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MITUSA New Ultra-light Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader Review

MITUSA New Ultra-light Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader Review
$200 Less than the Original

So... you hate loading AR15 magazines? The question is how much do you hate it. One of the most innovative products I saw at the 2015 SHOT Show was the MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 magazine loader which can load rounds into the magazine almost as fast as you can fire your AR. The problem was that it was freaking $389. MITUSA heard your cries and chants demanding a less expensive option. At the 2016 SHOT Show, the company introduced the exact same awesome loader in an all polymer $189 MSRP.  All I can say is to buy one of these immediately if you own an AR15.

As a high volume shooter, I will say that toward the end of the shooting day my thumbs begin to hurt from all the reloading. Also when I have a fresh batch of mags to load up before range day, I have come down with numb thumb.  Don’t be a victim of numb thumb, buy the MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader. This $189 loader easily loads your magazines with just a flick of a lever all without worrying about the orientation of the rounds in the hopper.

The original MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader was not cheap at $389, however the new UltraLight Mag-Pump does the same thing but just does not look quite as cool as the billet version.  This version is all polymer with stainless hardware, still fully disassembles via two quick release pins and still slips into a standard 50 caliber ammo can. The unit can break down flat, however the main three components are the hopper, the loader and the base plate.

For use, all you need to do is insert a magazine into the side of the loader, fill the hopper and start actuating the loading lever. The MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader does like rounds to be lined up “in-line” inside the hopper however it does not matter the orientation as the loader correctly positions each round for loading regardless of which way you put the round in the hopper. I found it really easy to just slide the contents of boxes of ammo into the hopper and start loading.  One round is loaded per quick and short stroke lever cycle. The MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader is smart enough to know when the magazine is full and stops attempting to load rounds into the magazine. The user “feels” a difference in the cycling and can then just swap out to the next magazine.

This is really quite an ingenious and beautifully executed magazine loading contraption that does not feel like a “contraption”. I have seen gadgets that “speed up loading” however this is the only one I have tried that actually loads rounds fast. This is mainly because the MITUSA Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader is not just helping to stick rounds into a magazine, but is handling all the ammo auto feeding and orienting the rounds with its patent pending design. This part does not make your hand hurt but it is typically the most time consuming part of the reloading process.

A mechanical interlock prevents damage to the ammo by pausing actuation until the ammunition is in place, aligned with the magazine. When the magazine is full, the MagPump will not attempt to load another round. The MagPump can be attached to a surface mounted GearTrac or Picatinny rail.

Now that everyone can afford one of these, I believe everyone will want a MITUSA UltraLight Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader beyond the 3Gun matches, NFA shoot offs, and for high volume shooters. Just like my McFadden Ultimate Cliploader for single stack .22LR pistol magazines and Butler Creek 10/22 Magazine reloader, this is the answer to shooting more at the range and spending less time reloading.

From an operational perspective it works great and even my 15 year old son figured it out in a matter of seconds without any instruction. I will note that you cannot just throw rounds into the hopper to save time, the rounds need to be at least lined up - orientation tip front or tip back does not matter. Sometimes that works however usually you will find that it prevents the rounds from loading smoothly. I have found that the fastest way to load the hopper is just slide in a full box of ammo into the hopper or quickly line up rounds in my hand.

The loader will feed any .223, 5.56 cased ammo which includes .300 Blackout and is compatible with all AR15 spec magazines.

Last year I said a little prayer that this would take off and becomes a high volume production inexpensive injection molded products that everyone can afford - it has and they did. Right now it may not be sitting on the shelves of your local sporting goods store, however it is available direct from MITUSA. If you want the cool billet version, I would recommend getting it quick, because this polymer version gives up nothing and is $200 less. This UltraLight version is for everyone at $189, so everyone should buy one. Not only does the MITUSA UltraLight Mag-Pump AR15 Magazine Loader prevent Numb Thumb, it delivers a speedy and reliable option for keeping your AR15 fed.  A must have AR15 accessory for your range kit.

Designed and manufactured in small town, USA.
New Lightweight Polymer version with a light weight price
MSRP $189.00 ($200 less than the original billet and polymer version)


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