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Bootleg CamLok Handguard AR Barrel Swap Setup

Bootleg CamLok Handguard AR Barrel Swap Setup

If you want a swap barrel setup for your AR15, the Bootleg Camlock Handguard may be the ultimate handguard for a one-gun to-many barrel/caliber setup. Imagine investing in one really nice upper, one premium tier bolt carrier, a single custom charging handle and just swapping out barrels of different calibers and lengths without another $100 upper, without another $150 carrier, charging handle, $100+ handguard, or ultimately another optic. Some calibers will obviously dictate dedicated bolt carrier, however a swap barrel setup is a cool idea that has merit with many use cases, clutter reduction, and a whole boatload of cost saving potential.

[Pictured Above - PWS Mod 2 Lower with Ballistic Advantage 10-inch 9mm and .223 Wylde Hansen barrels, Beyer Lightweight .22LR Benz chambered match barrel with Ruger SR. The HiLux 1-4 CMR easily adjusts to different bullet drop and on all barrels so far, the windage has never moved. An ATN night vision monocular add night vision support to the optic. Not pictured are BA Hansen 300 Blackout and a very rare 5.45x39 barrel]

.22 LR, 9mm, 223, shown
For this build, a single Bootleg Upper, Bootleg CamLok handguard, and a few extra CamLok barrel nuts were used to swap between 10.3-inch Ballistic Advantage .223 Premium match barrel, 9.5-inch Beyer Match .22LR barrel with Black Dog magazines, another BA Hansen .300 Blackout 10.3-inch barrel, and a BA 10-inch 9mm Barrel with Saber Defense and Matador Arms Glock Mag adapters… and it worked wonderfully.

The PWS Piston Upper that came with the PWS lower is really fantastic, and would be my primary choice for defense, however having the ability to swap with this level of adaptability with a canvas knife roll full of barrel caliber options is a game changer for me without any compromises. The bag I choose was a BAOBAB Waxed Canvas knife roll from Amazon which is longer than other rolls and also has wider slots. It was a stunningly cheap $26.99 and comes with free silicon oven mits.

My focus was a packable truck gun that delivered everything I could want in a SHTF, training, and fun gun with the least amount of weight possible and cost redundancy all while still supporting many different caliber options. The reality though was that I discovered a swap barrel format that I really love and will start using to downsize my AR collection. Additional build add-ins are a Hilux 1-4 optic with Aero Precision mount a Vortex Red Dot, and a Primary Arms 3-9 scope with a QD mount if I want to get the potential of all these barrels. The lower receiver is a PWS Mod 2 lower receiver.


The Bootleg CamLok MLOK handguard is available in a variety of lengths and attaches with a simple smooth barrel nut and a handguard that has a durable plastic adjustable cam lever (like really good mil-spec plastic) that tightens the handguard onto the barrel nut. The whole setup is solid, slip-free, and dependable to mount. The Bootleg CamLock handguard include the barrel wrench tool and are available in 7, 9.2, 13.4 and 15-inch lengths all with MLOK accessory attachment slots with prices ranging from a very affordable $135-$159.

In the waxed canvas knife roll:
Stern Defense Glock Magwell Adapter
Matador Arms Glock Magwell Adapter
Three extra Barrel Nuts, plus wrenches, misc lube/parts
L-wrench and barrel nut wrench & spare charging handle
3 - 22LR magazines
Ballistic Advantage 10" .223 Wylde Barrel with YHM QD Suppressor Attach
Sharps Reliabbolt BCG
8" Ballistic Advantage 9mm Barrel with nested 7" Bootleg Handguard
9mm BCG
Ballistic Advantage 5.45x39 barrel and BCG
.223 CMMG drop in conversion kit
16" Faxon Match pencil barrel with Low Mass Faxon Carrier with nested bootleg handguard.

Sure you could technically do this same process with any handguard setup, however a standard build is a more complex process to swap barrels because of the gas block trapping the barrel nut, potential removal (and loss) of screws and bolts retaining the handguard, and the requirement to basically completely rebuild the upper with each swap.

