Monday, April 2, 2012



Often I am reminded how much fun a day with a brick of .22LRs and pistol or rifle can be.   Yesterday’s range day reminded me of that again as I picked up my S&W M&P 15-22 and saddled up with a Fobus holstered Ruger Mark III and mags. This is my now go to rig for low budget tactical training and mag changes that emulate my regular ARs and Glock. Pop cans are fun, but really don’t show square hits and my well worn triple spinners just did not have the interactivity I was hoping for.  The answer was my brand new Rimfire Shootin’ Jacks which are a total blast to shoot.

The concept that arrives for only $40 including shipping in a flat USPS Priority Mail box is quite simple.  The Rimfire Shootin’ Jacks are composed of two Mickey Mouse ear shapes approximately ¼” thick steel that are held together with a single Cotter split pin.  Key the shapes together, slip in the Cotter pin diagonally to lock the two halves together and then bend the pin 90 degrees on each side.

The 100% USA made Rimfire Shootin’ Jacks are a base blue, with alternating Red and White targets.  This gives you and your buddy a chance to use the Rimfire Shootin’ Jacks as an interactive dueling target as well as a standard target.

What I love about shooting cans is they move around when you shoot them, the problem is they move too much. The Rimfire Shootin’ Jacks only step back and to the side slightly only with a square shot, so there is no arguments over whether it was a good hit.  This gives you a little target transition work to do as well and a lot more interactivity.  If you want to screw with you buddy during his shot, target the feet which will scoot the Rimfire Shootin’ Jacks around a bit during his shot... evil but fun.

Paired with one of the currrent .22LR ARs, Ruger 10/22, a Henry Golden Boy or simply an infallibly reliable Ruger Mark III this is hours of entertainment for all ages.  The Cotter pin did get a bit beat up after about 500 rounds and I would recommend bending each end of the pin at 90 degrees or as I found the head of the pin will get beat up enough that it will eventually slip through.
The price is right, $35 each + $5 USPS Shipping or $100 for three with Free Shipping. This is the best .22LR target I have found yet and if the initial thousand rounds on it are any indication of the longevity, I will most likely be an heirloom target willed to my grandchildren. 

Ordering is easy with this startup company, just email to set up Paypal payment, check, or money order information.  This is why I write to find great products everyone should have that only a few know about. Here is my rimfire AR training VIDEO FEATURING THE RIMFIRE SHOOTIN’ JACKS

Size - Approximately 8” x 8” x 8”
Price $35 each + $5 USPS Shipping or $100 for three with Free Shipping.


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