Friday, July 16, 2010

Zombie Survival Guide - Max Brooks

Yes of course zombies are real... Take a trip to your local mega-mart at 5:30pm and you will see herds of them zoned out blank stared with feet shuffling buying cheese and beer before retreating to their ghoulish hideouts.

This book was recommended to me by a friend just when I was in the mode for a laugh and of course I am a zombie nut. I think zombieland was THE movie of the last year and this is just the book for zombie nuts.

Also I am a owner of several US Army Survival Guides which the look and feel of this book were modeled after so I had to buy it.

The reading adventure started as I proudly carried this onto the plane on my last trip. Besides the intrigued looks at boarding and attempting to screw with the guy seated next to me and convincing him that I sincerely believed zombie were actually real, it is was hilarious to read.

So here is the really funny part... You will lead some tactical ops stuff in the process. Clearly Max has read The Art of War and a lot of military strategy books ... or at least get his fill of first person video games.

The survival kits recommended are pretty spot on for most survival situations, along with even some good general observations on firearms and weapons. Tactical survival tips overall really make you stop and think that if the end o the world did happen, such as in the book called The Road, this hilarious book makes some really great points on how to survive and go stealth-fully un-noticed.

Defiantly a great read that will help keep you alive regardless of whether the zombie hordes attack.