With the Bootleg handguard and spare $20 barrel nuts, you open the adjustable cam lever on the handguard and slip it free, use the included barrel nut tool or standard hooked castle nut tool to remove the barrel nut, slide out the barrel/barrel nut/gas block assembly, and slide on a different barrel assembly, tighten the barrel nut, and slip the Bootleg CamLok handguard back on. Adjust your zero for the appropriate barrel and you are ready to go. I used oil based paint pens to make a color on the barrel and matching zero color-points on my optic turret. I can swap barrels in under 2 minutes and I have not seen any relevant shifts in zero between swaps from the initial zeros. I have found most quality rings and optics mounts will remount and return to zero as long as they are mounted to the same picatinny slot which can easily be marked. If I want to swap optics with barrel swaps, I can do it easily without too much worry of rezeroing.

Despite what many people do on their builds, AR15 barrel nut torque should only be 30-35-ft/lbs on the low end which is not much. For this setup, barrel swaps should not require a vise and action block just to remove and attach a barrel in the field. I found that using the grip as one leverage point and a simple right angle ⅝-inch driver with the Bootleg barrel nut tool was all that I needed to disassemble and swap barrels at the range with about the right amount of torque. You will need extra barrel nuts if you are running a gas system based barrel like on 5.56 and 300 Blackouts, however you really only need one extra barrel nut to share between blowback action barrels like .22LR and 9mm since they will not trap the barrel nut with a gas block.


Unless you go all Rambo, it really is quite difficult to shoot two guns at once… at least very well, but most of us still have boatloads of guns. We all think we need complete builds, however once you really understand that optics can remount and be easily re-zeroed to a marked point without firing a shot. Builders should start to wonder why their safes are full of single caliber builds and/or uppers. There is a lot of money invested in even just four upper builds with $300+ in just an upper and handguard for each separate upper which could instead get recycled using the Bootleg CamLok handguard. 

For the builder on a budget this is a significant savings of about $1200+ across four calibers. An example of the money savings is a swap barrel setup between the 5.56 and 300 Blackout - the builder only needs to buy the barrel, gas block and gas tube every other component including the bolt carrier can be shared. 

If you are hauling this weight around, you can save two pounds by not carrying another upper, handguard and carrier. For that extra weight savings, a .22LR barrel, bolt, magazine, and suppressor can be carried.

Trim down your inventory. The reality of my firearm inventory is that I rarely shoot 300 Blackout so why have $600-$800 invested in a complete upper plus optic when all I really need is just a barrel assembly for around $300. The 9MM PCCs I shoot a lot as do the .22LR, but even then I can spare three minutes to make that swap and twist the turret to the zero point. 

The interesting part of this experiment was some of the off camera build antics such as playing around with a number of various barrels including a .223 16-inch barrel, or a 10-inch Beyer .22LR barrel that allows a shorter suppressed upper. If you really wanted to get flexible, buying another Bootleg CamLok handguard in another shorter or longer size could add even more flexibility beyond a caliber change to provide barrel length flexibility as well. With that setup you could have your 4-inch, 10-inch pistol barrels and short handguards and 16-inch 9mm barrel and handguard using the same bolt carrier (5.5.6/300 BO) and upper. I ended up also buying a 7" and 13" handguards to cover all my bases.


From an accuracy perspective there is no compromise with the swap barrel setup for any of the pistol length barrels used. The .22LR Match Beyer barrel, CMMG carrier, and Black dog magazines will cluster consistent 1/2-inch groups at 50-yards with match grade ammo. It is a fantastic setup. Similarly the Ballistic Advantage 9mm barrel with a Stern Defense Glock magazine adapter and Stern NiBo 9mm carrier will deliver easy 1-inch groups at 50-yards with Defensive grade factory ammo. Even some insanely crappy MaXXTech steel cased stuff shot well for me at 25-yards. A really great AR platform trainer. The BA .223 Wylde, 300 Blackout and 5.45x39 barrels are all extremely accurate as well and can all outshoot many rifles. The interesting thing for me was with a trued receiver face, every barrel held the same windage adjustment for me at 50-yards which is more than good enough for the intent of this build and makes rezeroing between barrels significantly easier.

