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MAGPUL Enhanced AR Magazine Release Review

MAGPUL Enhanced AR Magazine Release Review

Recently Magpul has been back on fire with launching one product after another. One of those neat little parts is the MAGPUL Enhanced AR Magazine Release. The concept is pretty simple - an extended AR15 compatible magazine release that anyone can DIY swap out themselves with the always cool looking Magpul style.

The MAG568 MAGPUL Enhanced AR Magazine Release on a inexpensive $19.95 retail and will likely sell for around $16 on the street. The user simply removes the stock mag release button and screws back in the Magpul release button. Once installed the extended and enhanced magazine release paddle is screwed onto the release button via two machine screws. Event a first time novice AR upgrader should be able to accomplish the upgrades without gunsmithing tools in about five minutes.

I installed the MAGPUL Enhanced AR Magazine Release on my Aero Precision DMR build along with a few other upgrades. The build has been well used, however it lacked some of the upgrades I really enjoyed on other more custom builds. Along with the Magpul Enhanced AR Magazine Release, I added a Strike Industries ejection port cover, Larue Tactical MBT (Meticulously Built Trigger), and Magpul Extended trigger guard.

The MAGPUL Enhanced AR Magazine Release is machined from mil-spec anodized aluminum and provides a larger contact surface for more positive activation of the magazine release. The enlarged magazine release contact patch allows shooters with gloved hands to drop the magazine with a bit more surety and delivers a nice custom touch to any AR platform. A great little part which adds yet another option as we continue customizing all those AR15s we now have tucked into our safe.
Machined from mil-spec anodized aluminum
Two-piece construction for easy installation and reduced profile
Provides larger contact surface for positive activation
Compatible with most 5.56 and 7.62 pattern receivers
Made in U.S.A.


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mrsr71 said...

Will this work on a California compliant S&W AR15 Sport II?