Friday, June 11, 2010

McFadden Ultimate Cliploader for Ruger Mark II/III Review

McFadden Ultimate Cliploader Review

Loading clips is now as fast as shooting

My wonderful Ruger Mark IIIs are fun to shoot but they are thumb-busters. I now have six magazines to delay the inevitable reloading pain at the range. When I heard about the McFadden Ultimate Cliploader I was beyond excited; 3 seconds flat to load a magazine sounded like a challenge to see which was faster loading or unloading of a clip.

The instructions are simple:
  • Drop in up to 100 rounds in the hopper
  • Shake the loader to align rounds
  • Insert magazine, pump it a bit if needed, and the rounds will be loaded
  • Note - Sticky rounds may take a little extra jiggling

I picked up an Ultimate Cliploader on eBay form the company and received a fast confirmation that my order was shipped. Days later I had my clear McFadden Ultimate Cliploader in hand. This is a substantial molded Lexan loader which will take all manner of neglect and abuse that would be typical be tossed around inside of backpack and truck bed

Yes it is a gadget, yes its inexpensive, yes it appears to be too good to be true... but it works wonderfully marvelous. THIS IS A MUST HAVE GADGET FOR ANY MARK I/II/III or Browning Buck Mark Owner. 

There is a little learning curve for example you may have to turn the mag catch out a bit, as I did, to assure your magazine spring is fully compressed for a full mag load. As the instructions note, I do have to do a couple pumps to load my Mark III clips, but still maybe 4-5 seconds to load a magazine and20-30 seconds for five magazine... outstanding. Few products are this good as advertised. Outstanding must have product.

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