For longer range barrel swap builds with longer rifle length barrels, I am sure the zeros may move around a bit more, however I would not hesitate to use the Bootleg Camlock for a precision rifle build. The only concern I would have would be for focused precision builds, I usually bed the barrel to the receiver to squeeze just a bit more accuracy out and that method would not work well with this type fo barrel swap.


As a very jaded writer in the industry for well over a decade, I feel like I have seen it all, tested just about every gadget available but this Bootleg Camlock handguard got me thinking. The Bootleg Camlock has the cool factor paired with legitimate utility that a lot of builders will feel is appealing all with very few disadvantages. The really funny thing is that the owners of Bootleg really did not have this application in mind until I brought it up to them. They just thought this would be an easier handguard for people that tend to fidget with their AR builds a lot such as making adjustable gas block adjustments easier. I told them what I wanted to do and they were more than happy to oblige with a few extra barrel nuts. Bootleg noted they will be happy to sell the extra barrel nuts which now sell for $20 each which is quite affordable. 

We as modern AR builders do a lot of builds simply to test a barrel which equates to a lot of money just to see if you like a caliber, barrel quality, or barrel length. The Bootleg CamLok handguard drops a huge amount of potential cost from the equation. If you hate the barrel, the CamLok barrel nut can be stripped off the barrel for the barrel to get sold and a builder is not taking a bath on the cost of an entire upper. If you do love the barrel, you have the option to keep using the Bootleg Handguard or invest in a complete upper build. For a guy like me who is rolling through reviews of one barrel after another, this is a huge cost savings.

Just like every other AR owner opening your safe makes you smile, but there comes a point where you really wonder if you should be downsizing to concentrate training on just a few builds. A lot of the uppers gathering dust could be stripped of an awesome barrel and the rest sold off for better optics, perhaps one of those fancy billet receiver sets and maybe even some cerakote. 

What if we could drastically reduce the need to build yet an AR upper, just to test or shoot a different caliber. For most AR15 owners that could include .223/5.56, 300 Blackout, 9mm, and .22LR versions of various barrel lengths. Short barrels for compact packability and longer barrels for more velocity and potential increased accuracy.

Without going down a rabbit hole about how an AR15 format pistol can legally shoot any length of barrel while a rifle is limited to only 16”+ barrels, let's assume you want a really flexible AR15 and that should be an AR15 pistol build affixed with one of the many “braces” for comfortable shooting. 


Bootleg was originally a spin-off investment from Primary Weapons Systems that focused on the direct impingement market. The quality of Bootleg is phenomenal. A few years ago Bootleg became its own company separate from PWS.  If you see the uppers look a lot like the upper from PWS you might have guessed they were related somehow already. I have used many Bootleg uppers over the years for builds and what makes these ultralight uppers fantastic is that they are not billet, they are very tough forged 7075 uppers… yes forged. The gas adjustable BCG is another unique item that is really an amazing product especially for suppressor owners to be able to adjust gas pressure on the fly. Honestly, everything made by Bootleg is supreme quality.

I really did have that WTF is this look on my face when I first saw the Bootleg Camlock handguard, but now I get it and love this setup. For the builder this is an amazing setup that saves a tinkerer and builder a ton of time and money. For the person that wants to try a lot of different calibers, this is an amazing solution. 


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White Oak Armament SDM Barrel Review

White Oak Armament SDM Barrel Review

2021 Update... almost a decade later since my 2012 review, I still have this barrel and still consider this one of my top go-to barrels for all purpose consistent accuracy. After building and selling dozens of builds with other competing barrels, it should speak volumes that this picky writer has kept this barrel even though it has lived in several different builds in the last nine years. The WOA SDM shoots tiny little groups with 40gr varmint rounds to 77gr heavy long range loads. With 9 years behind this barrel and builds with the vast majority of competing barrels on the market, the White Oak Armament reputation legacy is well earned. Of note, I really have never used this barrel as a blaster and likely only has a few thousand rounds through it on the bench and for hunting.

