Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Rogers Single Point Rifle Harness Kit Review

Rogers Single Point Rifle Harness Kit Review

Without much debate, the single point harness/sling is the most popular sling for tactical CQB type defensive training where there is a need for consistent movement from low ready to firing and back again. The problem is that typically this requires removal of the stock, buffer & spring, buffer tube castle nut, and buffer tube all in order to install a single point sling mount on the buffer tube. Another complaint with any sling is the noise factor which many have referred to as making about as much noise as the jingle jangle of a dog running with tags on its collar.  There are also valid concerns that most slings do not provide a safety release or a viable quick release which can be used effectively with gloves or under stress. Then there is the rather extravagant price of most of the single point slings out there. The Rogers Single Point Rifle Harness kit addresses all these issues and a few extras you didn't think of all for around $35.

Bill Rogers is the the chief instructor at the Rogers Shooting School, is a former FBI Agent, police instructor, successful inventor, is well known in the shooting industry as an inventor and product engineer. He has been a world ranked IPSC shooter, a state trap champion, and has over 40 years of shooting competition experience. Bill has invented many of the holsters and equipment used by police and military worldwide, invented the target system and the method of instruction used at the school, and of course invented the Super-Stoc based on his vast experience and feedback from friends in the military, law enforcement, and competition community. I also learned of an awesome gun cleaning Bore Squeeg-E system which DPMS now is also licensing for their kit, but those will be a different reviews.

The Rogers Single Point Rifle Harness kit includes evertthing you need to set up your rifle with a single point sling including the sling point buffer tube mount, quick release coupler, and a single point sling in your choice of black or tan colors.

All that is required for installation of the single point buffer tube mount is to just remove the stock and slip the mount over the tube and then tighten down. No need to partially disassemble your rifle to install the single point mount.  

From a noise perspective, Rogers created an elegantly simple paracord based quick release coupler. The coupler delivers the quietest sling mount in the industry with no metal to rattle. The coupler also provides a 150lb safety break-away and can be either left in a QD (Quick Detach) mode or quickly turned to lockout the QD feature to prevent accidental release.  

Instead of having to find and then push in an elusive QD button, the Rogers QD coupler is just pulled down to release the sling from the weapon; a task which can be done easily even with heavy gloves or under stress.

Some will note the Roger Sling is pretty bare bones, however I think it is perfect for the expected need which is not trekking miles with the gun, but working tactically through a structure. In that situation, I certainly do not need a bungee, comfort gel sling that is 8oz heavier. What Rogers has provided is more than comfortable to make it though any day long tactical training in comfort.

Most significant is the $34.99 price tag which is a price anyone can stomach. I have seen some single point sling attachments, slings and QD studs individually cost that much. The Rogers Single Point Rifle Harness kit fits on any firearm with a buffer tube which includes AR 15 pistols or even the multitude of shotguns, pistols and rifles which now utilize AR15 buffer tubes. The Rogers Single Point Rifle Harness ki  is also available in versions with Remington and Mossberg shotguns.

My only design improvement was to replace the paracord on the coupler with a slightly longer version.  I did this so that I could have enough cord length to attach the Rogers sling and coupler to any single point sling versus having the coupler tied to just that one rifle. In this configuration I use the Rogers sling quite a bit on a number of rifles. If you are looking for a simply and easy single point, the Rogers Single Point Rifle Harness kit is one heck of a deal.

Roger Single Point M4 sling
The Rogers Single Point Tactical Harness allows the user to efficiently manage their sling mounted firearm. The innovative, single attachment point system provides a secure but unconstrained mount that allows the user to transition from low-ready, to firing, to quickly stowing the weapon around to the back to free the users hands and forward area for performing tasks. The Single Point Tactical Harness has 3 unique, single point attachment brackets that can be installed on AR-15/M4 rifles that come with collapsible stock buffer tubes, the Remington 870, 111, and 1187 shotguns, and the Mossberg 500 & 510 shotguns. The unique, quick-release system allows the user to detach their weapon without the need to remove the harness. The quick-release also features a lock-out system to insure against accidental detachment.

allows an easy transition from low ready, to firing, to around the back positions to free the use of the hands.
● Innovative, quick-release allows weapon to be quickly attached/ detached from harness without the need to remove the harness from the body.
● Made out of durable nylon
● Single-point attachment bracket available for the AR-15/M4 Rifle
with collapsible stock buffer tubes, Remington, and Mossberg shotguns
● Features a 150 pound break-away to prevent accidental and potentially
dangerous entrapment.
MSRP $34.99


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