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LAG Tactical The Defender VP90 Holster Review

LAG Tactical The Defender VP90 Holster Review

Back at the point where my H&K VP90 arrived, I realized that this great gun needed a great holster setup. The problem was that literally no one had a holster option. Then a friend mentioned LAG Tactical where I was excited to find out that LAG could take my VP90 and create a wonderful holster option around their Defender IWB/OWB design. I jumped at the chance especially considering the $70 price because how else are you really going to train with a pistol without a holster.  The VP9 runs on the same magazines as H&K P30 so magazine carriers were available. LAG Tactical products are priced very competitively however what makes them stand out from the mass of Kydex sheaths is their quality and customization offered.

I have owned, used, and handled a huge number of Kydex sheaths over the last decade. Kydex is Kydex so it really comes down to the quality of the forming, finish, and hardware used. Some of those Kydex holsters I have experience with have been rough almost ameturish quality. Some are downright horrible. LAG Tactical is on the other spectrum in the top end premium side of the manufacturing quality plus a level of customization options I have yet to see from a Kydex holster manufacturer.

In my case I choose LAG’s Defender holster model for my new H&K VP90. The innovative Defender is LAG Tactical’s most popular design due to its flexibility to swap between a IWB (In Waistband) and OWB (Out of Waistband) configuration. Beyond very heavy coat weather, I rarely carry a OWB holster, however that configuration does get used quite often during training sessions or in some cases competitions. From a simple economy perspective, it does make a heck of a lot of sense to have one holster you really like that you can swap between both configurations… you know instead of wasting money buying yet another $70 holster.  LAG Tactical includes both belt loops required for the swap from IWB to OWB, so all that is needed is to just unscrew one set of belt loops and install the other loop set on the other side of the holster.

Beyond customization options of gun model, holster position (left, right hip position), front Kydex color, and back Kydex color, LAG also asks other questions to increase comfort to your body and understand your firearm configuration such as magazine release position, weapon carry angle, belt size, primary use, waist size, and whether the shooter is male or female.

All this data delivers a really well fitting holster vs just yet another blocky Kydex holster. In fact my LAG Defender is the single most comfortable Kydex holster I have owned and even edges out many of my leather holsters. I will say that the butt ugly CrossBreed holster still holds my top spot for comfort however the CrossBreed does not offer the flexibility of the LAG Defender design. I am VERY happy with the overall comfort of the Defender and the quality is extremely well made with wonderfully buffed edges that do not catch on anything or do not dig into flesh like so many other Kydex designs. LAG Tactical has really put a significant amount of attention into the comfort of the holster instead of just creating another “Me Too” holster offering. Even after all those initial ordering customization options, the shooter still has the option to move the belt positioning up or down as required with the holes in the sheath. Grip force can also be adjusted by the user with just a screw and without the need for a heat gun.

Equal in quality is the Double Mag carrier. I doubt many people are loading up for their CCW firearms with two extra magazines on a regular basis, however I know for me there are times where it seems like a prudent idea. With the body hugging design of the LAG Carrier, an un-tucked t-shirt is all that is required to provide coverage. Also for training, range time, and competitions, a double mag carrier is a necessity. There are cheapo carriers out there, however I decided that it would be nice to have a complete setup for my VP90 which covered all the bases.  Like the holster, the mag carrier also asks for your customization options includes which way you want the magazines to face, the grip force, hip side, waist size, belt width, carry position, and individual color choices for the back and front materials. The result is the single most comfortable magazine carrier I have ever owned.

Now to looks. Honestly I am at the point in life where I have seen enough enough black holsters and believe the world needs another color option. So I choose grey for the outside color on the Defender and Double Magazine carrier and black for the inside color. The final result was a really nice contrast of color and something which screams a little less "Hey I have a holster here" if my shirt does slide up a bit while carrying. Mentally pretty much any other color than black does this for you, however I love the looks of the Grey Kydex.

Functionally both the LAG Tactical Defender and Double Magazine Carrier really are quite amazingly comfortable. The major reason for this comfort is that each carrier and holster is contoured to your personal body shape versus assuming everyone is dimensionally the same size. The prices are very competitive at $70 for the convertible IWB/OWB Defender holster and $45 for a Double Mag Carrier. Add in the premium top end quality of these holsters and its my perspective that LAG Tactical is one of the best value in top end Kydex holsters. If you plan to carry concealed, LAG Tactical offers one of the most comfortable IWB designs I have tested and owned and they are the only holster manufacturer I know of who offers a flexible holster option for the VP90. Can't recommend these holsters enough.

The Defender - IWB/OWB - My Selections
Gun Model: H&K VP9
Holster Position: I choose Right Hip 3:30 - 5 o'clock
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Mag Release: Standard (left side of gun)
Angle of weapon: Slight Angle 10°
Belt Size: 1.5"
Primary Use: Inside the waistband
Waist Size: Used to dimensionally mold the holster to your body shape.
Male, Female: Male
How did you hear about us? Other
Front​ Colo​r: Dark ​Grey
Back ​Color​: Black
-Lightweight, durable kydex
-Includes a set of inside and outside the waistband belt loops
-Adjustable retention
-Compatible with our M.O.L.L.E. backplate for a wide variety of carry options
Double Pistol Mag Carrier - My Selections
Mag type: H&K P30
Carrier Position: I choose Left Hip (7 - 10 o'clock)
Round orientation: Choose Rounds facing forwards or backwards
Your waist size: Used to dimensionally mold the holster to your body shape.
Belt width: 1.5"
How tightly should the carrier grip the magazine? Standard (secure - easy draw)
Front​ Colo​r: Dark ​Grey
Back ​Color​: Black


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