Friday, July 16, 2010

Work on Building Your Life Skills

What are "Life Skills"? - Life skills are Physical & Mental skills you develop and can use over your lifetime. Some obvious Life Skills are non-competitive physical skills such as walking, running, tree climbing, & bicycle riding that don't require a lot of mental thought. More advanced Life Skills include more competitive skills like martial arts, stalking, & marksmanship which require a combination of physical & mental skills. Other Life skills like welding, how to wire basic circuitry, and physics are of course mental skill based.

The point of developing Life Skills is to challange yourself to learn skills which could save your life. Sure you may be a good accountant, cook, or you are a grand champion Guitar Hero competitor but do you really have any skills that could help save your or someone else's. When was the last time you were CPR certified? Can you tie a Truckers Hitch Knot or Bowline Knot (the handiest knot you could ever know)? Are you dive certified? Do you know how to fabricate tools or create simple electric circuits? How about breach a door that a loved one may be behind to rescue them in a fire or natural disaster.

My goal is to share some of the goofy info that has made it's way into my head that I have found handy, but I am sure you can come up with some interesting ideas just looking through your community Non-credit course lists. We even need to a little entertainment here and there in survival situations, so maybe it's time you even considered taking a few singing lessons.

Absurd as it sounds, we all get stuck in our own little world and forget the knowledge and life skills that helped our ancestors survive way before Iphones and the internet were considered.

Build up your Life Skills and you will help yourself survive another day.