Sunday, November 8, 2020

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Caliber Conversion Package

Magnum Research Desert Eagle Caliber Conversion Package

The Desert Eagle is the quintessential diva of the firearms industry with its sasquatch sized proportions, limited runs of the premium finishes, $1200+ price tags, tough to use ergonomics, it requires extremely hot premium ammo for reliable operation, and of course the $50 magazines. 

I started with my Stainless Desert Eagle in .50AE, and swapped to
.44 Magnum in under five seconds including swapping mags.
The gun is not cheap to purchase, own or operate by any stretch of the imagination, but we all want one. Those folks who are owners kinda want another one or at the very least the ability to shoot something other than the .357 magnum, .44 magnum, and 50AE caliber they purchased the gun in. This is where the Desert Eagle is one of the most awesome caliber swapping guns in existence.

Are you surprised to learn that the Desert Eagle XIX features the fastest barrel changing system on the market? The Desert Eagle XIX are designed to allow the shooter to swap optional barrels nearly instantly from a 6" to an 8" to a 10' and back again.

Magnum Research sells the caliber conversion
kits which include two magazines and a barrel.
Have a gun fashion crisis which requires that all gold pistol be toned down with a black barrel or that deer just trotted out of your 6" barrel's effective iron sight range and need your 10" barrel with the scope? No problem. Hit the takedown button on the left side of the frame and flip down the barrel release switch and lift off the barrel and drop in the other barrel, flip the switch, charge and shoot. Of all the non-ergonomic attributes of this pistol aside, this barrel swap feature is slick as hell and crazy fast.  If you need a bit more power or something softer shoot, the calibers swap just as easily.

The 50AE cartridge features the same rim dimensions as the .44 Magnum model so it can be converted to shoot .44 Magnum with just a barrel and magazine swap. If you have a .357 Magnum model and want to go up to the .44 Magnum/50 AE interchangeability, it requires a few extra minutes to swap out the bolt swap in addition to the the magazine and barrel. Buy one Desert Eagle XIX and you have the ability to convert and shoot any of the three offered calibers. Barrel and magazine conversion kits run around $550-$650 depending on barrel options and an extra bolt for the .357 to .44 Mag rim size swap is $275. The compensated .44 Magnum 6” barrel I used here was right at around $625 MSRP.

 Seconds later, my .44 Magnum Desert Eagle
is ready to shoot.
The incredible thing about the Desert Eagle is the accuracy which is far better than what anyone expects considering you can swap from .44 Magnum to .50AE and back again in under a few seconds. Most people really think of the Desert Eagles as single caliber guns, however with a few barrel and caliber swaps, you can really have some impressive versatility to take advantage of the accuracy the gun can deliver. If you have a Desert Eagle in .50AE then a tamer and less expensive caliber is just a barrel swap away.

MSRP is around $625 for this .44 Magnum Kit


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I can't fins this conversion anywhere online. Do you have a part number for it?

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I have the 44 magnum will like to convert to 357 mag