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LaserMax LCR Centerfire Laser Sight CF-LCR Review

LaserMax LCR Centerfire Laser Sight CF-LCR Review

Sometimes I stumble on a brand or product accidentally. In this case my sister-in-law really wanted a gun for personal defense and ultimately a LaserMax Laser Sight. Ultimately she picked the Ruger 9mm LCR based on my recommendation and then turned it over to me to create a “kit” which included everything she would need for shooting and training as a new shooter.  

I choose a Streamlight Microstream tactical light because I knew she would carry a tiny but quite powerful light, Howard Leight over female ear protection kit with eye protection, Universal Revolver Clip-Draw for simplified carry since she is often beltless, and a nice lockable case. The included Ruger LCR moon clips are great for range training, however they do not positively hold rounds during hard bumps or drops. My experience with the 9mm LCR is that the Speed Beez provide excellent ammo retention, faster and more reliable positive reloads and only cost $36 for a pack of ten including the loading tool.  These were all great investments in safety, carry flexibility, and overall reliable reloading of the Ruger LCR.  

After a bit of in-home laser training via a few laser training inserts, I asked if she wanted a laser sight on the LCR. The emphatic yes from the new shooter lead me to Amazon where I found the extremely well integrated LaserMax LCR Centerfire Laser Sight - CF-LCR. This is a simple laser sight with an ambidextrous finger operated switch on each side and provides either constant on or energy saving flashing laser modes.

Installation was simple and elegant with all the tools required included in the LaserMax kit. For the Ruger LCR, the cylinder pivot pin is unscrewed and replaced with the LaserMax pivot pin which provides a hard secure mounting point for the LaserMax CF-LCR to clamp onto. The final mounted laser sight is very secure and wiggle free and delivers an extremely well integrated laser sight that blends well into the design lines of the LCR.

My initial thoughts were that the LaserMax LCR Centerfire Laser Sight was great for new shooters to provide confident shots and even aid in dry-fire training - nothing improves accuracy more than sitting in front of the TV at night and assuring the sights or laser dot does not move as you pull the trigger. After sighting the LaserMax LCR Centerfire Laser Sight in for her as any good brother-in-law would, I really loved the sight so much I bought one for my Ruger LCR 9mm as well. 

What I liked most is that the sight delivered a bit more precision since the Ruger LCR does not have adjustable sights. Generally the factory LCR sights are goo enough, however I could get the LaserMax Laser Sight dialed in to more confidently deliver shots on a gun that I admittedly cary a lot but do not shoot as much as I should. The only tweak I have made to my sight is to reduce the height with a Dremel of the activation buttons to lessen the probability that accidentally trigger them.

The kicker is that this is a very inexpensive laser sight solution, however now that I am familiar with the LaserMax line, I feel compelled to note than I am extremely impressed with their quality. As an owner of a variety of laser sights, the LaserMax LCR Centerfire Laser Sight deliver high quality, rugged durability, long run time, and the confidence to take shots even if you are not able to use factory sights at eye level. Laser sights are tools which in this case greatly improve the accuracy of the host Ruger LCR platform.

- Tough reinforced nylon design offers superior integration with firearm frame
- Easily programmable for steady or high-vis pulsed beam
- 10 minute automatic time-out prevents inadvertent battery drain
- Ambidextrous TAP ON/TAP OFF switch reinforces safe firearm handling
- Fully adjustable for windage and elevation

- 0.5OZ  Weight
- 650NM  Wavelength
- <5mw output="" power="" span="">
- 4+ HOURS  Battery Life
- 5 YEARS  Warranty
- MSRP $154
- STREET $89


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