Friday, May 29, 2015

A Different Side of Glock

A Different Side of Glock

When we think of Glock, we think of less than charming polymer pistols that are so popular that their outlines are used to represent the image of firearms everywhere from TSA lines to news channels.  I love my G29 10mm and the other herd of Glocks I own as much as the next guy, but the image of what a Glock looks like is burnt into our brains as a handgun used by both good and bad, however there is a different side of Glock.

Glock has built a substantial business around a Glock brand of accessories. Although not revolutionary, I believe Glock's $29 Range Kit including both ear and eye protection is probably one of the best values in the market. Not bad considering manufacturer branded products usually have a heavy upcharge.  In this case, their kit that is now on sale for around $25 on their site is a bargain for a set of earmuffs, earplugs, and a set of safety glasses. Its the perfect option for any shooter wanting a training/range eye & ear pro kit.

Glock has extended that pricing philosophy to their clothing line as well. All top quality products at or below what you would spend for a comparable item. Generally I am not a logo wearing kinda guy, however I do on occassion wear my Glock ballcap and t-shirts to show my "Glock Perfection".  For the most part these are just great products donning a Glock logo which any other company may have, however Glock also developed some other products itself.

First and foremost we must mention the un-intentionally designed Glock lunchpail that every new Glock comes packed in. If you have not ripped out the foam and used this to pack your sandwich and juice box for lunch at work you really are missing an opportunity to have interesting conversations at work. I call it the super awesome Scooby Doo lunch box for gun people and it is nearly totally indestructible.  

While I am on the topic, I have begged Glock to start making pistol boxes double deep for several reasons. First as a pistol case, post purchase, it is useless as it barely has enough room for the larger guns and is void of enough space for even a box of ammo. 

Come on Glock, make it a deeper lunch pail size that I can use... and add a couple locking tabs while you are at it. Its ridiculous I need to use a Ruger case to fly with my Glock.

The Glock Field Knife & Entrenching E-Tool are both Glock original designs.  As a certified knife nut, I have to admit that the Glock Field knife is probably one of the best values going. The Glock knife was co-developed with input from the Austrian Army Rangers and features a simple but effective 6.5" carbon steel clip point blade design. The blade is available in either a plain or saw tooth back design and either model is available in black, drab green, or tan. Glock retained a very streamlined design with full tang design with molded polymer handle and sheath.  

The sheath's locking belt loop is MOLLE compatible as well as can be used on any belt. I have a very old Glock knife I use for landscaping and yard work which I have used for everything from cutting light wire, to digging up rocks... it has not been treated well. Much of the durability is thanks to the slim but fat 3/16" wide blade. At nearly a 1/4" thick, it's not a dainty knife and up to torturous abuse and prying. I am satisfied that the Glock Knife can take a beating but it's not the sharpest knife on the planet out of the box. I do think that Glock needs to change the edge geometry and drop the grind angle a bit to afford a sharper initial edge, however over time I have the edge on my old Glock Knife where I want it.  The knife features high carbon steel that does hold an edge well and re sharpens easily. For the record, I do not care for the saw back and would rather just batten the knife through a tree branch with another piece of wood. I also would have liked to see a lanyard hole all the way through the butt of the knife, however at a price of $25 on sale at the Glock Store, it is still a must have knife that should be stashed in your trunk or truck should you have a need.

The Glock E-Tool is also another Glock design which took the old folding entrenching shovel concept and made it from high strength polymer and steel. The result is an exceptionally light folding shovel which can be locked out in a variety of positions and features an innovative saw blade which can be locked either inside the handle or exposed for use. This is a pretty cool design which nets out at about half the weight of a similar design all for just under $40 retail. Again leveraging the E-Tool for various landscaping duties, I put the beat down on the shovel pushing it hard our our hard clay soil. I would definately not hesitate packing this for camping or survival. The E-Tool actually performed better than a lot of folding shovels I have used and the saw actually worked for trimming up and cutting down various cottonwoods around the property.

I doubt the next time you are heading to the range with Glock on your mind that an e-Tool or Field Knife will come to mind, but if they do, I have done my job. There is more to Glock than just pistols.


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