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Phase 5 Tactical AR15 Accessories Review

Phase 5 Tactical AR15 Accessories Review

For those who have been formally trained on the standard manual of arms for AR know operation has been  tweaked over time.  In addition to changes on how we operation the AR, today we have a slew of new AR products which can improve the operational efficiency and comfort of the AR as well.  Phase 5 Tactical is one of those companies who is developing a number of those military grade parts which help use shoot better and more comfortably while adding features and a little cool style along the way.

For the last six months I have been testing many of the Phase 5 Tactical parts on my 
Troy Sighted DPMS Oracle Kit and Spikes Tactical ST-15 Mid-Length AR15s.  During that testing time have been impressed with the quality, durability, and features and I thought I should walk you through a few of those upgrades and share my thoughts on each of those parts.
Magazine Release Tool (MRT) $12.99 - For those that live in the non-free state of California and are required to have a Bullet Button Magazine release, Phase 5 Tactical offers a simple solution to provide rapid reloads when you shoot in another state. Basically a button with a very strong rare earth magnet that fits in the California Compliant Bullet Button Hole so you have full magazine release functionality when competing or shooting out of state instantly all without modification. As an FYI it is illegal to attach this device to your gun while in California. Shown on a standard non-California magazine release.

Phase 5 Tactical Ambi Charging Handle Latch (ACHL) - This as a $20 all steel upgrade part for your stock charging handle.  Simply drive out the pin for stock charging handle latch and install the Phase 5 Tactical Ambi Charging Handle Latch.  For me this took all of three minutes including attaching the included grip tape to the right hand side of my Spikes charging handle. The part provides an oversized weak side “can’t miss” charging latch and complete ambidextrous charging of the weapon.  This is super handy when shooting from the bench or if you are a lefty.  It would also be handy if I ever had a jam, but the Spikes has never delivered me a jam to test this out on. If I remember correctly, originally the latch was made out of aluminum, however Phase 5 upgraded it to steel to prevent any chance of breakages.  Really quality part which I have had not issues and greatly enhances functioning.
Phase 5 Tactical Extended Bolt Release $25-$50 - Phase 5 provided me with several versions they make and provides ambidextrous operation of the bolt release.  On the weak side, bolt release operation is unchanged, but now your can also manipulate the bolt release with your right trigger finger as well. One Phase 5 models bolt-on to your existing bolt release and all the other models completely replace the bolt release. The bolt-on version is easy to install while the other one piece versions are standard or short height for clearance on side charge ARs.  Phase 5 is also the only manufacturer to offer a special Extended Bolt Release for the DPMS 308 platforms which have thicker upper receivers.  
I absolutely love this on my DPMS 308 because I always seem to be jacking around with the bolt at the bench however I am still on the fence on this upgrade for AR15s.  They work great, but having something else down in the trigger guard area and fundamentally changing the manual of arms bothers me a bit on a defensive rifle. If you run a standard trigger, there is plenty of room in the trigger guard especially if you have an extended winter trigger guard and gives your trigger finger the ability to lock open and release the bolt very quickly.  My thought is that you would need to really train with the extended Bolt Release to get the full benefit.

Phase 5 Tactical Muzzle Brake 5SP $59.99 - This sci-fi/Gothic design brake was designed not to look cool, but as an entry brake.  The points are quite sharp and work wonderfully to break glass with only the mere touch; so I found out when a prong hit a pendant light above our bar area. The brake is also solid steel with the exception of the brake ports, so it could be jammed though a car door, a window or other entry barricade without damage.  It is louder than a standard A2 Flash hider, but is not so loud that people start swearing at you like other brakes. It provides a gentle downward brake about the same as an A2, but provides a glass breaker and a fine anti-personnel connetic device. I really like the look and found it to be quite effective without being freakishly loud like many brakes.

Revolving Sling Attachement Solution (REVO SAS) $65 - Single point sling attachments which provide strong to weak side transitioning while shooting are typically rattle traps or can inhibit smooth movement.  Phase 5 developed what I think is one of the most elegant solutions to this problem.  A captured single point attachment ring rotates about 45 degrees left and right all while preventing snagging and eliminating any rattle caused by the attachment point.  I have used this quite a bit on my Mega Arms Billet lower reciever and honestly think it is the best single point sling attachment on the market.  Installation does require removal of the stock tube, however this is really worth the effort and cost.

Phase 5 Tactical Winter Trigger Guard $25 - Adding a winter trigger guard seems to be all the rage these days to give the shooter a little more room inside the guard and for some a little more comfort.  For me it is a comfort thing and while shooting out in the cold gives my thick gloved finger plenty of unencumbered room to connect with the trigger.  This all billet aluminum Winter Trigger Guard  has been installed on my Spikes Tactical STI15 and I think it fits the look of the Spikes Logo better than any trigger guard I have seen.  Install is easy on only requires you to drift out the trigger retaining pin on the stock trigger guard. What can I say other than I think it looks cool and it is a solid quality part.

Phase 5 Tactical has delivered some great products that perform well and add style in the process.  Add in that they are 100% American Made from 100% American Sourced materials and I feel very confident in recommending the Phase 5 Tactical accessories.

Phase 5 Tactical

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