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Infinity Firearms Strayer-Voigt Custom 1911 Unlimited Pistol Perfection

Infinity Firearms Strayer-Voigt Custom 1911 Unlimited Pistol Perfection

Building a custom precision shooting machine from a stock factory 1911 can be a expensive endeavor sometimes feeling you like attempting to make a 4WD Jeep corner like a Ferrari. Over the last decade many manufacturers are now offering loaded production 1911 pistols that provide the buyer a ready-to-compete pistol with all the basic upgrades.  This option gives the shooter a feeling of upgrading from a Ford Taurus to a Mustang production sports car which is a noticeable and significant upgrade in accuracy however people crave more.  Semi-Custom 1911’s become the next step for those seeking higher performance.... the Porcshe if you will, of the gun industry.  The Semi-custom 1911’s typically provide custom frames and gunsmith hand fitted components which maximize the performance out of each and every component, however once you sample the addiction of custom guns, it’s tough to think of anything else but more performance.

Continuing with the car analogy... and then someone shows up with a Bugatti Veyron that blows everything out of the water with an unattainable performance level and technology on the edge of physics and art reserved only for the few privileged and the elite.  That last car example is the best way I have found to describe the stunning immaculate perfection of the $3900 Infinity Firearms 1911 style pistol I was privileged to shoot... the Infinity Firearms 1911 Unlimited Pistol -named “No rest for the wicked”. Another design from Infinity was featured on the 2011 season of Top Shot.

As if I have noted stated it clearly enough, Infinity Firearms is the top of the heap, creme de la creme, and pinnacle of 1911 style firearms available anywhere.  Their guns start in the $3500 range and … unfortunately have a twelve plus month wait list.  Perfection demands patience for the buyer but it is worth every millisecond for Srayer-Voigt Infinity Firearms 1911.  Each and every part is of your choice and custom with a fit that makes your average high end Swiss timepiece look like a Dollar General wristwatch. Words fail to describe this silently cycling action and an attention to detail I have only seen on Italian shotguns the value of your average loaded 5-Series BMW.  Every Infinity Firearms 1911 is truly unique based on the buyers order and custom requirements.  You can even specify your own serial number and name the gun.  

As every gun is different there is not a Model X to note, everything is custom.  This particular competition designed .6 inch barreled Infinity 1911 is owned by the owner of Infinity and is chambered in .40 S&W complete with three 20 round magazines and was provided on loan for this article. They way the Infinity Arms shot? I friend said it was like magic fairies were guiding the bullets. I would agree, it was truly a magical experience shooting over 500 rounds through this gun.

FIT - Ever felt a zero tolerance hand fitted gun that was so tight that it glides smoothly like pieces of buttered glass slipping together.  I have never heard a silent cycling action, but now I have on the Infinity Firearms 1911.  The only sound is the slight unlocking of the Gold Titanium Nitride coated barrel from the slide and then silence occurs as the gun cycles and returns to battery. The action, every part and piece is perfectly fit with no tool marks and a stunning tolerance beyond any handgun I have ever handled, custom or otherwise.  It is truly a piece of art of which a sample belongs in the Modern Art Museum.

FEEL - Historically I could not manipulate typical high capacity 1911 frames due to my stumpy hands, however the Infinity Firearms 1911 felt like an perfect point and shoot extension of my hand which operated quickly and cleanly.  The Infinity Firearms features an extended oblong mag release that even my thumb could touch the magazines free.  The grip is part of Infinity’s own proprietary wide-high capacity frame (although everything is proprietary on this gun) and is available with a variety of finishes and options. Even thought the grip is a wide high capacity design it is only 1-1/8” wide versus a stock 1-1/4” stock 1911 width.  The result of that grip profile is a gun which feels about the same as a stock 1911.   Initially I thought the integrated billet aluminum grip/frame with custom machined grip profile was a little too grippy, however after over 500 rounds and no shooting glove, the grip caused no blisters what-so-ever. I only wish I had a 45 speed holster to practice draws with because this gun screams to be run hard and fast.  This gun was clearly designed with lots and lots of competitive shooter feedback.

