Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Keltec Sub2000 Modifications - Glock 17/19 format

Keltec Sub2000 Modifications - Glock 17/19 format
The Keltec Sub2000 is a great little carbine/rifle available in 9mm or .40 calibers with version that accept the same magazines are your high capacity pistols.
The version I had on order for over a year was the Glock 19 format, however these are simply impossible to find... at least in my part of the country.

What I did find was a Glock 17 format Kel-Tec Sub2000 which only required trimming about 1/4"-1/2" from the grip to easily accept the shorter Glock 19 magazines.

There are a lot of things to love about the gun:
  • Only 16" folded - a great size to slip in your truck or for camping.
  • Can accept the same magazines as your pistol - if you buy the right model
  • Super simple design - Old Grease Gun style rifle
  • Safe - Can be locked in folded position
  • Fires cheap 9mm or 40 caliber rounds vs. more costly 223 or 7.62 rounds.
  • Still powerful enough to hunt up to deer sided game with.
  • Low recoil
  • Keltec Factory direct parts and accessories are cheap/inexpensive

There is also a some things that are.. shall we say, "suck"

  • The sights are complete crap in their original state simply due to how they adjust and lock in the point of aim
  • Availability - Keltec must make 3.5 per year, though they did help me locate one after realizing I had been waiting for over a year for one.
  • Fit and Finish - The molding on the Keltec is 100% functional, but Pakistan like quality.  There are burrs everywhere on this thing.  100% of the plastic parts need a once over with fine sandpaper.  Mine had a giant, and painful, burr right in the webbing on the grip.
  • Break in - Yeah so most firearms require a little break in to start hitting their optimal reliability stride, but the Keltec's seem to require 1000 rounds before they can start humming.  I sped that up a bit by polishing the feed ramp and chamber.

A cool modification I made was to cut a Glock 19 magazine holder into the handguard.  Easy mod with a Dremel tool.

I recreated the factory "hi visibility" orange POS front sight in billet aluminum with a steel sight pin.  Better accuracy and the sight doesn't move around any more.

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Unknown said...

Love it man. I've got one coming to me soon (also the glock 19). I have a local gun shop I'm going to take it to and request some of your mods. Although red lion makes a forend that I'd like to see be used with your mods instead.