Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Replace you Stock Glock Barrel w/ a Lone Wolf Threaded Barrel

 Replace you Stock Glock Barrel w/ a Lone Wolf Threaded Barrel

Why replace a perfectly good Glock Barrel with something unproven?  The simple answer is that it provides you with a number of options and in theory improved accuracy.

The Major Reason Are:
  • The stock barrel's hexagonal rifling is not designed to shoot un-jacketed cast lead bullets.  The lead will build up really fast on the rifling and cause failures or worse.  The standard rifling on aftermarket barrels allows you to shoot the cheap stuff.
  • Most aftermarket barrel profess higher tolerances (tighter fit) and "Precision Match" barrels which should increase accuracy... I will let you know.
  • Most aftermarket barrel are friendlier to the brass with fully support chambers.  This is an important issue is you reload.
  • Aftermarket barrels are available is stock lengths, compensated, and threaded options.  If you are planning on buying a suppressor, it's about the only way you are going to get a suppressor attached.
  • It's a cheap upgrade - most Glock aftermarket barrels cost less than $150.

Installation was as simple as:
  • Clearing the weapon
  • Field stripping the Glock 
  • Swapping barrels
  • Reassemble
  • That's it.
  • Enjoy the benefits of all your hard work

The Lone Wolf barrel comes simply packaged, however I have to say it's handy re-usable packaging for storing whatever barrel you are not using at the time.  Overall I rate packaging an A+

If you are simply purchasing a Lone Wolf barrel only for accuracy gains, this is not something I would promise anyone.  Certainly with tighter tolerances and a match grade barrel most do see improvements in groups, however the predominant advantages remain the above other listed benefits.  I will give an update as some as I have a little more range time beyond simple functional testing.

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Video of How to install a Lone Wolf Barrel on your Glock

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