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Over the last seven years has published over 500 articles on everything from flashlights, AR15 parts and accessories, to handguns and camp stoves. Chances are high that if you sell outdoor products you could find full editorial reviews of products you sell to pump up the review section of your product pages, feature the content in your newsletters, and/or use one of the existing reviews as a sales or marketing tool.

Instead of paying a dedicated writer to create new content for your site, why not just use proven content via yearly or bi-yearly syndication agreement with If there are particular products you would like reviewed or photographed, takes product requests for reviews.

What is Syndicated Content?
Syndication is a paid agreement with which allows you to simply copy and paste my content into the review section of a product page, into a newsletter, or for use elsewhere on your site.

Interested? Reach out to me.

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