All these years later I have compared the WOA barrel with many more expensive and less expensive barrels side-by-side on the bench using the same optic and lower for testing. Will my Hart or JP barrels outshoot this barrel? Yeah but marginally and the WOA barrel is about half the price of each of those barrels. Similarly Ballistic Advantage, Black Hole, and Faxon are mighty fine upgrades to get into the sub-MOA precision range with your AR platform, however the WOA SDM will outshine those barrels consistently with 1/2-inch 100-yard groups with my best groups touching into the 1/4-inch range. I will note that there are some factory rounds that just do not shoot well and I have had to work though what shoots well. The reality is that even budget 55gr FMJ rounds from Hornady are not going to deliver to the potential of this barrel. Shoot the good stuff that works. Luckily I have found that almost any tipped-bullets like the Fiocchi 40gr and 50gr shoot very well in the budget range and VMAX 55gr, 68gr, 72gr Hornady match ammo do well also. I did pick up a similar SDM limited edition 11-inch version that WOA offered that I am playing around with on a pistol build that is showing some very promising results.

Currently this barrel lives in one of the custom green camo Aero Precision Builder Kits and I will potentially swap from a gas system to a gas piston system from Superlative Arms to make suppressed shooting a bit more enjoyable.

In the planning of my Aero Precision COP monolithic upper SDM (Squad Designed Marksman) build, accuracy was paramount.  After speaking with John Holliger at White Oak Armament (who manufacturers barrels for President’s Cup competitors), he recommended I use one of his 16” heavy fluted Mid-Length SDM barrels coupled with his stainless low profile gas blocks and gas tubes which have been very popular with his law enforcement and military customers.
Never heard of White Oak Armament, here on some accomplishments

  • 14 Time Presidents 100 Winners
  • Distinguished Rifleman Badge (1988)
  • 2000 CMP Pershing Trophy winner
  • 2002 National Civilian Service Rifle Champion
  • 2002 NRA Coast Artillery Trophy winner
  • 2005 NRA Crescent Cup winner
  • 3 Time Illinois Open Highpower Champion
  • 8 Time Illinois Service Rifle Champion
  • 6 Time Illinois Short Course Champion
  • High Master Classification HP and Long-Range HP
  • Holder of team and individual national records
White Oak is known for delivering top quality and the match grade barrel I received was an outstanding work of art with a flawless finish and fluting.  As the pictures show, the White Oak Armament SDM barrel is a stunning looking barrel which is unfortunate, because most forends will cover up the beautiful flutes under the handguard.  The barrel provides the feel and stability of a bull barrel without the weight. The fluted bull profile stepping to a heavy M4 barrel profile after the gas block contributes to a weight reduction down to a manageable 2.5lbs.

White Oak Armament offer the buyers various barrel blanks options including the renowned Shilen button rifled blanks I chose which are famous for delivering consistent accuracy. Shilen button rifles their barrels to buyer specifications of diameter and twist and and then air gauges them for consistency. In the case of my barrel, White Oak ordered a Shilen blank to my specifications and then completed the profiling, fluting, chambering, threading, and final finishing. It is this final attention to detail by White Oak which maximizes wrings every little bit of accuracy from the best blanks offered in the industry and is the reason White Oak barrel are in the winner circle over and over again for those matches focused on tiny little groups.

My 1:8 twist barrel was made from a Shilen button rifled blank and finished with White Oak’s own .223 Wylde style chamber which provides reliability and accuracy with both .223 and 5.56 NATO rounds.  The “stock” White Oak 16” SDM barrel is spec’e with a 1:7 twist, but I like the more consistantly accuracte 1:8 twist which from my experience holds more consistant groups between various bullet weights. If I find a great deal on some 55 Gr rounds I know the barrel will still shoot them well which is not always the case with 1:7 twists paired with 55 grain rounds. John Holliger noted the best situation for accuracy would be to upgrade to a longer bull 20” barrel, however the 16” SDM version was designed to provide more maneuverability and less weight (2.5lbs) with minimal loss of accuracy compared to their 20” models.

