Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ladies Time to Gear Up with Tactical Corsets

Honestly I was searching for Tac Vests and this came up...really I was!

So I suppose most female form loving folks have noticed that a woman's figure is not as tubular shaped as a man's and obviously special clothes are made to fit the beautiful curvaceous female. So why would we expect our gals to feel comfortable in one of our male tac vests when it's time to load up for zombie style urban assault?

The answer is the first ever production Tactical Corset. Corsets used to be the thing back in the day for both women and men alike; women used them to accentuate their curves, provide slimming looks, and men used them primarily for back support during horseback riding. There are a number of corsets out there for motorcycle riders now for back support. TacticalCorsets uses all Mil-Spec materials for a full MOLLE assault compatible vest. Want to clip up all your favorite MOLLE compatible BlackHawk and Maxpedition accessories? Yep you can now be the Zena Warrier Princess from hell carrying more accessories than Batman... and you won't even need to carry your purse.

The company is also working on a Combat Corset which will combine non-newtonian gel and ballistic aramid fibers to provide anti-stab and Level IIIA pistol resistance plus a Level IV rifle resistant plate carrier pocket.also... yeah this product is not joke ladies.

The primary need for the combat corset comes from female military and law enforcement officers who are not well served by the fit of existing body armor designs.

The Combat model will be designed with an emphasis on functional flexibility over fashion form with an over-the-shoulder vest component to provide maximum armor coverage.

In reality this idea makes a lot of sense, via those curves load bearing weight can be dispersed better than what shoulder straps alone could do, and with steel horning/ribbing available on the regular versions right now, your babe will also be integrating impact armor as well. Another advantage of the corset is that it hugs the body a lot closer than a regular tac vest (2nd skin style) and I think this feature could actually be really be useful for concealed carry situations. Imagine having a Tac Vest under you suit coat, you could easily wear a jacket over the Tactical Corset and still load up pretty heavily.

They owner is a gun nut and wanted something for the ladies to feel womanly and more comfortable in, all in all girls, you would look hot and be bad ass as hell.