Friday, December 10, 2010

Keltec Sub2000 SIght and Top Picatinny Rail Modification

More pictures of my Keltec Sub2000

Tonight I modified the rear sight to fold down and also widened the hold in the handguard where it lays down so that you can easily stand it back up.

The other mod was making a thin picatinny rail to mount a scope on.


joegunz said...

Really like what you did with stock forearm.real cool.

joegunz said...

If I would have known you could make stock forearm that usefull I would have never bought the quadrail from kelteck.great job looks awesome.

pcbkahr said...

Do you have details of methods/mods/products used on your project. I have a Sub2000 40S&W. I was looking into the quad rails, stock extension.....

I am very interested & am quite handy with a dremmel.. How is the light & spare mag held in place?

Pls reply..

Major Pandemic said...

The magazine is held in with a little more friction than a standard polymer belt magazine holster. The laser the same way, but also with two screws to assure alignment and prevent any potential shifting of zero.

Tips are go slow with any modifications. It is a great fun format to play around with.

Search my site and YouTube for all my videos and articles on the Kel-Tec