To get the weight down of this otherwise heavy barrel, twelve aggressive deep flutes are cut from the chamber to the gas block which shed weight and also aid in cooling during sustained fire.

To finish off the internals of the build, a standard phosphated AR Bolt Carrier Group was used, with a Gas Buster charging handle with Tactical Latch and Quite Brake from PRI.  My Geissele trigger SSA-E equipped Aero Precision lower, previously used for my JP Enterprises Barrel kit build, was used for the build.  I wanted a solid dependable day/night optic able to transition from tactical/defensive distances all way out to 500 yards, so I choose to move my reliable Trijicon AccuPoint 1-4X24 scope over to this build with Tactical Millet Rings.

Functionally the White Oak Armament barrel ran completely flawlessly with all manner of 5.56 and .223 rounds and delivered great groups rightg from the first magazine.  Shilen and other blanks used by White Oak are all all hand lapped, a process which removes imperfections from the rifles and throat.  The reason we “break in a barrel” is to remove those imperfections and smooth out the barrel, so the recommended limited break in requirements from Shilen and White Oak make sense. For barrel break in Shilen recommends only to clean after each shot for the first 5 shots and then clean every 5 shots for the next 50 shots. White Oak’s opinion is that around 25 rounds should be shot and then the rifle thoroughly cleaned.  I followed Shilen’s break in advice which allowed about the right amount of rounds to get my Trijicon re-zero’ed.

There is a reason so many have deep respect for John Holliger and White Oak Precision and White Oak Armament.  The White Oak SDM barrel delivered .65” groups with the 1-4X scope at 100 yards testing out some /new Hornady 5.56 NATO 55Gr GMX rounds. Bolting on my Simmons Predator Quest 6-24 Scope showed the true accuracy of this barrel when paired with Hornady 5.56 NATO 75 GR BTHP SPF with several .4” 100 yard benchrest fired groups. On the 200 yard line, I managed a 4-shot 1" group with one called fifth flyer. I was trilled with this, but a little more time behind the gun I could see delivering these types of 200 yard groups on a regular bases. At this point I am still getting comfortable with the barrel, however my hope is to start working this barrel out to the 600 yard mark over the next couple months. I definitely own a couple tack driving rifles, however what struck me most about the White Oak SDM barrel was the consistency of the group to group sizes starting right from bullet #1 through the barrel. Sure the barrel is delivering better and better groups as I approach the 500 round mark, but the break in curve and accuracy improvement has not been as
dramatic as with other non-hand lapped barrels.  Although I may not have the ability to deliver 2-3” iron sighted 100 yard groups, I can see the SDM's dependable consistency would be of paramount importance to those National Match type competitors. For a SWAT team sniper or special operations SDM type role, this barrel offers exceptional accuracy which in theory could deliver 4" groups at 500-600 yards in the right hands and right optic in a light compact barrel format. The next couple months of range time will be telling and I learn the real limits and performance of the barrel.

Remounting the Trijicon 1-4X AccuPoint and loading more of those Hornady 75 GR rounds netted an .56” group which I could not be happier with on a 1-4X scoped rifle.  This accuracy will definitely fit the bill as an SDM rifle and back fill as a paper puncher for distance work as well as an outstanding varmint hunter.  All around this barrel delivered on accuracy and paired with the complete configurable Aero Precision Monolithic Upper provides extreme versatility from just one rifle.
You can order a barrel, but there are few barrel manufacturers who will allow complete customization and White Oak is one of them.  They certainly have a huge selection of “stock” models, however if you want something special as I did, ll you have to do is ask.  Because I requested a 1:8 twist versus White Oaks standard 1:7 on their 16” SDM the wait was longer.  In my case it took around eight weeks for the order.  The voice in your head keeps telling you, “well it is a custom barrel”, but the impatient part of your brain starts to wonder if you did the right thing.  Rest assured any wait is well worth it as the accuracy, fit and finish is absolutely sublime. 
At $370 this is not a beginners barrel and in fact I would suggest you hold off on a barrel of this caliber until you are shooting consistently out on the 100 yards range. If you are a tactical high rate shooter on the 25-50 yard line this barrel also makes little sense, however for those that like to reach out well beyond 100 yards on a regular bases with precision the White Oak SDM barrel could literally be a life saver. Tactical teams will appreciate the SDM's very consistent accuracy where someones life could depend on the difference between you shooting a 1.5” group or .5” group. I tip my hat, pass on an approving nod, and an enthusiastic thumbs up to White Oak Precision, White Oak Armament, and John Holliger. Bolting a White Oak barrels on to my SDM build certainly makes me understand the well earned respect they have earned and will a little more experience with various rounds, this could in fact be the most consistently accurate 16” AR barrel I have yet to test.


