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KRG Remington Action Bolt Lift Review

KRG Remington Action Bolt Lift Review

One of the little "features" I would like to have included on nearly every single Remington 700 Action I have ever shot with a scope is a larger bolt handle. If you want to casually shoot groups, the stock little bolt handle works well, however it you want to speed things up with really fast follow up shots, a larger bolt handle is ergonomically required.

A larger bolt handle is so popular it has become one of the first upgrades everyone does. The process is usually sending off the bolt handle to be milled and threaded to accommodate an oversized bolt handle. Usually this upgrade is done to speed the ergonomics and speed of the reloading cycle.

While I was setting up my Remington SPS for testing, I found the KRG Bolt Lift. It is a simple product called the for $28 from KRG which is offers a bolt on extended and enlarged bolt hand knob which just bolts on over your existing bolt handle. KRG offers the Bolt Lift in two different looks. After the KRG Bolt Lift is installed, you have a hard time telling that you didn't spend the $50-$100 for a custom threaded bolt handle.  For around $30, you can overcome one of the annoying complaints people have with the ergonomics of the Remington 700 as a "Sniper system".

If you want a simple $30 option for your Remington 700 action which delivers the ergonomics of a larger bolt handle without the time wasted of shipping your bolt around, the cost of the usual conversion milling, and the cost of an actual knob, the KRG is an awesome option. The Bolt Lift is available in two color options of black or tan and two bolt handle styles of stippled or ribbed.

Remington 700 SPS Tactical $650
KRG Bolt Lift $28


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