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About Major Pandemic - From the Editor
My Photo No my name is not Pandemic, nor am I a Major, I am but a mortal being, using my freedom, intelligence, and available resources provided in this great free nation to survive another day. It is all about fun and I have a blast writing about great products which I believe others may enjoy.

- 400K+ Monthly Readership
- Articles are Re-Syndicated/Republished to many other media outlets including Newsletters for Cheaper Than Dirt, Defender Tactical, Midsouth Shooter Supply, and All Outdoor Magazine to name a few.
- Staff writer for Cole Media print magazine Shooting Sports Retailer, Tactical Retailer, Hunting retailer Xtreme Predator Print Publications.
- Total Monthly Readership reach across all media channels is approximately 2.1M.
- Oh... and most of my articles end up as top ten listing for most organic Google searches.

As I say in my very limited production line of videos, "Welcome Major Pandemians" and thank you for using this site as another way to learn, read reviews, and generally waste time on the world wide interweb.  Your readership is valued.

MajorPandemic.com takes pride in the fact that we are literally the only editorial entity who has committed to a legacy of philanthropy to those in need. In 2014 we donated two incredible custom AR15s free to the Lone Survivor Foundation and raised over $35,000. In 2015 we supported a number of charities of our choosing with over $75,000 in free donated products and in 2016 we donated four custom AR15 rifles and two custom Remington 700 billet chassis'ed sniper rifles for auction. We created a one off custom rifle for Bobby Henline. We have already chosen who we are supporting going forward and if you are a manufacturer and would like to get involved please reach out. I will note that we are extremely picky on the quality of what we donate for charitable causes.


AKA Major Pandemic, AKA Max Archer, AKA Frank Underwood, I am everywhere. Along with this site's articles usually being within the first page of search results, MajorPandemic.com content also has a syndication agreement with many editorial publications and retailers like Brownells.com, Cheaper Than Dirt, Midsouth Shooter Supply, Optics Planet, Primary Arms, and several others. I am also a writer for Grandview Media's Shooting Sports Retailer, Tactical Retailer, Hunting Retailer, and Xtreme Predator magazines.


If we are going to all the trouble of preparing our equipment, bodies, and minds, let's have some fun in the process. 

Knowing many people and how unprepared they are even to cook a meal during a power outage frustrates me... yes we have become a nation of people who understand little about the basics of survival in the home and outdoors in even the most accommodating of situations. The latest version of Wii does not makes you an operator with a firearm. It is my hope I can provide relevant information and reviews of some great products I find along my own learning journey related to enjoying the outdoors, hunting, shooting, general survival basics and even how to prepare and defend your home.  Obviously, all content is provided "As-Is, final sale, do not try this at home", with a note that "use of any information provided or suggested on this site is done so at your own risk of personal injury or death of you or others."  and "some information provided on this site should only be used in a life or death survival situation and as such could pose a risk of personal injury or death". In the end, if you do something monetarily, legally, or physically terribly based on information from this site, its all on you.


This is not a site about building bunkers or filling your garage with enough supplies to exist until the end of eternity.  Technically I seem to do very little with "prepper" related products any more. I think we have all accepted it as a readiness lifestyle. My approach is to identify those products which you can enjoy now, but would be very handy if "it" does hit the fan.  Just Water Ceramic water filters for instance are handy now to reduce the cost of buying bottled water, and a Roundboy Pizza oven produces great food and adds value to your home now, and my Houlding and Black Rain ARs certainly are a blast to shoot, however all these items you can see would be indispensable in preparedness situation. My hope is that I can lead you down a common sense path of great products and knowledge which enriches your life in some way, perhaps provide an entertaining read, and also create a base of products you can leverage to survive.  I am not often faced with a survival situation, however when I am I choose to survive well. 

Though I have a few thousand hours of training and some rather specialized and unique training, I am not from one of the legions of military guys or gals. My first goal is simply to provide impartial honest full reviews of common sense preparedness products which you can use and enjoy today, but will provide you with top quality options when things do not go so well.  I want to do this without you having to cull through the BS of Forums or make you paid for log-in access sites that bait you with partial reviews, or the BS of weighted advertising sponsored magazine reviews.

I did write for national a magazine for well over ten years and was a professional paid writer, so I know the politics of paid advertising and glowing reviews and was specially the reason I stopped writing for certain magazines. As an example, recently I read a glowing review of a loaded $3000 AR15 in a national publication which could not hold 1" groups at 100 yards (actually it held 1.5" groups with match ammo) ... this was disgusting and just makes me sick, a $3000 gun should bulletproof tack driver, but yet it had a glowing review. Unfortunately this is the advertiser sponsored truth you get with magazines, my hope is this site will provide a more accurate fair and honest perspective on products.

Unless I was a millionaire, I would never be able to afford all the products I review. To be up front, yes I am an official editorial tester for many manufacturers, often manufacturers do provide me with evaluation equipment/products to test, but many products I buy just like you. Sadly some demo products provided for review just do not stack up and are simply packed up and shipped back to the manufacturer.

I also have a real job... luckily an exceptionally good one, I do not golf, and spend my hobby money on this crazy endeavor. So you will never have to page through a bunch of pop up ads.

A well known firearms writer once told me that very few writers shot more than a box of ammo through evaluated guns, so I thought it was important to "actually" review products for more than an hour before passing judgement, however ammo costs money.  Ammo is my largest review expense by far.  I typically spend on average $400 in ammo per firearm reviewed.

As a long-time Hornady, CCI, Federal, Lapua, and Winchester ammo shooter, I believe these companies make some of the best consistent shooting ammo available. A big thank you goes to my friends at these companies who provide me with my non-bulk accuracy ammo for testing.  Lapua has also befriended me with a selection of .22LR ammo which I could never afford to use for all the testing of .22 rifles I do. I am very lucky indeed these manufacturers take pity on me.

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If you feel confident in your product and would like a full word count detailed honest review of your product like you see on over 500 articles from over 300 manufacturers on my site, please feel free to reach out to me.  As my real job, I am a nationally featured Fortune 50 Executive Marketing Strategy leader, Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing expert, so my reviews tend to bubble to the Top-10 first page results of Google and other search engines; there is of course the bonus that your article will be around more than a month for all to enjoy and reference.  Currently MajorPandemic.com has a monthly readership of over 250K a month, I guess people do like honest reviews, because those numbers seem to increase each month. 


Yep. I actually do marketing, business and product development consulting for a number of companies you know and love. If you are interested in my take on the industry, just reach out and we can discuss a consulting arrangement.

COPYRIGHT - All content on this site is Copyright 2016 and the sole property of MajorPandemic.com.  Please do not steal or sell my content; if you do I will summon evil trolls or lawyers to crush you. The lawyers are actually worse than the evil trolls.

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