Friday, August 13, 2021

New Stuff for Articles - Faxon, Eotech, Mossberg, Walther, ATN, Sig, Hawke Optics

 New Stuff for Articles

Thankfully product is starting to flow again and I can get back to product reviews and new builds.  A few things have hit my desk that looks like they are going to be a lot of fun.

ATN Night Vision Monocular - I did a few articles for one of the magazines I write for with this product, and now can work on my own articles and reviews. I recently used these for some night hunting activities and the ATN Monocular works amazing, just mounted in front of any optic. One of the things you will notice with this 1x monocular is that is very very clear. More to come with this.

Faxon 10/22 Barrels - These guys have made fantastic AR and pistol barrels backed with shocking accuracy all for an affordable price. I am looking forward to what this stunning flame fluted barrel will deliver. This barrel features a threaded muzzle and target match crown. If it is anything like the rest of the Faxon line, these should be a great shooter.

Hawke Optics - If you have a crossbow or high tier airgun optic, you likely own or know Hawke optics already. They are a large UK brand who has really only concentrated on the crossbow and airgun markets, but their optics are outstanding. As most airgunners and bowman know, most rifle optics cannot handle the two way recoil of airguns or crossbows. The Hawke line up was constructed around airgun and crossbow recoil and thus is also recoil proof for all rifle calibers up to 50 cal. The Sidewinder series is so good, I purchase two.

Sig Whiskey3 5-24 - If you don't know the BDX enabled eletro-optics line from Sig you should. It really is pretty amazing stuff to be able to range and have the reticle automatically show you the shooting solution.  Sorry no pixs yet on this. 

Eotech Reborn- Eotech finally is its own company again. I have some of their new products and there are more coming through 2021 and 2022. Exciting to see them back at R&D and churning out new innovations.

Mossberg JM Pro 12 Gauge - This thing is nuts fast. My review in Tactical Retailer published so now I can to the unencumbered review for  If you love to watch shells pour out of a shotgun, this is your gun. 

Walther PDP - The next upgrade to the PPQ series. If you loved the PPQ, then you will likely really love what they did with the PDP that is the basis for the next generation of performance pistols from Walther.

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