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Mission First Tactical One Point Sling Mount OPSM Review

Mission First Tactical One Point Sling Mount OPSM Review

As I have published a number of upgrade articles, I have received many comments and emails from folks who want to upgrade their ARs with all the standard tactical accessories, but without having to break out specialty tools. A typical AR upgrade is to add  a single point tactical sling mount to your six position adjustable stock.  Generally this involves replacing the buffer tube locking ring which in turn necessitates the removal of the butt-stock, castle nut with a special castle nut wrench, a lot of swearing if the castle nut is already staked, removal of the locking ring and replacement and reassembly with the new sling mount plate... a lot of work if you just want to use a single point sling.

Mission First Tactical has an easier path to adding tough single point sling attachment that only requires a hex wrench. Their OPSM - One Point Sling Mount only requires you to remove your buttstock slip on the OPSM, tighten it down with a hex wrench and re attach the buttstock. Cling on your single point sling and done. In this case I upgraded my Complete Tactical Machining Lower and added on the Mission First Tactical One Point Sling Mount.

This simple upgrade is a great product for a number of reasons.  The OPSM is a great option if for instance you have an issued weapon and want to add a single point sling attachment without disassembling or permanently modifying the gun or your you want to leave your heavily factory staked castle nut alone,. It is also a great option for someone who doesn’t want to hassle with disassembling 

This Mission First Tacticla $39.99 OPSM  is handy tactical accessory made from aviation grade aluminum and matte black finished.  It provides the functionality of a single point sling without the headaches.  Additionally it is completely ambidextrous and during my drills did not limit my movement during right to left shoulder transitions.

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