  • Inspired by the Army's Squad Designated Marksman rifle, this is a shortened 16-inch version of the .223 SDM barrel. It is a light weight stainless steel barrel featuring 12 large flutes to reduce weight and aid in cooling.
  • SKU 516SDM
  • Feed Ramps M4
  • Weight 2.50 lbs
  • Application Varmint/Predator
  • Purpose Law Enforcement/Military
  • Caliber (select only one) .223
  • Length (select only one) 16"
  • Twist 1-7 (Optional 1:8 Twist)
  • Gas Block Diameter .750"
  • MSRP $390

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Lie Left Lie #7 - The AR-15's .223/5.56 Ammo is very Powerful

Left Lie #7 - The AR-15's .223/5.56 Ammo is very Powerful

The left would have you believe that the little 2.25” .223 or even the military 5.56 version is some wicked powerful round hell bent for death, but in reality it is a rodent hunting round and about a third as powerful as the Enfield rifle used in WWII. The AR-15’s .223 round is actually one of the smaller sized rifle rounds. In fact, the .223 was specifically selected by the Military and adapted into the NATA approved 5.56 round all in an attempt to drop carried weight by the soldier and/or increase capacity for the same weight. 

.223 vs 30-06

At that time the military also started to realize that wounding opposing forces had a far greater impact on the battlefield because attending to a wounded soldier required one or two additional soldiers which were now not able to shoot back. Even the 7.62x51 round used by snipers and most machine guns is over double the power of the little AR-15 .223 round. Respect where respect is due, the .223 round is a spicy little round, however the .223 is significantly less powerful and about half the size of the circa WWII .30-06 round and as you would guess has less range. So is the .223 “Very Powerful”? No it is a lie and in fact the similar 5.56 Nato round used in the military M16 is the smallest caliber ammunition used by militaries around the world.

Don’t believe the lies - We do not need more gun laws. Share this article and spread the truth.

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Left Lie #6 - We need Common Sense Gun Laws

Left Lie #6 - We need Common Sense Gun Laws

Common Sense seems… well sensible, until you pull back the first layer. What is common sense to one is lunacy to another. Never let a crisis go to waste to take away people’s rights. 

NFA - National Firearms Act 1934 - Passed after the hyper-sensitization of both the Saint Valentine's Day massacre of 1929 and the 1934 Bonnie and Clyde who both famously used fully automatic Thompson machine guns (Tommy gun), short barreled rifles, and modified sawed-off shotguns. Under the far reaching NFA, machine guns, short-barreled rifles and shotguns, and other weapons fall under the regulation and jurisdiction of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) which all required that they be registered and have a $200 tax assessed.  Would you believe criminals still illegally use illegally modified and unregistered machine guns today. All the NFA did was take away guns from the law abiding shop and farm owners who were using those same guns to defend themselves against the criminal element.

