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Your $100 AR15 Lower has arrived!
McKay Enterprises is one of those companies many people have not heard of, however they are one of the companies which provide R&D (research and development) for various firearms companies.  McKay Enterprises was the company which developed the billet AK receiver we see out there now from a prominent manufacturer, and they continue to be one of the largest manufacturers of Uzi and other speciality receivers. 
With all those interesting items developed, why did I pick up a stripped McKay Lower receiver?  Price and quality.  For the $100 price, you will be hard pressed to find a high quality stripped lower receiver for less.

The McKay receiver is very well made with 7075 T6 forgings from Anchor Harvey, it is black Type 3 Hardcoat anodized, and machined to Mil-Spec dimensions.  It looks and feels just like any other stripped AR15 receiver with one minor difference, there are no flashy logos milled into the side, just the bare ATF minimum of info which makes for a very clean looking AR build. 
Although there are a number of variants floating around out the version I picked up features safe and semi wording for the safety selector on each side of the receiver.  
The McKay Enterprises lower receiver was the base for my CIV Tactical Urban AR15 kit build using a standard DPMS parts kit.  Assembly delivered no problems at all.  Once assembled, I actually found that the McKay provided a tighter fit than many other AR lowers I have tested, however that is all dependant on the upper receivers.  When paired with the CIV Tactical’s upper made by JD Machine, the fit was exceptional.
The McKay lower was mounted and test fired on a variety of uppers including YHM, Spikes, Del-Ton, DPMS, and both the CIV Tactical uppers.  No issues and it worked like any other lower.

So what do you give up with a McKay Enterprises stripped lower receiver for the outstanding price of $100, well not much. The reality of the situation is that the McKay Enterprises is spec and performance-wise the same as any other lower receiver minus the fancy logos and custom markings.

Those wanting the pretty custom lowers will roll out the extra cash, but for the guy who wants an inexpensive lower as an AR builder learning tool or simply for an inexpensive build the McKay is perfect.  The McKay is also a little lower profile without the extra logo’s for the person wanting a more vintage AR looking build.  For the customizers, it would be a shame to apply a hand rubbed aging effect, ceracote, or camo paint job to a full price lower and if you want your lower engraved the McKay lower has plenty of blank real estate for laser engraving.

I hear the question often, what is the least expensive stripped forged lower receiver for a starter AR build and ladies and gentleman this is the best deal I have found. Enjoy!


  • 7075 T6 forgings from Anchor Harvey
  • Black Type 3 Hardcoat Anodizing
  • Machined to Mil-Spec dimensions
  • Simple Markings without Logo
  • AR15/M16 Spec Stripped Lower Receiver
  • $100 as Tested (Note as of May 2012 the price increased from $75 to $100)

McKay Enterprises

Retailer for McKay Enterprises AR15 Lower

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