Thursday, December 9, 2010

Keltec Sub2000 In Handguard Mounted Laser Modifications - Glock 17/19 format

I am having a ton of fun playing around and aggressively modifying my Keltec Sub2000.

Some folks would shutter at the thought of taking a Dremel to the stock, but it's a $14 replacement part, so I figured why not.

The first major modification was of course the in-handguard G19 magazine holder and now I hand mounted a huge high power green laser in the handguard as well and the basic footprint of the gun is still the same.


Nomadarmy said...

Inspiring...will be incorperating your work into my Sub 2K....any pitfalls to avoid?....advice?

Nomadarmy said...

Great worK....will be incorperating your work into my Sub2K build!...any advice?

Major Pandemic said...

My Advice would be to just go slow when working with the dremel tool, check the fit every couple minutes of work and continue until it works.