Gun Control Act of 1968 (GCA) - Passed after the assassinations of President John F. Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy, and African-American activists Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. in the 1960s. However the real reason for that law was that in 1967 a group of armed Black Panther protesters peacefully entered the California Capital and this freaked people out.  The GCA allegedly focused on regulating interstate commerce in firearms by generally prohibiting interstate firearms transfers except among licensed manufacturers, dealers, and importers, but it also added a clause of prohibits selling firearms to certain categories of individuals defined as "prohibited persons." Those prohibited persons wildly discriminated against from purchasing firearms were blacks with most black FFL dealers becoming targets unlawful raids and trumped up restrictions.  In 1986, Congress passed the Firearm Owners Protection Act supported by the National Rifle Association to reverse many of the provisions of the GCA. It unfortunately the compromise of this Act banned ownership of unregistered fully automatic rifles and civilian purchase or sale of any such firearm made from that date forward. To date all legally owned ATF registered civilian machine guns were made on or before 1986.

1993 Brady Law - Another hugely publicized event; the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan in 1981 led to passage of the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act (Brady Law) which established the national background check system to prevent certain restricted individuals from owning, purchasing, or transporting firearms. Since that time there have been some type of Federal background check in place.

1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 (AWB or AWB 1994) - A Stockton, California, schoolyard shooting in 1989 was used as the headline for the passage of the Federal Assault Weapons Ban of 1994 which defined and banned the manufacture and transfer of "semiautomatic assault weapons" and "large capacity ammunition feeding devices. The reality though was that the AWB was driven by the two horrific ATF lead 1992 Ruby RIdge and 1993 Waco sieges. Most feel the Ruby ridge event was the ATF’s gross overreaction which killed two people and stripped the Weavers of due process.  The ATF turned otherwise peaceful and legal gun owners in Waco into deadly standoffs in which it murdered otherwise law-abiding gun owners. The Waco event is still held as state sanctioned murder of 82 woman, children and men burned alive. Think about this, the ATF murdered 82 women, children and men, burning them alive and the government wants to disarm us. Not one person was criminally charged at the ATF for the event, but Biden did appoint David Chipman to lead the ATF. David Chipman was the man in charge of the Waco event.

Yes, indeed common sense gun control, only if you want to strip the freedoms of legal civilians. Why else would you put someone most consider a killer in charge of the ATF.

Don’t believe the lies - We do not need more gun laws. Share this article and spread the truth.

Left Lie #5 - We need to Ban High Capacity Magazines

 Left Lie #5 - We need to Ban High Capacity Magazines

Common Sense seems… well sensible, until you pull back the first layer. What is common sense to one is lunacy to another. Let’s look at why the gun control left are pushing for 10-round magazine limits. Why 10-rounds, why not 53, or 27, or 3, is it really common sense why there is no rational reason why 10-rounds is being pushed. After all, why should you need to have a Juggernaut Titanium Golf Driver when a recular aluminum head is common sense or need a car that can do a 10-second quarter mile when that resulting 148-mph speeding ticket would strip your license in all fifty states. Should the government take away your car or golf clubs knowing that automobile and blunt instrument deaths outnumber firearms considerably and help cheap and break laws. 

The biggest question is why disarm and regulate the law abiding? The law abiding are not doing mass shootings, murdering people. Shouldn’t the law abiding be the most heavily armed to be able to defend themselves. Really, ask yourself why 10-rounds?

Don’t believe the lies - We do not need more gun laws. Share this article and spread the truth.

Left Lie #4 - We need Universal Background Checks

Left Lie #4 - We need Universal Background Checks

Common Sense seems… well sensible, until you pull back the first layer. First, let’s ask why we need another universal background check when the universal background check FBI NICS system has been in place since 1993.

In fact, the FBI publishes reports based on the number of background checks since 1993, so don’t tell me we do not have a background check system. In most cases, states supplement that background check system with their own firearm owners ID cards and concealed carry permits which provide proof of background check during the firearm purchase process. Again why do we need universal firearms background checks?

Want proof? Check FBI’s own site.

Don’t believe the lies - We do not need more gun laws. Share this article and spread the truth.

