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Kineti-Tech Muzzle Brake & Sound Redirector Review

Kineti-Tech Muzzle Brake & Sound Redirector Review

While building out several recent AR15 pistol builds I wanted that stumpy look where the handguard would overhang the muzzle brake. The problem was that I was using the stunningly beautiful Aero Precision Custom COP Monolithic uppers for the build which do not have a lot of space inside the handguard for things like giant muzzle brakes. Actually the AP COP uppers feature one of the tighter inner handguard diameters in the market. Because the handguard was to overhang the barrel by an inch or more and I was intending the muzzle brake length to make up the extra length, I could not use any traditional flash hider or brake, otherwise the high speed existing exhaust gases could potentially deliver damage to my support hand on the handguard.

My intent was to use PWS CQB brakes which are entirely enclosed for the first two inches of length, thereby allowing maximum forend length and safe gas dispersion. The problem was that the PWS CQB does not fit inside the Aero Precision COP handguard which means I either needed to start turning or milling things down or look for another solution. I could not bring myself to start hacking on either of these fine products and started searching. As it turns out, it is harder than you would imagine finding a Krink or Sound Redirecting brake to fit in the dimensions required for small inner diameter handguards. Then I found the very reasonably priced Kineti-Tech Muzzle Brake & Sound Redirector combo which is mighty freaking cool for the price.

The idea is pretty simple however I really like how Kineti-Tech has pulled the idea off. The concept is simply a choice of a radial or ported brake with a screw on blast shield/sound redirector. The blast shield just screws on like a supressor over the externally threaded Kineti-Tech brake of your choice. You end up with a decent braking effect with a concussion that is directed forward of the shooter. The Sound Redirector also makes it more pleasant for those around you at the range all while having a relatively minimal effect on the muzzle brake function. Adding the blast shield does reduce the efficiency of the muzzle braking effect, but not as much as you would think.

Since AR15 pistols are all the rage right now, many people are realizing that blast shield equipped brakes or Krink style comps such as PWS CQB are a great option to greatly reduce the thunderous roar or fireball blast of the AR15 short barreled pistol formats. Without one of these devices AR15 pistols are deafening or fireball generators, with them they are tolerable to shoot, however downrange the sound is still crazy loud. In some cases these "sonic redirection" muzzle devices are so good that only simple earplugs are required vs the usually plugs + muffs shooting configuration.

The Kineti-Tech brakes are well made of A311 Stressproof Steel and the Redirector Shroud is T6061 aluminum. The buyer has the option of selecting a number of options to cater to their needs. There is a choice of 6-port brake or a radial brake style, a choice of four Shroud/Sleeve styles, and either 1/2"x28 - .223 or 5/8"x24 .308 thread and caliber options.  At this point I have purchased three for .300 Blackout, .223 and 7.62x39 AR15 pistol build and they are all well made items which perform extremely well considering their price.

After some testing, I was left impressed with the recoil reduction of the Kineti-Tech brakes and attachable blast shields. So far I have tried both the radial and 6-port muzzle brakes and see a place for both. With or without the blast shields attached, the radial brakes deliver less fireball than the 6-port versions, however the 6-port versions are more effective in reducing recoil. My choice was to opt for the radial models on my 7.62x39 and .223 builds as they are generally fireball monsters and used the 6-port version on my 300 Blackout upper to make an already light shooting round feel even lighter to shoot.

I have not tried it yet, however I would like to attach one of these to my DPMS GII 308 AR format rifle to both push sound pressure away from me and also to take a bit more bite out of the round. The same thought goes for doing the same thing on a .308 bolt action as well.

I was skeptical at first over the quality considering similar brakes were selling between $150-$250 and this Kineti-Tech combo complete is only $59. Pretty impressive price and features considering this is still less expensive than most of you quality brakes and this comes with a blast shield. What I liked most oddly enough about the Kineti-Tech Brake and Redirector combo was that it fit inside even the slimmest handguards I have. Functionally the combo did its job and delivered both very good blast redirection and overall braking effect on each of the AR15 uppers ther were installed on.  Great product and execution on a simple idea that would work just as well on your 3Gun rifle as a AR15 pistol build or even your .308 hog or sniper rig.

This 2 piece design provides a great recoil reduction as well as A sound director. Redirects sound forward to greatly reduce the "at ear point blast" compared to with the sleeve removed. Design to redirect propellant gases with the effect of countering flash recoil and unwanted rising of the barrel during firing. Quality made here in the USA with A311 StressProof Steel. Item is 2.325" and really sets off the look of the gun....very nice.
Outer brake threads are 13/16" X 16
Through Hole - 5/16" .223/556 cal.
Length - 2.325"
Width - 1.25 sleeve 1" Brake"
Barrel Thread - 1/2" - 28
Outer sleeve Thread - 13/16" X 16
Thread Length - 3/4
Material - Steel A311"
Finish -  Parkerized/ Hardcoat Anodized MIL-A-8625F Type III / Color as Shown
Redirector Shroud - T6061 Aluminum
MSRP $59 for brake and redirector make your own combo


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Unknown said...

I just bought one of these for a pistol build I've been working on. Very nice brake. The finish and machining are impressive. Factor in the great price and these are a no brainer. Shipping was fast as well. The Kineti-tech brake is a bargain. I'm now considering one for a 16" AR I shoot at an indoor range occasionally.

Unknown said...

What is this pistols barrel length

Major Pandemic said...

I think this one was 7.5" or 8" I don't remember.

Unknown said...

What was the hand guard length? I can't find the specs from aero precision.

version2.6 said...

What is the weight of the setup? I am interested, but don't want anything too heavy on the end of my barrel.

Major Pandemic said...

It is not light. The brake is heavy steel but the shield is aluminum.

Goliath75 said...

Thanks for the great post. I like the stumpy look too. Can you give me some more detail about this muzzle brake? Specifically, what length does it add to the barrel after being attached and what is the outer diameter of the assembly, sleeve and all (your post says it's 1.25" but the product website says it's 1". Thanks!

Major Pandemic said...

The sleeves I have are 1.25" outter diameter.