Sunday, January 9, 2011

Six Gun vs Semi Auto and Typical Hit Ratio

The Israeli Mako Defense training pushed me to some quick realizations one questioning the realistic capabilities of a revolver versus a semi auto pistol for concealed carry personal defense.

Most people CAN cover 10-15 yards in about 7-8 seconds. Most people CAN'T reload a semi auto and get a shot off in less than 7 seconds. Most shootings happen at an average distance of 7 feet, with two shooters, with an average of 2 shots fired and an average death of 1 and of course if you can do math the average shooting has a 50% hit ratio. Further most less practiced shooters have below a 30% hit ratio, average is 40%-50% depending on the source and experienced shooters have a hit ratio on average around 75% in stressful situations. It's also unlikely that you will get off more than three shots at the 7 foot distance.

A question I brought up was that if I indeed will most likely not have a chance to reload, with the exception of a long gun battle, wouldn't it be better for me to carry my Ruger GP100 that I can use an a substantial blunt impact weapons once empty? The answer was stunningly in most situation yes. The follow up comment was a rhetorical question back to me on how comfortable I was with my hit ratio and whether I felt the need the extra ammo.

Something to consider is that even if you shoot your worst with a 5-6 shot revolver you will most likely put 2 shots on target. The 357 mag round has been a proven one shot stopper round, so mathematically a revolver could still be a multiple target engagement tool with resulting to bludgeoning.

In my observation, most inexperienced shooters have a higher hit ratio with a revolver and of course less experienced shooters typically feel more comfortable with the super easy to use and simple operation of the revolver.

My point here is don't let anyone tell you that you need a billion round magazine. If,  heaven forbid, you ever even have to pull you gun, stats show you 90% of the time you will only fire less than three shots so maybe the new super light and compact Ruger LCR in 357 may be the ultimate in combo of power and capacity.

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