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Rite In The Rain Review

Rite In The Rain Review

So there you are after something like 911, the tsunami, or any number of other disasters and you revert back to the only communication working which is pen, paper and bulletin board.  You and other pull out paper and start writing messages, contact information and overall health status, and location and you pin it to a community bulletin board in hopes someone gets your message. But then it rains maybe a little or not a lot and your note along with others become just a wad of illegible paper pulp which becomes washed down the sewer.

A less drama inducing situation may be that you work or play outdoors and need to take notes regardless of the weather.  Even a standard Moleskin notebook will not deliver the water protection performance needed to take and retain legible notes for sometime weeks on end.

The better option would be to use one of a larger number of paper product options from Rite In The Rain which are as you would guess are waterproof, weatherproof, and extraordinarily tougher as well.  After testing a pad I have carried around for a couple years which has seen a lot of use, I decided to contact Rite in the Rain to be able to show you a sample of the products they offer.

Writing in the rain; who would have thought of this idea? Way back in 1920 the Jerry Darling invented the first version of Rite in the Rain paper for use in the Pacific Northwest Logging industry.  Jerry’s legacy has continued with a significant number of advancements in the Rite in the Rain papers, notebooks, and products.

Still all made in the USA, Rite in the Rain today offers a wide range of products for the needs of general purpose writing, tactical, recreational, agricultural, underwater (yes underwater), construction, and sportsman users.  Those products range from bound books, notebooks, loose leaf pages, copier/laser printer paper, all-weather pens, pads & forms, cover, complete kits, field planners, vinyl labels, index cards and a variety of other accessories... basically it you need to write outdoor or even underwater regardless of the amount of water, Rite in the Rain has a product to fit your needs.

After a year of running a notebook through its paces I was impressed however a simple 30 second test you can do yourself will impress you more. Below are two sample notes, a plea for help and a response, one on Rite in Rain notebook paper and one on standard heavy stationary type paper. I ran these messages both under warm water for 30 seconds first crumpling them up into a ball then rubbing them against each other.  As you can see the results were dramatic in only 30 seconds of exposure. Poor Leia, she will never know Luke is on the way and may just succumb to Vador’s choking fetish. It does prove Rite in the Rain works!

BOUND BOOK POLYDURA COVER - N390N - $19.95 - 4 ¾” X 7 ½” - Lined journal with numbered pages.  
Rite in the Rain call this the extreme professional's bound book as it is the only notebook book manufactured with a hard smooth plastic PolyDura cover, the exclusive paper, the sewn-in pages, even the glue has been designed to survive the elements. 
Honestly I have been a Moleskin book snob for quite a while, however these are less expensive and far more durable so I have switched over to these for all my journals.
From my experience the PolyDura line are virtually indestructible to survive any apocalyptic scenario.

TACTICAL NOTEBOOK TAN - N946T - $4.75 - 4” X 6” - Universal line grid pattern pages. 50 sheets/100 pages. 
Like all the Rite in the Rain products, the Notebook line crams a huge amount of utility into a very small space with rulers and converters printed on the typically un-used inside and back covers.  

POCKET SIZED NOTEBOOK - N135 - $3.95 - 3” X5” - Universal line grid pattern pages. 50 sheets/100 pages.  

This is probably my favorite overall size to just have with you to jot down a license plate, phone numbers, and general notes and has some of the same features as the larger tactical notebook above.  
I paired this with the rather classy looking Leather Cover N33 $16.95 which provides all the weatherproof writing with something that looks good even in a boardroom.
BOUND BOOK TACTICAL KIT - N980T-KIT- $42.97 - BOOK 4 ⅝” X 7 ¼” - Perforated universal line grid pattern pages plus 16 pages of tactical reference material, including: sector sketch preparation, unit symbol charts, mission graphics, with pocket-ed cordura cover with zippered closure, all weather tactical clicker pen.

TAN & GREEN COPIER/LASER PAPER - $29.95 - 200 Sheets - By far the coolest stuff Rite in the Rain makes.  Pull up you needed map on Google maps or a Topo on and print off a weatherproof map.  
For those all-weather geocachers, general purpose maps, touring motorcyclist, etc. the uses are endless.  I use these for a large variety of purposes including printing off detailed Bug Out plans.

ACCESSORIES - Rite in the Rain also offers a large amount of accessories including all weather pens which I can attest to are the perfect companion to your all weather paper.
Weather and rain are unavoidable and sooner or later that notebook, note or critical info is going to get wet and damaged.  What I like most about Rite in the Rain products is that they are really not that much more than the typical quality notebooks, books, and papers we use currently.  They work as advertised, the paper holds up even after being soaked and for those studious types it can even be used underwater.  Best paper around and is a staple supply in every Bug out Bag I own as well as being used on a daily basis.

Rite In The Rain

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