Monday, December 13, 2010

Keltec Sub2000 Sling & Case options

Keltec Sub2000 Sling & Case options

Now that I am about done with major surgery modifications on my Keltec Sub2000 I thought it would be a good idea to be able to carry it and store it safely.

First off was a sling and because the Sub2000 folds and has a reciprocating bolt charge handle that can get caught on hanging things mounted forward, I thought it best to opt for a single point sling.

My option was a free and very inconspicuous option of converting a stout camera sling with a NiteIze keyfob clip which looks and works like an Hk tactical sling clip. A couple stitches later and I have functional and adjustable sling that works perfect for this light gun. Ambidextrous Mounting was as sumple as drilling a hole into the rear stock that allowed through clipping.

The other option of course is a good old fashioned brief case.  Pretty nice little package if I don't say so myself.

Next was a case and since I had an multiple-use Plano Gun Guard case handy that fit a Thompson Contender, I am jut using that. As I recall it's only a $10 case and has one external pocket that hold up to 4 Glock magazines. I think it's just a tad smaller than Keltec's own case.

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