Monday, August 17, 2015

New Magpul 10/22 Hunter X-22 Stock

New Magpul 10/22 Hunter X-22 Stock

Back at this year’s SHOT show I was given a peak of a prototype 10/22 chassis. Being a Ruger 10/22 fan with over a dozen various custom 10/22 rifles I was thrilled to say the least.  The Magpul stock I saw then now was just released to the public as of August 2015.

According to Magpul’s marketing, “The Magpul Hunter X-22 Stock is an ergonomic, full-featured stock for the popular Ruger 10/22 rifle.

Made from high quality reinforced polymer, the Hunter X-22 features an ergonomic grip, adjustable length of pull and comb height to fit a wide variety of shooters, multiple sling mounting options, a non-slip rubber butt pad, and M-LOK slots for accessory attachment.

The Hunter X-22 fits standard Ruger 10/22 .22 LR pattern rifles with no gunsmithing, and a reversible barrel tray ensures proper fit with factory pencil profile as well as heavy bull barrels.”

I am looking forward to putting one of these very flexible Ruger 10/22 compatible chassis to the test.  Look for an upcoming custom build soon featuring this new stock.


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Jason said...

Any idea when your build and review of this stock will be done? I am very eager to build up a PWS Summit T3 for use in a variety of scenarios, including occasional use for summer biathlon. I notice that is what is in the top picture. This stock intrigues me for that usage because of the fit adjustability (I love the one I already have on my Rem 870), light weight for carrying, and the ability to use the M-LOK slots and sling mount options to rig up a shoulder carry harness, arm cuff, and some solution for spare mags. This stock seems much more versatile than either a dedicated bench stock or a dedicated biathlon stock. I would probably put a Feddersen barrel on it, based on your glowing reviews, and have a dovetail cut into it for a front globe sight, although I would consider a Kidd lightweight or Force honeycomb barrel if I could figure out a good front sight solution. Other option under serious consideration is the Victor Company Titan, which is heavier and lacks the adjustability, but does still have the QD sling attachments for a harness and has the bedding blocks. How does the Magpul shoot compared to the Victor?