Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Building my Bug Out Bag Contents

Building my Bug Out Bag Contents

Arguably the contents of one person's Bug Out Bag may not match another and a hot debate would ensue between just two men on what should be in the bag, and if a third debater was added, eternity would arrive before a consensus was made... and that's just before setting one which firearm to bring.

First and foremost a Bug Out Bag (BOB) and contents should be light enough to run with, at get out of dodge speeds, and is only designed to support you for 72 hours.  Obviously this type of pack is not used when shit hits the fan and you have time to react, its used when shit is pressed into the fan at high speed and high volume - the major suck as it were.  Therefore, the contents of the BOB do not need to support extreme comfort living, because if you have that kind of time to pack, you really do not need a 72HR Bug Out Bag in the first place.  Additionally if you need to really bug out, you probably will not have a vehicle, it won't be working, or the streets will be so jammed you can not use it anyway... so plan that whatever you are carrying must be light and small enough.

The theory is that beyond the 72 hours you should be in a safer, happier, and hopefully more stable sustainable environment.  A Bug Out Bag is NOT designed to support life for extended periods of time, nor should it have enough ammo and guns to start and end the war.

I researched a lot of seemingly smart experts and compiled the below list which I think is not only still very light, but more versicle in a variety of situations outside of making fire and eating with the major categories of:
  • Security & Safety
  • Construction & Repair
  • First Aid
  • Hygiene
  • Fire
  • Orientation
  • Shelter
  • Cooking
  • Vessels
  • Water
  • Food & Trapping
  • Reference
  • Power
  • Communications
  • Proof of Identification
  • Payment
My items I assembled can be vacuum packed, is less than a couple lbs., and will easily fit in a small backpack.

You never know when you are going to be stranded and need just a couple things to make your live more comfortable.

COMPLETE LIST OF BUG OUT BAG - This may need to be a trunk kit... it has a few extras however this may give you some ideas for your own 72 Hour kits.

             Trail running shoes
Security & Safety                    
            Ammunition & Clips    
            Defensive Folding Knife           
            Large Fixed Blade Knife          
            3/8" thick zip ducting ties or cuff zip ties
            Safety grade sunglasses and clear safety glasses
            silicon ear plugs           
            Thick leather work gloves        
            Mechanic's Wear Light duty Gloves     
            High Output Tactical Light       
            Expandable Baton       

Construction & Repair             
            Leatherman or Equivalent Multitool      
                        Philips Screwdriver
                        Flathead Screwdriver
                        Hole punch/awl
                        Can opener
            Swiss Army Knife        
                        small knife
                        small nail file
            Cold Steel Mini-Shovel or Equivalent   
            zip ties 
            6' of Duct Tape           
            Snare Wire/rope saw see above in construction
            20' of 550 Parachute cord       
            Hotel type sewing kit   
            Add larger needle for sewing repairs with dental floss   
            100' dental floss - also for Hygiene       
            Sharpening stone         
            Superglue - Painful, but good for suchers also   
First Aid                      
            Band aids        
            Several clean dressings
            Saline solution  
            XL band aids   
            Alcohol wipes  
            Prescription meds as needed    
            Antacid/anti- diarrhea medicine
            Bottle Iodine    
            Contact solution & case as required     
            Gin/Vodka Hip Flask   
            Latex Gloves   
            Suture Kit & Sutures   
            100' dental floss - also for construction 
            Oral B Brushups          
            Hotel Soap bar
            Role of Toilet Paper     
            Paper Towels  
            Tampons & Pads - FYI tampons make great tender     
            Synthetic Car Shamy   
            Baby Wipes    
            Sun block        
            Baby Powder  
            Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer     
            Cotton Towel  
            Underarm Deodorant   

            Lighter X2       
            fire stick/flint    
            9V battery & Steel wool          
            Tender - Tampons, cotton balls soaked in wax 
            Tea Light Candles        

            Cell phone - See below Communications         
            Precision Map Compass          
            button compass           
            State & National Maps with Radio Locations marked  
            Disaster Plan - Shared with Friends and Family
            Rain poncho    
            Ball cap or Safari Hat  
            Space Blanket 

            Stainless Cup    X

            Nagline or Platypus Bottles - 2-3         
            Heavy duty 1 Gallon Zip Lock Bags     
            Ziploc Sandwich bags  
            50 Gallon trash bags    
            20-50 gallon clear trash liners   
            GI Canteen & Stainless Cup (Stainless Canteen Recommended)          
            Water purification tablets         
            water filtration sport bottle & extra filter           
            coffee filters     

Food & Trapping                    
            Fishing hooks sinkers & line     
            Snare Wire/rope saw see above in construction
            Caffeinated Green Tea bags     
            Chicken Bullion Cube  
            Beef Bullion Cubes      
            Flavored Fruit Tea       
            Survival Spork 
            Food for 72 hours       
Reference - Pick at least two               
            US Army Survival Guide          
            Guide to Edible wild plants       
            Herbal medicine guide  
            IPod with Headphones for relaxation & Entertainment  
            Playing Cards  
            SAS Survival Guide     
            CR123 & AA batteries for Lights & GPS        
            Rechargeable 9V, AA, AAA Batteries 
            110V/12V/9V Universal USB recharger          
            Cell phone & GPS Chargers    
            AA/AAA battery Charger        

            Iphone or Smartphone 
                        AP - GPS
                        AP - MAP
                        AP - Flashlight
                        AP - US Army Survival Guide
                        AP - Basic Medicine
                        AP - Morris Code
                        Phone/Email/Address Contacts for friends, family and police
            Walkie Talkie  
                        Set 3 Frequency bands
                        Privacy codes and Rotation schedule
            Signal Mirror   
            Morris Code Sheet      
            Pre-Agreed Cryptographic Message System    
            NOAH Weather Radio

Proof of Identification              
            Driver's License           
            Birth Certificate           
            Marriage License         
            Social Security Card    
            Passport & Passport Card       
            Mortgage/Home/Land Deed Records  
            Account numbers of all monetary accounts       
            Fishing License
            Hunting License           
            Gun License    
            Photocopies of all the above    
            Scans of all the above and load on encrypted USB Drive          
            Other IDs as needed    

            Extra Items for Trade   
            Roll of Quarters           

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HyperionSaber said...

Great list, have you seen the Biolite stove/charger? I haven't got one yet but it looks useful. Btw did you mean "morse" code? Nice one though, i hadn't considered identification documents. In uk so guns are out, maybe I'll get a bow.

Dirtsailor said...

I have the Biolite stove and it works great. It takes a little to get used to using it. It is a little larger than a nalgene bottle in size and I run mine with a USB led light and also carry a charger for my android phone.