds based on Mil-Dot target sizing, they can quickly take a precision shot extremely quickly even at multiple targets at different distances. If you see your shot spatter 1 mil to the left you can make that adjustment without doing laborious math to convert what you read in the reticle with a turret adjustment. Burris notes the XTR II this SCR reticle is busier than a typical Mi-Dot reticle, however with a design which is focused on competitive shooting/sniper competitions.

There is a lot to love about this very high tier optic. At around $1400 on the street, this optic is not for everyone and is up there with the premium Japanese and German optics companies. For the quality it is a great deal and considerably less expensive than many competitors with similarly featured $2000-$3000 priced optics. The glass is just freaking unbelievably crisp and clear, but this is what you get in the higher tier of optics. Let’s not forget that Burris and Steiner are owned by the same parent company so… I don’t think it's a stretch of the imagination that Steiner engineering and technology had a hand in Burris upping its already exceptional game a bit more.

What Burris delivered with the XTRII really sets the bar for the rest of the market to catch up to outside of maybe Vortex. They have everything packed into this optic with the exception of laser ranging. You have the new style thicker and heavier duty and allegedly brighter 34MM tube, big ass audible click turrets. The turrets MRad adjustments are matched to the Mil-Dot reticle (as they always should be) are zero-able and even feature a resettable zero-stop. There is that very cool FFP design everyone is asking for Christmas, and the reticle is even illuminated.

Now I generally have some serious gripes about illuminated reticles because most companies try to deliver sunlight red dot illumination brightness, however in this case Burris delivered perfection. Too many times, manufacturers make illuminated reticles for daytime use and thus far too bright for the night work they were originally developed for. The illumination on this 5-25x50mm XTR II delivers eleven settings of illumination from “I can barely see a hint of the reticle in a dark closet in the basement with the lights off” to something brighter and useable at dusk. Burris has also included off positions between each illumination setting so you don’t need to cycle through all the brightness settings just to turn the reticle illumination on or off.

Burris even has a well thought out side focus knob which is neither interfered by the illumination knob, nor interferes with it… and then there is the huge magnification range. Normally you would see a 3-10x or 3-14, but here we have a scope that can deliver everything you might need on very close (maybe too close) targets all the way out to the distant capabilities of the shooter with a 15x magnification.  This is a very nice setup affording the shooter lots of flexibility. The range is also one of the widest magnification ranges on the market. Bushnell, Nikon, and Vortex top tier models are almost there with similar features and arguably similar optic quality, however from a price and quality perspective the XTR II is a very attractive option when you add in all the features. Burris has just put in all into an exception package that just works.

This optic has lived on a few builds already but has settled on my Devil Dog based AR .308 build. If you are looking for a general purpose sniper rifle then this magnification range is too much - Burris’ 3-15 XTR II would be a better choice. If you are looking for an optic for a dedicated precision rifle which has the magnification to deliver that accuracy at longer range this is one amazing optic.

I am not one of those guys who likes or enjoys figuring out the math on a reticle calibrated for 25x when I need to be at 5x of magnification. For me, simpler is better and I like the FFP concept both in theory and in use. Literally just print out a ballistics card noting all the holdover points for your pet round and you are good to go at any magnification. This is a great optic which deserves to be on a rifle that can deliver the accuracy and do it quickly. There is a lot to love about this scope and not much at all to hate and probably the reason I tightened it onto one of my most expensive and accurate AR10 builds to date.

XTR II™ Riflescope 5-25x50mm

All hand-fitted internal assemblies are triple spring-tensioned for absolute shock-proofing, even under severe recoil. They are vibration resistant, even on extended vehicular patrols.

- Zero Click Stop adjustment knobs let you quickly and easily revert back to the original yardage setting without counting clicks
- Advanced windage and elevation adjustments are fast and easy; accurate and repeatable reticle adjustments match the measurement system of the reticle
- High-grade optical glass provides excellent brightness and clarity with lasting durability
Index-matched Hi-Lume® multicoating aids in low-light performance and glare elimination, increasing your success rate
- Double internal spring-tension system allows the scope to hold zero through shock, recoil, and vibrations
- Waterproof
- Nitrogen-filled body tubes prevent internal fogging in the cold and rain
- Precision-gauged and hand-fitted internal assemblies maintain a consistent point of impact through the magnification range, regardless of shock and vibration
- Solid, 1-piece outer tube is stress-free and durable; withstands shock and vibration from even the heaviest-recoiling calibers
- Covered by the Burris Forever Warranty™

Magnification: 5x-25x
Objective Lens Diameter: 58 mm
Clear Objective Lens Diameter: 50 mm
Ocular Lens Diameter: 44.25 mm
Finish: Matte
Focal Plane: FFP
Main Tube Size: 34 mm
Field of View: 21 low – 4.3 high (ft. @ 100 yds.)
Eye Relief: 3.50 – 4.25 in.
Exit Pupil: 10 low – 2 high (mm)
Click Value: 1/10 mil; 100-Click Knob (201031)
1/4 MOA; 100-Click Knob (201032)
1/10 mil; 80-Click Knob (201030)
Elevation Adjustment, Total Capability: 110 MOA
Example: 50 MOA is roughly 25 MOA from center.
Windage Adjustment: 55 MOA
Example: 50 MOA is roughly 25 MOA in any direction from center.
Parallax/Focus: Side focus/PA
Adjustable Parallax: 50 yds. – infinity
Length: 16.31 in.
Weight: 32.10 oz.
Illumination Control: Rotary dial; intermediate "battery saver" stops
Illumination Settings: 11 brightness settings
Battery: CR2032
MSRP $1400-$1500


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