Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Keltec Sub2000 Adjustable Rear and Front Sights - Glock 17/19 format

Keltec Sub2000 Adjustable Rear and Front Sights - Glock 17/19 format

Well.... I am still extremely happy with my Keltec Sub2000 however one thing was still driving me nuts... the sights.

There are a couple of problems.  The stock orange front plasti-viz sight was not doing it for me and I replaced it with a machined pointed screw to get closer to an AR sight and improve accuracy, but still problems continued.  The front sight handling all the windage and elevation duties continued to be extremely difficult to adjust and from a sight picture perspective it was not giving me as good a sight picture as I really wanted.

I am not expecting click micrometer adjustable sights, however what I needed and wanted was something simple and adjustable like my MagPul MBUS sights on my AR.  It is a pitty those would not work on the space constrained Sub2000 without sacrificing some portion of the folding feature.  The reality was I would have to design and mill new sights.

The other even more annoying issue was that the Keltec sights are 1/2" lower than my AR rifles are.  When I shoulder the Sub2000 I always end up looking over the top of the sights and then find my eyes searching for the sight picture until I squash my face into the tube. Any new sights I made will have to be 1/2" taller than the old ones.

I pulled up my eMachineshop software and designed a simple rear sight that was easy to make out of Delrin. The design is a simple screw adjustable rear aperture.  The aperture is threaded and simply moves left or right and is tough enough to move than I doubt it will ever get "knocked" out of alignment.  Also with the front sight safely tucking into the stock when folded lessens and chance of damage or sight readjustment.

Up front I want to get rid of the globe effect the stock sights had in favor of a standard AR style front post sight that could be easily screwed up or down for sight adjustment.  This was accomplished with the liberal use of the Dremel tool on the front sight and making a new longer taller wedge sight blade out of 1/4" Delrin that the AR front post sight could screw into.  See the video for more details.

After a number of range sessions, I am love with my new sights.  Front and rear provided plenty of easy adjustment for a 25 yard zero, which with these new taller sights holds a 150 yard zero as well.  I do still plan to recreate the front sight at some point to allow for barrel threading, however at this time I see no reason to make those changes until the need arises.


Bobkt said...


Would you consider selling a modification kit?

Or could you modify mine for a fee?

ktog - Bobkt

Major Pandemic said...

Thanks. Based on estimates it would simply be too expensive over $100 to offer realistically as a part... and I am not a manufacturer. At this point I am not offering modifications to stocks, but thank you for asking.

Anonymous said...

would you be willing to share the eMachineshop file? More detail or a DIY would be a big hit on the KTOG forum!

Major Pandemic said...

Sure. Anyone can PM me their email address on the KTOG.org forum and I will email the file to them. My username is MajorPandemic.

What I would really like to do is work with Keltec to develop a completely new forend and rear sight that would be a retrofit for all Sub2000. If anyone at Keltec is listening I would love to work with you.