Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unlike any train you have ever experienced...

Previously I talked about learning new life skills. Maybe this might interest you, maybe it's just a little too intense.

Whether you are Joe Dude or Jane Dude'ete that want to learn better defense tactics to Survive Another Day, I doubt you will get training this intense anywhere else, by the best defensive instructors in the world.

Do you want full combat training that is more than just shooting around barricades?

How about being taught the REAL Israeli Method of fighting exactly as it is taught to the Israeli Special Forces, not the modified version that some companies may offer in the United States. Mako Defense instructors have extensive experience as operators and instructors in the most elite Israeli Special Forces units, including:
• Yamam – or Special Police Unit is the elite police counter-terrorism unit in Israel. Yamam specializes in hostage-rescue operations and offensive take-over raids against targets in civilian areas. It also performs SWAT duties and undercover police work.
• Duvdevan – an elite unit of the Israeli Special Forces. Duvdevan is particularly noted for conducting undercover operations against militants in urban areas.
• Sayeret Mat’kal – a top Special Forces unit. Its main roles are counter-terrorism, and deep reconnaissance, obtaining strategic intelligence behind enemy lines. Sayeret Mat’kal is also in charge of hostage rescue missions outside Israeli borders, such as Operation Entebbe in 1976.
• Classified units of the Israeli Secret Service.
Mako Defense instructors teach and use these fighting techniques in Israel on a daily basis.

Sign up now for this very intensive training and make sure you note that MajorPanemic Sent you.

It should be noted that this is not for the beginners in the group that just purchased their first weapon. This is for those that now feel comfortable with their weapon and are ready to learn real world defensive tactics and be proficient in potentially really bad situations.