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Some consider back up sights a must have and some do not.  I move optics around frequently for reviews and testing and I find it convenient to have a set of flip-up/back-up sights on each of my rifles.  Once those sights are zero’ed red dots can be moved easily from rifle to rifle and easily rezero’ed just by using the backup sights.  When mounting scopes the sights can usually be folded out of the way to mount the scope, however in many cases the rear sights need to removed.  This clearance issue is one of the major challenges Midwest Industries worked to overcome with their very low profile flip-up profile sight package.

Midwest Industries is a household name in aftermarket tactical firearms accessories, most notably in the AR15 market. They have developed a large variety of innovative products which provide shooters an opportunity to customize their rifles to fit their shooting needs.  In my case I was in need of a new set of sights for my Black Rain Ordnance AR15 and the sturdy low profile and affordable MI sights seemed to be a great option. 

Securely mounting up the MI Low Profile Flip Up front and rear sights was a simple affair only requiring the included allen wrench.  I have handled a few folding back up sights which are a little loose, the Midwest Industries sights are tight and solid, but are smooth operating due to the ball bearing detents.

The Midwest Industries front and rear folding sight package I picked up are considered “Same Plane”.  Same Plane means they are designed to mount to the same plane of picatinny rails, versus a shorted height front gas block, however they have that package available as well.

As noted, a big advantage is the extremely low profile dual aperture design which has a total height from the picatinny of only .4375” when folding.  From my experience this allows me to mount most scopes without having to remove the rear sight. 

Flip the front or rear sights forward and the large locking detents lock the sights up securely.  Sight adjustment up front is standard A2 style detent adjustment and the front sight post is swappable with any accessory A2 front sight post you may want install.  At the rear, windage adjustment is simple and familiar with hash marks on the sight and base for referenceable zero’ing and the standard small and large sized apertures can be flipped based on targeting needs.  All the adjustments feel solid with hard clicking ball detents.  This I like, because there is nothing worse that a sight that has been bumped and lost zero and I doubt that will happen with the strength of these detents.  Both sights are constructed of 6061 aluminum and steel and hard coated.

One of the reasons my Magpul sights transitioned off to another less used build was that I really disliked the non-locking upright position of Magpul sights. As logic goes, it is not so much a problem if your sight flips up, however it is a big issue if it they inadvertently fold down when needed.  As I tend to use most of my back up sights regularly as primary sights and not just as forgotten pieces of equipment, this accidental folding situation has happened a couple times on the range... “hey where did my sights go” is not an exclaimed expression you want in your head when you need to shoot something.

Although not as much a problem, I also seem to push the damn button on spring loaded sights as well.  My preference is for good old fashioned flip up by hand sights as I find it more reliable and far more predictable. Additionally, I would prefer they lock in upright position so they in essence become fixed sights.  The Midwest Industries sights accomplish all these goals, you may have a preference however as my AR collection has grown, I seem to gravitate more and more to bullet-proof options such as this Midwest Industries front and rear sight package.

To have or to have not, back up sights is a personal decision.  The current crop of high end red dots and scopes will most likely never ever fail that is unless there is an EMP or you run out of batteries, then you better have a good set of back up sights on your rifle.  In an effort to always be prepared, this is one reason I have a backup set of sights on every rifle I own.  
The Midwest Industries sights are excellent quality and priced competitively for folding metal back up sights and of course the fact that they look awesome on my Black Rain Ordnance rifle is just an added bonus.

MI Low Profile Flip Up Sight Package
MSRP - $209.95

SPLP Flip Up Rear Sight

  • Same Plane Low Profile Back Up Rear-Sight
  • Total height from picatinny when folding is only .4375”
  • Extremely low profile dual aperture design
  • Locking detent with large surface area for maximum strength
  • Same ball detent battle proven design of popular #MCTAR-ERS sight
  • Lock detent button with stepped down turns to maximize grip in adverse conditions
  • Micro style windage knob features the same MOA adjustment as standard sights
  • Allen wrench included for installation
Low Profile Flip Up Front Sight

  • Uses standard A2 front sight post
  • Super smoother ball bearing pivot detent automatically locks in place when raised
  • Constructed of 6061 aluminum and hard coated
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Midwest Industries, Inc.

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