FEATURES - I cannot list all the features, because the options are limitless, every gun is unique to the order of the customer, and every part is custom and hand fitted. Suffice to say, you will not see one off the shelf part on this gun.  Infinity Firearms has a 1911 gun builder program on their site which offers staggering option list beyond anyone else in the industry.  Your selections are compiled in your order and then each piece is hand fitted to each gun. The pistol I was provided by the owner of Infinity Firearms was his own unlimited competition gun and chambered in .40 S&W with three 20 shot magazines and featured a 6” barrel gold titanium carbo-nitride barrel.  The barrel in itself in an amazing part and features an accelerated proprietary 6-groove cut-rifling that increases to 1:24 as the bullet accelerates down the barrel and increases accuracy over standard rifled bores.  The internals are of course custom modified 70-series style which omits the grip safety, provide a world class 16 ounce trigger, an oversized ambidextrous thumb safety, thumb/slide guard and super light and fast competition hammer. If you miss the huge mag funnel on this gun which are perfectly blended into the lower receiver, you simply are not trying. Take a moment and cruise

FUNCTION - The owner of Infinity sent me ammo for the initial testing.  I expected to open the heavy box and see boxes of match grade ammo, however I was stunned to see a box full of his reloads (noting most were roughly in spec).  Upon double checking with the owner, his comment was he felt so confident in the gun that reloads would deliver amazing results. I had no functioning issues what-so-ever during testing and it feed everything like a sewing machine.  

ACCURACY - I am a decent shot with a handgun, however I do know that in better hands this gun 
would perform even better.  That noted, I was stunned with the accuracy from this gun.  I was able to achieve not just one, but two 20 shot 1” groups at 10 yards un-supported with the Infinity Arms supplied reloads (which were no offense to the owner at Inifinity, but far from production quality). Using the Winchester PDX1 ammo I was able to shot several essentially same hole five round groups at the same distance. After settling down on the 25 yard range off of a rest, I managed to squeeze out the two groups below. The lower group was a 1.18” 18-shot group (20-shot including the two called fliers) with Winchester PDX1 45 230 grain rounds and the upper group was slightly larger but still great for a 20-round group. Using the supplied Infinity reloads my groups increase to a slightly larger ragged 1.5” hole with no groups over 1.7” when I was doing my part.  One outstanding Winchester PDX1 group was a 4 round .6” group at 25 yards from the rest... but then I got cocky and fubar'ed the group when I returned to the bench.

This gun is stunningly accurate.  Infinity says they strive for all their guns to be 50 yard rested 1.5” group accurate and in the right hands I am sure this gun would do that. Several reasons for this level of accuracy is the extreme fit of all the components which cannot be conveyed in words.  The other is the accelerated hexagonal Ganged riffling of the barrel which accelerates the rifling twist as the bullet moves down the barrel. Although their accuracy is a result in an extreme artisan attention to detail which can only happen on a $3900+ gun, regular production gun maker would go broke spending this much time on each and every piece and part on a gun.

At $3900 in blued steel for the Infinity Arms gun tested and at a price of around $4500 in stainless, this is not an inexpensive gun by any stretch of the imagination, however it is worth every penny.  What you are getting from Infinity Firearms is a work of art which is a truly custom, one-of-a-kind 1911 customized to your choosing which will out-shoot any other 1911 brand. 

The Infinity arm are 100% designed & manufactured in the USA completely in house using premium quality billet stock and is the only all billet 1911 on the market. After nearly a month of handling and shooting the gun, I am still finding little artistic and functional details here and there which enhance the gun’s beauty and function. Although I did not see any of the magic fairies guiding bullets as my friend suggested, I sure did hear a sexy Barry White soundtrack in my head as I was shooting it... yeah it is that good of a gun. Simply outstanding!

Infinity Firearms

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