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Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe Holster Review Glock Format

Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe Holster Review 
Glock Format

In a sea of holsters, there are loads of great options for duty/exposed holster. Unfortunately volumetric-ally there are an equal amount of concealed carry holsters which are not worth the material the logo is pressed into.  Most concealment holsters are uncomfortable, provide poor concealment, and offer little stability and support.

I passed on this rant plus a few other points to my training partner during the Mako Defense Tactical Pistol training a little over a year ago.

The next morning of training he pressed this Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe into my hands with the request I use it for the remainder of training.  His bet was that it was the answer to all my demands of a concealed carry holster an if I didn't lilke it I didn't have to pay for it.  At that point, my training partner, Mark Craighead reintroduced himself as the owner of Crossbreed Holsters.
In hopes to finally find a decent holster, I slipped on the Glock format Supertuck Deluxe for the remaining day of intense Israeli lead training.

Mark and the folks at Crossbreed are going to kill me, but initially my impression was "damn, that is the ugliest holster I have ever seen.".... however, now after wearing the Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe holster for well over a year I instead think "damn, that is the most comfortable holster I have ever worn."

As you can tell the pictured holster has been worn and tested and not just puled out of the plastic and reviewed.  I have lived, worn, trained, and drawn from this holster hundreds of day and with hundreds is not thousands of draws on the range and I liked it so much I thought I would share my impressions.

Crossbreed holsters are hand made right here in the US down in Missouri with quality materials which will handle a lifetime of abuse and wear.  All the fittings and parts are metal which is rare these days. The Supertuck's design is easily tuned to the user with the front and rear belt clips that can be moved up or down to adjust ride height and front and rear cant.  The hybrid design provides conforming leather comfort while the Kydex holster provides secure retention and easy re-holstering. I have never had the gun slip out even during extra-ordinarily active situations. A cross of the best of both worlds and this hybrid leather/Kydex concept created the Crossbreed brandname.


People often say a holster is so comfortable they forget they have it one... I will go one better.  I never carry a gun into friend's homes, however at the end of an evening on the way home I realized I was packing all night. After brake-in I can say emphatically this holster is the most comfortable holster I have ever worn.

Two design features which make the holster in my mind ugly, make the holster super comfortable.  

The first is what I term as the "Hip-Lip" which is the extended piece of leather that keeps the top of your slide from constantly digging into your side.  This extra piece of leather is pure genius that keeps your gun from giving you a kidney punch every time you bend over. The other no so beautiful feature is the wide holster design and dual tuckable clips which distributes the gun's weight more evenly and adds a huge amount of gun stability.  This make the holster look HUGE however the size disappears once on and keeps the holster and gun from tilting and moving around throughout the day - where you put it is where it stays.  I accidentally tripped and slide feet first down a flight of stairs on my gun side and everything stayed put and also conveniently took the brunt of the impact.

The tuckable J clips are another major features and allow you to tuck your shirt in over the holster for maximum concealment, so you can actually wear this same holster with a tie and dress shirt just as easily as you would with an un-tucked shirt. Below you will see the Supertuck Deluxe exposed, covered with a polo, with the polo tucked in and the polo pulled up with the weak hand during a draw from tucked.

The concealment is exceptional.  My wife who can tell me the days my love handles are bigger than others, has a hard time telling when I am packing.  Usually instead of asking she will brush her hand against my side... kinda sexy and makes me want to keep her guessing.
It is rumored that the FBI, CIA, and Secret Service have purchased these holsters as part of their concealment system.  I have been unable to verify this rumor, however if the US black suit folks want the best, it would be no surprise that they would choose this holster.


There are now knock-offs of this original Crossbread holster design, so make sure you buy the original.  If you are one of the folks in many of the free states which allow concealed gun carry by law abiding citizens, the quest becomes how to securely, safely, and comfortably carry the weapon in a manner which will present quicky.  My vote goes to the $85 Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe I picked up.  The concealment is exceptional with no jacket or "shoot me first" tactical vest required for everyday carry.  The leather provides comfort and the Kydex provides retention and a fast smooth draw and easy reholstering.

The Supertuck will not be featured in any fashion magazines and is certainly will not be a holster for the ninja warrior types looking for form over function.  It's isn't pretty from my perspective, but it is the most beautifully designed and most comfortable holster and the only holster I will buy going forward for concealed carry. Great job Mark, you make one hell of a holster.


  • Crossbreed Holsters SuperTuck Deluxe
  • Glock 19 Format
  • Natural Horsehide ($15 up-charge)
  • Standard Cut
  • $69.99 + $15 Horsehide up-charge = $85 as tested
  • All SuperTucks now come with Crossbreed's new SteelClip clip.
  • Spring steel with a corrosion proof, chip proof coating along with a proprietary design makes our SteelClips the best clip on the market.
  • Bulletproof construction and a decorative design that won't give you away,
  • 3/4 length full sight channel for clearance with ALL front sights
  • Premium grade leather for the backing! (Horsehide also available at extra cost.)
  • Steel mounting hardware for the clip attachments.
  • Mounting spacers behind the clips to allow easier tucking.
Shop the complete selection of Crossbreed holsters at 

Crossbreed Holsters

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I have owned a CrossBreed holster for my XD.45 for about 5 years now and i love it, i recently got a holster for my new Glock 22 from Zulu 13. i would suggest you check them out.. i like my new holster from them alot more then my crossbreed and i like it alot as well.