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Williams AR-15 Fiber Optic Fire Sight Review 70229

Williams AR-15 Fiber Optic Fire Sight Review


Fiber optics sights have provided us with a significant sighting advantage in all light conditions.  The concept is simple, the length of fiber optic rods gather available light while the ends provide a brilliant colored dot of the captured light for sighting.  The longer and thicker the fiber optic rod the brighter the dot.  Williams Gun Sight Company has been in the sight and gun accessory business since 1926 and is now famous for its innovative fiber optic Fire Sight line.  Williams innovation is no more apparent than on their Fiber Optic Fire Sight for AR15 and similar variants.

Williams wanted to maximize the dot intensity for AR-15 defensive and sporting firearms and developed an innovative fiber optic extension.  Generally most AR fiber optic sights only have about ¼” of fiber optic rod at most which limits the brightness abilities.  The William AR-15 Fiber Optic Fire Sight extends the fiber optic down and in front of a standard barrel mounted fixed front sight exposing almost 3” of fiber optic rod.  This provides a much brighter dot in more diverse lighting conditions.
Pulling it out of the box you will feel like you purchased quite the contraction, however as you step through assembly of the lower support and the sight chassis, the all aluminum machining and design make perfect sense.  The lower supports bolt on to the lower part of the sight base and the sight chassis slides in and can be adjusted up or down as needed with a screwdriver for zeroing.  Once zero’ed the fiber optic extension is locked in place with a hex grub screw.
The William AR-15 Fiber Optic Fire Sight was installed on my dependable Delton Mid-Length DTI-15.  Generally I run this gun for most of my drills and training work and only really need iron sights, however I have found myself loosing the front sight on dark/shaded targets. A red dot sight would work well, but would add weight when something simple like this fiber optic sight would work fine.  

The setup was a little goofy to set up, however once installed I really love this sight for several reasons.  The obvious advantage is that the William Fire Sight really delivers a very bright front sight dot even in low light conditions.  The other less obvious advantage is that the dot picks up quickly for fast defensive shots and naturally brings the point of aim down about an 1”-1.5” at 10-25 yard ranges when centering the dot in the rear aperture.  When aiming at distant targets the top edge of the sight is used as the center-point and you can still maintain a 50 and 200 yard zero.

Fits AR-15
For use during day time or low-light shooting conditions
Aircraft-grade aluminum
Fully adjustable for elevation
No gunsmithing required
Made in the USA
$39.99 MSRP


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