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Left Lie #3 - You don't Need High Capacity Magazines to Hunt With

 Left Lie #3  - You don't Need High Capacity Magazines to Hunt With

The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting and everything to do with civilian defense against foreign and domestic threats… like for example a tyrant saying that no constitutional rights are absolute. If someone said there is no reason to have a gas car, or one which exceeds all posted speed limits, certain dog breeds or any dogs over 20lbs are dangerous and should be exterminated, or that you can only have a certain number of children, people with certain views should be sent to re-education camps, only consume so much food, cannot say certain words, or be detained without cause.

Some of these are rights and some of these are not but would be seen as tyrannical behavior and unfortunately at one point or another all these have been ideas proposed by acting politicians. So why is it that we should limit our constitutional right to a certain magazine capacity when it has been shown that lawful gun owners have proven a need for such capacity in one after another self-defense situation. 

Every state and every civilian has a right to be able to take up arms to defend themselves and that does not mean only 10-rounds at a time as the anti-gun supporters have suggested. According to law enforcement shooting statistics, most LEO involved shootings only have a 20% hit ratio on the intended target during times of stress. 

To put this into perspective, that is only 2 of the 10 rounds the left is proposing as a magazine limit would and up on target and in many situations, suspects have required being shot well over 10 times to stop attacks which if we are doing math is five 10-round magazines.

Civilians do not have the luxury to call in backup as someone is kicking in their door at 3AM, they need the ability to stop the threat and that may mean a lot of rounds being fired. The bigger question is who made up the 10-round rule, why not 11 or 78, or 2. Ten rounds seems arbitrary and is when you consider all the facts. 

Don’t believe the lies - The need is real for high capacity magazines. Share this post and spread the truth.

Left Lie #1 AR=Assault Rifle

Left Lie #1 AR=Assault Rifle

We often hear from the left that AR = “Assault Rifle” which is a total lie.  The AR acronym stands for ArmaLite Rifle who originally developed an entire series of AR rifles ranging from bolt action rifles to semiautomatic shotguns for the civilian market. The military followed a similar strategy as they do today which is to evaluate civilian firearms models for adaptation for military use. The US military did adopt several military adapted versions of ArmaLite AR rifles including their superlight bolt action survival rifle, another lightweight bolt action rifle, several semi-automatic rifles with designs adapted to allow for use as machine guns/fully automatic/select-fire.

The main draw was that ArmaLite's AR designs were extremely light and comfortable due to it leveraging its capabilities as part of the Fairchild Engine and Airplane Corporation who was experimenting with then new lightweight materials and manufacturing processes. ArmaLite was using carbon-fiber, fiberglas, polymers, special metals, aluminum and very new manufacturing and milling techniques which had just become recently invented/introduced. AR does not stand for Assault Rifle and use as such does constitute both misuse, rebranding and defamation of the AR trademark and brand.

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Left Lie #2 AR15s use military designed ammo rounds

Left Lie #2 AR15s use military designed ammo rounds

We often hear from the left that ARs “Assault Rifles” use military designed rounds which is a total lie.  First, the AR acronym stands for ArmaLite Rifle who originally developed an entire series of AR rifles ranging from bolt action rifles to semiautomatic shotguns for the civilian market.  Interestings all of ArmaLite’s AR platforms were designed as modern sporting rifles in civilian calibers and later adapted as needed for military application. 

The AR-5 for example was a lightweight take-down bolt action survival gun which the US Airforce did purchase but was chambered in a commercial hunting round called the .22 Hornet and renamed with the military designation as the MA-1 Survival Rifle. Similarly the ArmaLite’s AR-10 format was originally a civil semi-automatic rifle chambered in .308 Winchester, another commercial hunting round at the time that the military adapted into the Nato standard 7.62x39 round. 

Even the anti-gun lobby's widely targeted AR-15 is and was first chambered in the .223 civilian varmint hunting round - yes the famed AR-15 was first chambered in a light rodent caliber. It is important to note that the military has a long history of adopting readily available commercial civilian firearms for military use to reduce the development time. In the Vietnam war for example, standard off the shelf Model 70 30-06 hunting rifles were used for the new sniper rifle teams and topped with standard commercially available civilian scopes. Don’t believe the lie - Military Arms almost always have their designs and ammunition based on commercially available civilian ammo. 

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